• Anonymous

    Great read, Jon. Although I appreciate all the other things you do on this blog, these personal pieces are still my fav part of your blog (oh, and congrats on winning that 40-yd dash). :)

    Sean really does show maturity in his words and actions and I’m sure he’ll continue to add lots of intangibles and leadership throughout the rest of the year, whether he makes it back onto the field or not.

    Best of luck Sean! Your hard work and dedication make Bruins like me proud.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Jon: Seeing LaMichael James’ injury on ESPN last night made me want to read this, cause I knew it would be a sad account. But well done, and yes, a cruel yet very real part of football injuries are.
    As for the personal impact, my son, an 8th grade QB, just got a cast removed on his left (non-throwing) wrist so he can play in the playoffs next week.
    So, we cringe every time he takes off out of the pocket … just like the the loved ones of SS must have for years on end.