What up UCLA fans, this is Vincent Bonsignore, I’m covering for Jon Gold today,

I just finished up with Kevin Prince, talking about the importance of staying healthy now that Richard Brehaut is out for three weeks,

Obviously Prince never wants to get hurt, but now more than ever the Bruins need him on the field, and he seems to get it.

The trick is finding the proper balance between playing smart and still playing hard. Playing confident, not scared.

Based on our conversation, I think he appreciates that line, especially after going through so many injuries over his career.

FYI, the Bruins are off until Sunday – well, the players are, anyway. The coaches are hitting the recruiting trail in what could be a very big weekend for them to make some head way with kids.

Anyway, here my talk with Prince:


It doesn’t really change my mindset toward the game but it definitely makes me more mindful of getting out of bounds and things like that,” Prince said “But I’m not going to not hold the ball on reads, and I’m still going to run the ball and play the way I like to play.

Obviously it’s a little more important now because we don’t have an experienced quarterback backing me up, like we had with Richard.

I’ll just try to be smart and get out of bounds when I can and slide when I can and protect myself.


I learned pretty quickly you can’t withstand much abuse on the college level. These guys are strong and fast and great athletes.

I’m not that young kid going into Neyland Stadium trying to take on Tennessee linebackers anymore.

With experience comes a little bit of wisdom and I feel like I’m a little bit smarter when it comes to those decisions.


I’m not too good at it, but there’s a little bit of art to it. More than anything it’s trusting your instincts, knowing when to get down, feeling the pressure and just knowing when to avoid hits.

Richard (Brehaut’s) pretty good at it, watching him I’ve picked up some things. He does a little spin move, so I might try and incorporate it into my repertoire.

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  • Anonymous

    The Vols’ stadium is named Neyland Stadium, not Leyland.

  • True Bruin

    There are several of us who are going to start a revolt at Bruinsnation to permanently remove Nestor and his tyrannic (almost comically petty) ways. Who’s with us?

  • Brock

    Nestor is a moron.

  • Anonymous

    Nestor is the worse thing to ever happen to UCLA besides Lavin and Neu

  • Anonymous

    I put a picture of the 1984 movie “big brother” on the bruinsnation fb page and said “hail big brother Nestor”, it was deleted within minutes. Big brother is always watching you on Bruinsnation

  • Semi-Pro

    True Bruin:
    Sorry, but how exactly do you plan to “remove” Nestor? He’s the senior moderator, it’s his own personal blog/website, not an official UCLA outlet. He can just ban anyone who disagrees with him.

    The only real way to “remove” him is to start a competing message board/website on SBNation and get all the members of BruinsNation to switch over.

  • Allen Iverson

    At least this team agrees with me on the importance of practice…

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    UCLA 27
    Bye 33
    (This year, Bye has a QB with a quick release)

  • DrewB

    Bruins Nation is the most negative, nonconstructive website out there. All they do is whine and moan. I have stopped visiting there and instead go here/BRO for Bruin information.

  • Mike

    Agreed DrewB,

    They rehash and repost a lot of stuff of Jon’s work. I figured I’d get the info directly from the source.

    Though I feel a lot more Bruinnation-like cynical fan negativity here over the past few days. I hope everyone just calms down and just enjoys some UCLA sports. It’s afterall, just sports! No one’s dying at the end of the game!