Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

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1) What’s your thoughts on where Dominic Artis eventually signs? Any specific reasons you’re hearing on why he decided to open up his recruitment again? – Anonymous
I’ve heard Oregon and Cal mentioned the most specifically, and I think it’s a simple numbers game for Artis. His recruitment was whirlwind in the first place, and Oregon got in his ear at just the right time about his role with Kyle Anderson on board. It’s a blow to UCLA, for sure, but the Anderson commitment should go a long way in easing the pain.

2) Jon – lots of new faces seeing time recently due to injuries and playing as well, if not better, than the guys they’ve stepped in for. I know the answer is probably “I don’t know”, but why can’t the staff make better sense of the talent they have on this football team? – spedjones
I….don’t….know. I tried to resist, but really, who does know? I’m not seeing anything different than you are.

3) I don’t see UCLA point guard position being in bad shape without Artis in 2012 do you? I had heard he was a 4 year player is part of the reason he left because he doesn’t think he is and playing time could be limited or he might not be the “star” ball handler in 2012? – Moe Bruins
I don’t think it’s 2012 as much as it is 2013 and beyond. Artis’ ascension was almost instantaneous, and with his troubles at Findlay Prep, maybe it was a sign of things to come. Often with these one-summer explosions onto the national scene comes an overinflation of ones status, and when Anderson verballed to UCLA, Artis took a step back and looked at the landscape and his future. It’s understandable albeit uncommon and unorthodox.

4) Adding insult to injury… On the last play of the game in the loss to the Cardinal, Stanford decides to put in former UCLA commit Brett Nottingham. And instead of going into victory formation and taking a knee, they actually run another run play. Think Stanford was sending Rick a message? Were any of the coaches or players visibly upset by this slight diss? I know I would’ve been pissed. Your thoughts? – romeojam
I don’t think Stanford was really sending a message. It was a blowout win, and Nottingham is the No. 2 quarterback and has been put in in situations like that. I haven’t heard anything from the coaches about it, so I think it’s blown over.

5) Despite a defense that can’t get off the field, a special team that seems to be getting worse (poor return, terrible coverage, uncertainty at kicker), and an inconsistent offense that just lost its starting QB (all in Neuheisel’s 4th season); given that Arizona, Cal, Utah, and Colorado are winless in the Pac-12 competition, do you see him squeaking-out a winning bowl season and getting to come back next season? – Anonymous
If UCLA plays up to its capabilities, yes.

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  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    What’s the chance DA’s decision had to do with facilities? Ours are all torn up while at Oregon — where he probably steps right into a starting spot at a bottom-feeder program — Nike spends hundreds of millions to construct perhaps the world’s premier facility. I don’t like it, but the lure of this stuff is huge to a kid. Let alone, he probably visited on a weekend that Oregon blew someone out in football and featured their 22nd straight all-Nike wardrobe change.

  • BruinPain


    I think you misread Dominic Artis and his situation completely. I thought I was reading Bill Plaschke for a moment when you started in with the “Often with these one-summer explosions onto the national scene comes an overinflation of ones status” regarding the kid. Fact is there are lots of players who are late bloomers in high school (e.g. Russell Westbrook) to name one of a multitude. It’s my opinion that fans and writers are so quick to vilify a 16 or 17 year old young man making an important decision. Perhaps the reason for Artis to decommit was simple and logical, the Occam’s razor, he realized that he hadn’t fully explored all the options available to him with the talent he has. And he does possess a lot of talent that I as a Bruin alum would love to see him recommit to UCLA.

  • BruinPain


    Unlike Humpty Dumpty,

    Pauley should be put back together again by the time the Class of 2012 arrives.

  • BruinPain – I was not vilifying him in any way. He blew up extremely quickly – he wasn’t a late-bloomer. He just happened to get onto the national scene in one summer when it normally takes three or four. I’m saying everyone said he’s at UCLA level and anointed him, then UCLA over-recruited him in a way, and now he’s reassessing his options. Totally understandable.

  • Ley

    In other words UCLA was a springboard for him even if he wasn’t at that level yet! I do hope he returns but KA is the real deal!!!! It is no different than recruiting a 3 star QB and a 5 star QB…reality bites!

  • Anonymous

    Artis was lightly recruited when UCLA offered so he jumped on it. Now that he’s “highly rated” and has a lot more schools after him he wants to see if there’s a better school for him.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Pain: Good point … and applicable nursery rhyme.

  • BruinPain


    I don’t intend to be a contrarian just for the sake of argument. I truly don’t see the difference between “late bloomer” and “just happened to get onto the national scene in one summer when it normally takes three or four.” Wouldn’t that be the definition of a late bloomer? We seem to be in agreement on the reason for his decommiting but there is still room and a need for him on the roster. I’m not convinced that KA will work out defending the smaller quick point guards. I think KA will ultimately work out best as a point forward. Many posters here have vilified him and when you used the terminology “overinflation of ones status”, I thought that was a bit unfair. If anything, the fact that he “blew up” this summer and sky rocketed in the eyes of the all scouting services and coaches demonstrates that he has all the reason in the world to feel that his status as a player has been inflated. Any coach with half a brain in a PG poor class would rush to get a Top 100 player, true PG with good upside like Domininc Artis. I don’t fault Howland one bit nor do I believe he was rushing. I think it’s premature to believe that Artis won’t recommit to UCLA since KA may be one and done while DA will most likely be a two or three year player. Also, I can see KA and DA on the court at the same time. Well, that’s my take on the Dominic Artis situation. I just get tired when people rush to judgement on these young kids.

  • Well-put, argument, B_Pain, and my point is this: Artis went from low-ranked to the No. 9 PG in the class very quickly, and he didn’t have the typical Big West, then WAC, then Pac-12 progression that many kids go through. He went from almost nada to top-10 overnight, so when he got the UCLA, he jumped all over it, without thinking out the process of who else would be committing this OR next year. So while his status increased in the hoops community, and certainly in his own mind, perhaps it grew to quickly. So his wanting to pull back and look at the landscape makes sense. But you can’t deny that Anderson’s arrival and hype scared him at least a little, then outside sources start chirping in his ear, and it becomes, well I’d rather start for three or four years and be option A then languish for a couple years and never have a clear-cut path to a starting nod.