Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

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1) Jon, morning after depression here…do you see the Bruins beating: WSU/CAL/ARIZ/UTAH/COLORADO to claim 6 wins over-all, and go to a bowl game?… – bruincheerleader
Not if they play like they have. If they play and are coached like they’re capable of…yes.

2) Do you think Hundley will transfer? – Anonymous

3) Do you see any downside to having Datone Jones and Kip Smith switch positions? Might generate some fan interest. – Anonymous
Haven’t they already?

4) JON, I think putting Fauria’s mug on the side of milk cartons worked! He’s back! Does this mean CRN will actually USE HIM MORE? Or will we NOT see him leap over the defense in a single bound again for 3 weeks? (seems to be CRN’s style, if it works, put it on the bench for a while). – INSANITY
I’m surprised he wasn’t kicked off the team.

5) Does Neuheisel finish out the season or worse yet will he be brought back next year? – Anonymous
Yes, finishes out the season, not sure about next year yet.

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  • Anonymous

    Prediction — Neuheisel resigns in the locker room right before the SC game.

  • TC

    “I’m surprised he wasn’t kicked off the team.” LOL Jon are you starting to sound like a cynical bruin fan.

  • Weasel of Westwood

    Back next year. And….5 year extension after that with some of that $20mil Pac- 12 TV money -baby!

  • Gatopez

    Did you hear about Shaq Evans comment about the equiptment staff?