Weekly Answers, Pt. 5

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1) As a big supporter of Neuheisel getting hired, I now feel differently, This team has the talent to win but they preform like a poorly coached team. We have seem many in game mistakes this year in losses. Saturday just before the half was a prime example of poor coaching and game mis management. My question is, How does a coach who openly and very verbally questions his players about their in game decisions on the field expect his players to buy in to what he is saying when he himself has made very costly decisions and poor in game decisions? – TruBruin
I ask myself that often.

2) Is it funny to you that people don’t seem to remember when we couldn’t run the ball to save our lives (as recently as 2 years ago), yet now complain that we run too much? – Rob M
It’s not funny at all, it’s completely understandable. Forget that UCLA ranks 28th nationally in rushing yards. The Bruins rank 59th in total offense and 74th in scoring offense. Teams with dominant running games – Georgia Tech, Air Force, Nevada, etc. – average more than 260 rushing yards. UCLA averages 214 and has scratched and clawed for each of them.

3) Since Datone Jones disappeared for the first 4 games of the season, is it safe to say that he’ll stay next year? Do you think he still might turn into a monster through the rest of the season and consider leaving early? – Rob M
He has six tackles through four games and zero against a less-than-mediocre Oregon State offensive line. I don’t think him leaving early will be an issue.

4) Is the conservative offensive playcalling an indictment of how bad the defense has played this year? ie. trying for ball control/less possessions? Do you think the offense is potent enough to try to “outscore” teams (a la 90’s Bruins) without a second thought to our defense? – Rob M
Yes and Yes.

5) What is the latest status of Brandon Willis? – Anonymous
The petition is in for immediate eligibility and they’re waiting on the results.

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