Stoops fired by Arizona

Arizona head coach Mike Stoops was fired on Monday night, the school announced in a press conference.

After a 7-1 start last season, the Wildcats have lost 10 straight games to FBS opponents, the last win coming at the Rose Bowl last season. Now the Bruins head to Tucson next Thursday for a chance to move past .500 for the first time this season.

Defensive coordinator Tim Kish will assume the role of interim head coach for the duration of the season.

“We’re appreciative of Mike’s dedicated work for the Arizona Wildcats,” Arizona athletic director Greg Byrne said in a statement. “Coach Stoops had many successes as our head coach over the last eight seasons. It was a difficult decision but I feel now is the time for new leadership and direction.”

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  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    It’s gonna be sloppy seconds after AZ grabs a big name like Leach.

  • Rich

    That was my first thought, too, ucla-of-the-rockies. “Damn,” I said, “now they’re gonna get the jump on UCLA looking for a new coach!” šŸ™‚

    That could have played into it, actually. There’s two other coaches still on the hot seat in the Pac-10, maybe they rushed their decision for that very reason.

  • PV Bruin

    Unlike Stoops, RN is lucky to have a very patient AD

  • OGBruin

    PV Bruin:

    What!?! Stoops was in his eigth season at Arizona and posted a losing record during that stretch. The AZ athletic director is the most patient man in America!

  • Blitzed

    Fired coach in AZ. Qb done for in Utah. There are officially no excuses for UCLA now. Either we finish with at least 7 wins, or Neu needs to go the day after the SC game.

  • PV Bruin


    at least Stoops had couple of 8-5 seasons…RN is still chasing his first 8 win season…

  • BruinFaithful


    I was thinking the EXACT same thing.

    Despite our incompetence on and off the field, the FB Gods have handed us a lob.

    EVERY single game left on the schedule is a TRULY WINNABLE game.

    OSU, AZ, Cal, and Utah are ALL much worse than we thought. I think Colorado is a little better than anticipated and Wazzu is much better than expected.

    NO Reason we shouldn’t thump AZ. We get two weeks to prepare and they are truly reeling now. Then we get Cal at home. We should win that game as well. Over the last 10 years, I believe we have won EVERY home game with Cal, except for one. Then we get ASU at home, also very winnable. We should be healthier by then and hopefully Prince will have gained some confidence. Then we go to Utah, great Defense, sputtering Offense, and also reeling. They should have NEVER switched from Spread to Pro. I thought that they would have a huge problem transitioning and don’t understand why they would change their identity and switch form something that works. Very winnable game. Then Colorado at home, should be a done deezy and then SUC at the Coli.

    NO WAY we should finish less than 4-2, given the favorable schedule, the level of talent and home field advantages.

    In all reality, ONLY SUC and maybe ASU, have better or equal talent. SUC has HUGE OL and D issues and ASU has MAJOR injuries. We’ll see how well ASU can play on the road in a tough environment this Sat. If Neu cannot again capitalize, he will have to pay for it. Anything less that 7-5 is UNACCEPTABLE no matter what.

  • BruinFaithful

    BTW, it gets better for us. Utah just announced that starting QB is out for the season. Hopefully we capitalize.

  • Hadenough

    No matter the good news, no-balls Neuheisel will find a way to lose on national tv on ESPN. No-balls Guerrero, stop getting your sugarhigh and follow what Arizona did. Please show me that you can adjust other things besides your belt. You guys are a disgrace to the Alumni. Disgrace!!! Just resign alrighty. Take your $ and move on, we are tired of you.

  • brunfn

    Why would we expect something more. We faced freshman in the San Jose, Oregon State, and Texas games. We did not take advantage then and I will go out on a limb and predict we will not take advantage against U of A or Utah. Until our front seven bring the pressure these QBs will have all day to sit and pick us apart. I heard CRN use the excuse of facing qbs that get rid of the ball quickly which is a load of BS. We have simply been underachieving.

