• romeojam

    “ALL DAY SON!!! ALL DAY SON!!!” I want that as my ringtone.

  • PowderKegBlue

    Jon, I’m glad you didn’t wear a blue T-shirt also or else the tsunami alarms would have gone off. But congrats on the win and putting Chaz in his place.

  • Class of 66

    Houston and Texas would not be unbeaten had we been coached to play to our full potential.

  • GG57

    Jon, I think your evaluation of the Stanford game has gone higher from your report card score. I have to agree with the fat guys talking, this is not time to panic. The coaching seems to be bad, the defense should be performing much better than they are, the o-line should be able to protect the pass. Still the offense is much better and appears to be improving. Had they scored on the first drive and not blown the punt that Stanford game would have been closer. And, as you noted, the defense actually held Stanford to 3 and out on two consecutive possessions just before that punt fiasco. That has to be auspicious. I just hope they get enough fixed to make 6-6 or better and make a good show of it in the process.