• BruininUT

    Great stuff. Derrick has to be my favorite player on the team and seems like an all around great guy. I have never heard of him complaining about anything and is a class act. Given his speed and running style, I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes an NFL roster. He is the epitome of someone who won’t be held back by anything and is a perfect example of a true student athlete.


    Well said, BruininUT!

  • CrouchingBruin

    Anyone looking for today’s UCLA article (which is on Nelson Resario) can find it here:


    I don’t know why the Daily News didn’t include a link to it either on the UCLA page or the Sports page.

  • timmah

    My favorite part of watching UCLA football this year is watching Derrick Coleman run the football and block for his teammates. I get a thrill up my leg as Chris Matthews would say, only in Coleman’s case it’s warranted. What a great kid and representative of the school!

  • uclabruin11

    Derrick is one of my favorite Bruin football players–or athletes–ever. Ditto to the above comment. Great stuff indeed!

  • Blitzed

    Pretty much ditto whats been said. It’s hard to hate the guy.

  • CrouchingBruin

    And, given what he does in the community to reach out and inspire hearing-impaired children, he’s truly a role model that Bruins can be proud of.

  • Bruintx

    Nice hearing from Derrick… great guy! But how can you not remember what a #8 consists of when you eat it all the time? I think he was a little nervous 🙂
    Just wish we had more guys like him!

  • Fat Jonah

    The real question is, how does Jon not know what is the #8 combo at McD’s?