Weekly Answers, Pt. 7

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1) Can you please elaborate on the financial benefits of the new television contract signed by the Pac 12 for the UCLA Athletic Program. Is it true that it would enable the school to spend and compete as far as salaries for coaches? – Anonymous
The Pac-12 deal should bring in about an extra $20 million per year to the schools. How they choose to spend that money is arbitrary.

2) Jon, has Datone Jones made it over the 5 tackle mark on the year yet? If he is still on the team, would you at least try to shame him into playing better please? – localbruin
I’ll do my best – have any ideas?

3) I enjoyed the large amount of questions you answered last week.How is U$C able to carry over 100 players when their scholarships have been cut?Rich kids paying their own way? – bibs
The scholarship sanctions go into effect next year because of the appeals process. That’s a common misnomer. The real sanctions haven’t hit yet.

4) Every UCLA offensive lineman wears a knee brace. I assume this is to prevent injuries since I don’t think they have all had knee problems. While I see the knee braces on the offensive linemen of other teams, it does not seem like they are used 100%. Can you shed any light on why all the knee braces? Could the knee braces affect their play? – Anonymous
It’s precautionary, and I do think it affects the play minimally, but its better than a torn knee.

5) It seems like whenever UCLA puts together a decent offense, their defense will always disappoint: 1998 and 2005 come to mind. Is this just coincidence, or is there some law of physics preventing UCLA from being good on both sides of the ball at the same time? – Bruin678
I think it’s the football gods, brother. They’re consorting against UCLA with evil, evil laughter.

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  • localbruin

    OK, Jon, I’m not a journalist, but here are a few suggestions to get to Datone’s motor and throw a switch. Turn off the tape recorder. Get him somewhere away from everyone, out of sight. Now, 1) Ask him why he sucks so far this year. 2) Ask him why he sucks so far this year. After 1) and 2), call him an embarrassing wussy or challenge his manhood in some highly aggressive, journalistic way.

    Look forward to your report.