Brehaut out 3-to-6 weeks…or less…or more…

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel said during Sunday’s conference call with reporters that junior quarterback Richard Brehaut could be out as much as 3-to-6 weeks after breaking his lower left leg in the second quarter of the Bruins’ 28-25 win over Washington State on Saturday night at the Rose Bowl.

Brehaut was injured on a quarterback keeper with 9 minutes, 58 seconds remaining in the game with UCLA trailing 6-0 but driving. He popped up from the ground, walked a few steps and then fell to the ground once more, requiring assistance off the field.

Neuheisel said that the exact healing time was unknown, and that Brehaut has been quick to recover from injury before, so he’s not ruling out a return this season.

“It’s tough, establishing myself as the quarterback and then for something like this to happen,” said Brehaut, who was named starting quarterback before Week 4 after relieving junior Kevin Prince in the second quarter of a Week 3 loss to Texas. “But everything happens or a reason, and hopefully I can be back in time for the season.”

Prince entered the game and promptly completed a scoring drive, with a 41-yard pass to Nelson Rosario setting up a one-yard Derrick Coleman score, before finishing 8-of-13 passing for 153 yards and two scores.

After an interception in the end zone toward the end of the second quarter cost the Bruins a scoring opportunity, Prince regained his composure. He led the Bruins on a scoring drive to open the second half and another touchdown drive midway through the fourth quarter, his 19-yard connection with sophomore wide receiver Shaquelle Evans proving the difference.

“It’s not as bad when Kevin steps up like he did and plays the way he did and led those guys. I’m proud as hell of him. Coming from his situation, what he’s been through this year, that says all about his character, and I believed in him and in this team.”

With Brehaut’s injury, Neuheisel said freshman quarterback Brett Hundley would move into the No. 2 position at quarterback during the team’s bye week before preparing for a Thursday tilt at Arizona next week, and that Hundley’s practice reps would increase as a result. Neuheisel also said that the team could tweak the quarterback’s running responsibilities in games to try to keep Prince healthy.

“It changes things from the standpoint of his reps in practice,” Neuheisel said of Hundley. “With Richard unable to go, Brett will get more work in practice, and he’ll have to be ready in the event Kevin gets nicked. That’s happened before, as we all know. We’re fortunate we have an extra week, and if we can create training camp the next three days, maybe we can accelerate his progress.”

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  • Semi-Pro

    Is it any surprise that both QBs played their best games when they KNEW they weren’t one bad play from being yanked from the game? Brehaut played his best when Prince got hurt and he knew he was the guy. Same with Prince now, when he knew Brehaut was out for good, he shined.

    Knowing you have that room for error allows you to relax, take chances, and focus on the game as opposed to worrying about if you’re gonna get benched.

  • Anonymous

    Update on Jamie Graham? correction – Brehaut injured with 9:58 remaining in the *half*, not game.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Semi: Nice insight.
    And hopefully, Hundley benefits from these extra reps, too — be it for this season, the next, or thereafter.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Yeah, nice insight, of course there is the little matter of accountability but don’t let that factor into making a ‘good point’. Seems the commentors on this site are always crying about guys being left in after weak performances and ‘in the way’ of highly touted underclassmen. Well you can’t have it both ways. The coaches are the ones to take the heat for deciding when the accountability kicks in. I frankly think the coaches are TOO patient and should be quicker to sit receivers who don’t display any familiarity with actually catching a football or kickers who look like they’ve just been pulled out of the stands for a half-time chance at free pizza. We’ve all seen the initial good play from a second string quarterback pressed into service because of an injury and then the guy goes downhill from here. Down here (in the geographic south) quarterbacks are regularly pushed aside in favor of underclassmen which sends several brutal but essential messages to all the players and perhaps as importantly to prospective recruits. Sometimes (often) the benched player transfers and goes on to bigger and better things elsewhere. More power to him and who’s to say the reason for his subsequent success isn’t a direct result of having been benched in the first place. Seeing your athletic career jeopardised by your own crappy play has a remarkable capacity for focussing one’s mind. UCLA should be four or five deep at quarterback, like a giant Pez dispenser and everytime someone is pushed aside high school seniors sees that opportunity at UCLA is right around the corner.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    MRyer: LMAO at “Pez dispenser” … that takes you way back!
    Sounds like The South has opened yer eyes a bit w/football. I know it was hard to watch Texas get freaking romped by OK on Saturday. Wow, at this rate, will we ever catch up?
    Yer neck of the woods must be chest-pumping proud these days. It’s been 30 years since one of the Big Three in Florida missed being in the Top 25.

  • sandiegobruinfan

    We just can’t get through a season with a healthy quarterback starting all 12 games. Hope RB is back in the mix much sooner than later. The Bruins’ offense has vastly improved under him.

    Very impressed with how KP responded after the last few weeks…the Texas first quarter debacle and benching may actually have long term positives.

    Let the Hundley watch begin…if the situation presents itself in AZ, I think there is a good chance we’ll see him make his Bruin debut next Thursday night in front of an ESPN audience.

    Defense finally showed some signs of life if only by tightening up in the red zone and coming up with a huge pick in the 4th quarter against a team that had a very respectable spread attack.

    There is a LONG ways to between hear and there…but a showdown for first place in the Pac 12 South against ASU at the RB in a few weeks is not unrealistic as it may have seemed just a few weeks ago.

    Go Bruins!

  • MichaelRyerson

    Too far, Rocky, not Florida, I’m in Houston. Don’t ask. And yeah, I’m old enough to remember Pez dispensers as well as I can remember anything these days. I also remember Tommy Prothro, Cornell Champion, Pepper Rogers and Mark Harmon before he was Mark Harmon, if you know what I mean.