  • MurrietaBruin

    How did the defense coordinator become interim coach of that’s the unit that has underacheived the most? I know it’s only temporary but still…

  • MichaelRyerson

    Sorry but this may sound counterintuitive but teams frequently overachieve following this kind of change, at least for a game or two. It seems as though the players are 1) finally out from under a disliked system and feel enervated and it shows up on the field and/or 2) the players are energised by the removal of the lsoing mentality that had set in. In either case, we may suddenly have our hands full. Hope our kids rise to the challenge. As for hadenough’s constant whining about wanting our program to become Arizona and the fact he/she once saw Guerrero in a donut shop, I suggest he/she get fully on board with the ‘Cats, buy some gear and start posting on their website.

  • Anonymous


    Utah fans are saying:

    “BTW, it gets better for us. UCLA just announced that starting QB is out for the season. Hopefully we capitalize.”

    (I only had to change 3 letters)

  • Yahoo

    Defensive coordinator??? I think he’d be a great hire as a coordinator.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    TUCSON(AP)–It wasn’t just his 10th straight loss against a major college opponent that doomed hot-headed University of Arizona football coach Mike Stoops Monday night.
    No, getting caught streaking across the main campus quad earlier on Monday with only a thong covering his mud-and-grass stained body seemed to punch his ticket to the unemployment line.
    “So I taggged a few on last night, what the fu*%?” said Stoops, drooling out of one corner of his mouth while pulling his thong up with a bloodied left hand. “I mean, put yourself in my shoes … I can’t even win at fu%@ing checkers right now, someone shaved all my pubic hair off last night and I still can’t believe that I got fu@*ing fired before CRN.
    “I mean, what has that little fu*%er done that I haven’t done here? Including drinking an entire case of Arizona & Jack … hey wait! I won that game!”
    Even more confusing is his next career choice:
    “I’m gonna do stand up, or some kinda shit like that,” said Stoops, openly mocking his more refined brother, Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops. “I mean, Bobby offerred me some piddly little assistant shit. Fu%# him! He never could even carry my jock back in high school. Hell, look at me now. This is kind of a jockstrap, you now? See the white stars here in front? Yeah, I’m still proud of the mother fu%$ing red, white & blue!
    “I’m gonna be bigger than Andrew Dice Clay!”

  • Hadenough

    So u don’t feel like we need a change? and you are ok with the mediocrity that UCLA football has at this point? Tell me if this program will get better this year or next year?

  • MichaelRyerson

    hadenough, yes, I’ve stopped beating my wife. and yes it will. btw, missed your donut allusion.

  • Anonymous

    I understand the optimism that fans may have for the upcoming games, but there’s a difference between optimism and unfair expectations. All the teams that UCLA is going to face has issues, some have major issues. But so does UCLA. UCLA has some GIGANTIC issues. Who’s going to be the kicker? What about the injuries to the secondary? Where’s the pressure and stop gaps from the D-line?

    Yes, UCLA does have a favorable rest of the reason and yes, the rest of the games are definitely winnable, but to expect that everything is going to work itself out and anything less is a failure by the coaching staff is unfair expectations. I agree that the coaching has been obnoxiously sub-par, but expecting that things are going to work out is a bit unfair. Optimistically, I say UCLA can win out, but realistically, probably 3-3. If coaching improves, I’d say 4-2 plus a bowl win.

  • You Win, UCLA-of-the-rockies. You win.

  • BruinFaithful


    Good point. Except Utah’s back up is a JC walk on. Not quite the same thing.

  • PV Bruin

    Jon, you should impose word limit on the comments… some are full of digressions and gives me a headache just trying to understand what they are talking about…

  • Hadenough

    In 2007, we went to Utah who was playing a true freshman and what happened to the mediocre UCLA football team then? We were pussywhipped 44-7. Somehow, someway, useless Neuheisel will have UCLA losing in Arizona and Utah even with their difficulties. No matter the advantages, the inabilities of Neuheisel will squander the opportunities. Mark my words. Then he will make some stupid speech, “we didn’t have it today, we will get better, we got to get better”. Bet you have heard this before. If I got a dollar everytime he says this, then I wouldn’t need to play Megamillions.