Weekly Answers, Pt. 6

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1) Why isn’t Albert Cid starting? It seems like when he comes we’re really able to move the ball (running wise) right up the middle or off tackle quite easily. What do you think? – Bruin78
He’s not starting but he’s getting a decent amount of playing time. Capella and Ward/Baca have not been bad at guard.

2) I noticed again that the front seven, and in particular the defensive line appeared to be doing a poor job of holding the edge on outside runs. Is this something that is just not being practiced/taught well, or is it players trying too hard to get upfield/crash inside/stunt and not playing disciplined? – PyperKub
More B than A.

3) Any chance (short of hell freezing over) that we win at Stanford? How are the dining options looking in Palo Alto? – Bruin JD
Maybe when pigs fly? Lets just say I doubt it. Dining options are less-than-enthralling. The burger I ate in Corvallis was one of the best I’ve ever had. Should I do a write-up? Reception on the first food post was kinda lukewarm. But man…that burger was GOOD.

4) If Jonathan Franklin and Derrick Coleman are “Franklin and Bash,” what does that make the rest of the backfield? – INawe
Rizzoli and Isles? Captain and Tennille? Peaches and Herb? Cagney and Lacy? Help me out here…

5) Jon, I seem to remember that last year or the year before that, you said that Neuheisel had a “plan” and that it would take 4-5 years to implement. Do I remember correctly, and if so what is that plan, if you can share with us? p.s., love the videos (especially the, um, “out of shape” guys talking football). – u$C_cheats
At this point, I’m not sure there is a plan. The courses of action haven’t shown there to be one. Or, at least, maybe there is a plan, but it ain’t working.

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  • Anonymous

    Cagney and Lacy

  • Anonymous

    Definitely go to “the Oasis” in Palo Alto. great burger place

  • Sunset Bruin


    I enjoyed your video on the New York deli in Houston. It had me laughing. So by all means, introduce us to some of the better eats on the road. I may be traveling to a game or two next year.

  • futurebruin13

    Smash & Dash?

  • Rich

    Tango & Cash?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    James & Jones: Barr-none

    If it’s Palo Alto, I’d hit In-N-Out …Of course, In-N-Out is always a meal topic out here, because we don’t have one.

  • tim warren

    Tinker to Evers to Chance

  • Anonymous

    Your jewish deli “food” post was more about the Jewish than it was about the Deli.

  • rocky seto

    dumb and dumber

  • Mike H class of 90

    Malcolm in the middle?

  • Mitchell

    I know it’s not in Palo Alto, but in nearby San Jose is a place called Amato’s that has the BEST cheesesteak you will ever eat. You will have mouthwatering dreams of their giant cheesesteaks for years to come


  • Marc

    Anonymous 11:43 AM, what are you talking about?

    There was great history discussed in the video. The guy paid homage to all the greats that have passed in his business.

    He had a great point that applies to all businesses, not only his own, and that is not to be too authentic. People want comfort and comfort is what is known; so while people “want” authentic dishes, they really want something familiar that is done real good and has a hint of the old world.

    I believe your interpretation of the video has more to do with your preconceived notions. Try watching it again and see if any of those points and more come up this time.

    You know, there are some really old guys that I know and I used to think they were a bunch of old crabby bastards. Time has come and past and I’ve come to realize that they are pretty wise and funny. they didn’t change, but my preconceptions sure changed a little.

    Jon – you do a friggin’ great job. Keep it up. Thanks.

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