Think/Know: Week 6

* I know Mike Johnson is right: UCLA needs to adjust the Pistol

When talking with Mike Johnson in the locker room after the Bruins’ win over Washington State, I was surprised how candid Johnson was about the need to alter the offense with the injury to Richard Brehaut. He implied that changes would need to be made, and while some might ask, ‘What took so long?’, in this now-six-game season, UCLA will definitely need to do all it can to protect the quarterback.
Kevin Prince bounced back in a big way on Saturday, not just from the three-pick performance against Texas, but also from the costly end-zone interception in the first half. He played well and threw the ball better than he has in a while, but he still has a ways to go. Rick Neuheisel remains committed to the idea that Prince is a running quarterback, but I still think he – and Brehaut – are quarterbacks who run, not running quarterbacks. Prince needs to be protected going forward because Brett Hundley hasn’t had the reps or growth needed to play a major role right now, though I may be underestimating his improvisational skills. But the last thing UCLA needs is any more quarterback injuries, so perhaps they will heed Johnson’s judgment.

* I think the Bruins might have found the defensive line combination they need

To be sure, UCLA did not dominate a Washington State offensive line it should have dominated, yet it did play one of its best games of the season. With the stout Seali’i Epenesa and Donovan Carter complimenting Cassius Marsh and Nate Chandler better, the line should grow going forward, as well. Carter had six tackles, Epenesa two including a TFL, and the line as a whole was more productive than its been all year against the Cougars.

* I know UCLA’s cornerbacks haven’t gotten enough credit this year

Sheldon Price was playing very good football before he went down, but there hasn’t been a ton of talk about Aaron Hester. Hester was very impressive Saturday night, picking up a team-high tackles, including a TFL, and playing great defense on one of the conference’s top receivers, Marquess Wilson. Wilson had 10 catches for 88 yards, and Washington State barely attempted anything over the top. Hester finished with two pass breakups, and with a hobbled Juron Criner coming up next for Arizona, he’ll need to play good man-to-man again.
Andrew Abbott, meanwhile, came up with a heady game-saving interception in place of Price, who is questionable for the Wildcats.

* I know that UCLA needs to find a No. 2 wideout
Nelson Rosario has been a highly productive enigma this season for the Bruins, making what is beginning to seem like a weekly appearance in the Sportscenter highlight reel. But he can’t reasonably be expected to be counted on for circus catch after circus catch, and with Joseph Fauria once again perplexingly faded into oblivion, the Bruins need to continue to develop another top wide receiver. I thought Shaq Evans could grow into that role, but his production has fallen off despite the game-winning touchdown catch, and there are times when Randall Carroll looks like a stud.
There just seems to be no rhyme nor reason to the UCLA passing game so far, and you wonder how long that can last.

* I think that UCLA will be bowl-bound…but it’s on Kevin Prince
With a half-season that is beginning to line up favorably – Arizona, Colorado and Utah appear abundantly winnable, Cal seems winnable and ASU and USC don’t – UCLA seems to be heading toward a 6-6 season. At the onset, I said six wins was probable, seven wins was hopeful and eight wins was possible, but the Bruins squandered a couple of opportunities and now have a puncher’s chance at seven wins.
If they are to get there, though, Prince will have to play like he did for much of the Washington State game. He had one very, very bad throw and a couple others that were just a bit off, but he looked more comfortable in the pocket than I’ve seen him look in a very long time, perhaps since his freshman season. He almost played with reckless abandon, perhaps from knowing that – albeit because of injury – Richard Brehaut wasn’t breathing down his neck.
As a freshman, Prince was just rounding into form at times before he suffered one injury after another. He has the ability to find that form again, and if he does, UCLA will have a busy December.

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  • mindshed

    that darn tag sure can be pesky at times

  • You’re right

    Joseph Fauria, you just scored 2 touchdowns against the #4 team in the nation! You’re reward?: we won’t even throw to you for the next 3 games!

  • During the WSU game, it seemed the D played better when rushing only 3 or 4. When we blitz, we get out of position and are susceptible to the underneath route and that keeping the LB in coverage along with DB, we ended up with either a coverage sack or an incomplete pass. What say you?

  • Coach Rick Neuheisal

    I KNOW we have a winnable schedule from here on out and a bowl berth is a reasonable conclusion to the season.

    I THINK we’ll have a mind-numbingly bad game against a lesser talented opponent (thinking at Utah)and be sweating out our bowl eligibility right up until the end.

  • Robert Frost

    Jon…I’ve enjoyed these Think / Know posts this season. Keep up the good work!

  • Bob

    Props to Hester and Abbott, I thought both play great games. Hester looks like a star in the making. I’m also impressed with T-Mac and the job he’s doing after getting thrown in due to all of the injurys. He’s not afraid to pursue and stick his nose in the mix.

    Props to a battered secondary for showing up last week.

  • BruinRogue

    I don’t think the fault in the secondary is mainly on the CB’s. They’re giving up 1st down cushions and some of that goes into bad play-calling.

  • INawe

    I know why the defense hasn’t gotten any credit: it was WSU. If they play good against a tough good team then maybe people will start taking notice. As for the number 2 wide receiver, I don’t understand it either… at least people are catching passes this year unlike the last couple years.

  • The Big Woof!

    Disagree with your statement that Prince played with “reckless abandon.” I think he threw with much more confidence knowing it was all on him, but he seemed much more careful when running the ball – went out of bounds or down more easily instead of throwing his body around as had been his previous pattern. I hope he can continue to play like that leaving a minute chance we can still save Hundley’s redshirt year.

  • Anonymous

    Ucla’s problem is that they get no pass rush whether they rush 3, 4, 5, or even 6. I agree that rushing only 3 or 4 is better than blitzing. But this is not sustainable, as good QBs can pick apart defenses when given that much time. Even when you’re dropping back 8 to cover. Ucla needs to find a solution quick. D-line also gets pushed around against the run, and only stuffs the run occasionally. Give up big runs way too often. The poor defense starts in the trenches. It’s like having a slow PG in basketball. Dribble penetration screws up the whole defense.

  • Dean

    I’m definitely disappointed with the lack of pressure but I believe that part of the problem is that teams like WSU and Houston are quick-release passing teams, so when we blitz, if the QB checks off, he has an open man underneath. It’s not like we’re getting burned deep all the time. The Stanford 2nd half strike is the one I remember most vividly. The quick underneath passes is where tackling has been a problem. Maybe we need to disguise our blitzes better and generate turnovers? Other than that, I think in general, we have the athleticism to play most teams Straight Up Man most of the time. That led to some coverage sacks on Saturday if I recall.