Weekly Answers, Pt. 8

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1) Jon, it’s all speculative to sit here and ask who the next coach will be for UCLA football when Rick still has the job. But how realistic would it be to think that if Rick is to leave, a coach like Urban Meyer or Chris Petersen would come to UCLA? I feel like getting a big name like that to come coach here is a pipe dream, regardless of the money offered. Your thoughts? – Anonymous
Until I see or hear otherwise, it remains a pipe dream. Nothing in UCLA’s hiring pattern has shown the desire to make a hire like that.

2) Jon whats it like blogging to the nations most depressed fan base? haha but mainly my question is, how are the Shabazz sweepstakes since Andersons commitment? And also how are the Barry Sanders Jr sweepstakes? – Anonymous
How is it? Nauseating? Head-pounding? Soul-sucking? For real: Shabazz is playing it close to the vest, but my opinion hasn’t changed. The Barry Sanders Jr. train has passed. He’s actually visiting Stanford this weekend.

3) Jon, are you ever going to make a political reference again? 40+ comments last time you did… – Semi-Pro
You can bet your Rick Perry I’ll make another political reference. Should be fun!

4) It appeared clear to me that the reason that OSU was so successful with the passing game was that the pass rush was non-existent and Mannion could have his way with the secondary. Am I missing something? – Anonymous
No, not really.

5) How is Willis looking in practice? – Anon
He’s looked fine. Just fine. Not sure he’s ready to make an impact on game day, but he’s a good player.

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  • Anonymous

    Rick Perry says Larry Scott is the Bernie Madoff of college athletics and the PAC12 Network is nothing but a Ponzi Scheme and all PAC12 schools should give out scholarships to students from the BIG12-2 conference eventhough they are not legally part of the PAC12, yet. Also, if elected he will sign an executive order to force all student athletes under 21 to be injected with HGH. HaHaHa!!!

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    There you go again, slipping in something SO offensive:
    For everyone out there with the first name of Rick, the last name of Perry, or even if they are just an ass, please refrain from ever, ever doing that again.
    Hold it, I’ve got to stop so I can … dab my eyes.
    OK, thank you.
    Carry on.

  • You know, Rockies, I actually winked at the screen when I wrote that, thinking of you guys.

  • ucla34

    Hey Jon. When we beat Stanford will that change Sanders’ mind or Ucla is off his list period!? If we finish strong will that help as well?

  • One of the Many Ricks in the World

    Hey, wait just a freakin’ minute, there! Oh nevermind….:)

    Breathe, Rick….breath….

  • What are you talking about?

    #4 – No pass rush? Were we watching the same game.

    Mannion barely completed a pass, unless it was third down. Then he would just flick the ball up the middle to a wide open receiver.

    I don’t care if you have a pass rush or not, when the linebackers are leaving the middle wide open no amount of hurrying is going to help.

    We close that passing lane, stop them on third down and it’s a whole different game.

    I can’t believe this hasn’t been discussed all week.

  • Anonymous

    After three years of everyone blaming it on the last guy in charge. Positive speech, after positive speech. Changing and scape goating all the other leaders he choose to surround himself with. I give up…it is time to move on to a new leader.

    But enough about politics…

  • VB


  • Bruin Zealot

    If CRN can not turn it around, the biggest name we could probably get is Mike Bellotti. I could see him taking the job and leaving the evil four letter. I am always hopeful that CRN will turn it around and the team will win out, but given past track record, I doubt it. Hope I am proven wrong.

  • Anyone watching the Air Force/Navy game?

    If only UCLA had Navy’s heart and discipline (proud of Air Force, too, but what a comeback by Navy!).

    Regardless, Go BRUINS!