Post-Practice Update

* UCLA knows going into this game that they can’t be in awe of the Thursday night crowd as they have been the last few years. The Bruins lost three times last year in weekday games after going 1-1 in Rick Neuheisel’s first year.

“Being dazzled by a crowd, geting ourselves behind early – if we can come out and get off to a good start and let the game settle in to being a good game and feel good about ourselves with the way we begin the game, we’ll have enough to stay in for 60 minutes,” Rick Neuheisel said.

* Stan McKay has looked good the last couple days, picking off passes both days.

* Tyler Gonzalez really seems to be gaining more and more confidence in himself and his role. He had a couple big field goals and the mystique of the whole “manager-turned-kicker” storyline has seemed to wear off.

* Albert Cid and Chris Ward continued to rotate at guard, and Neuheisel wouldn’t name a starter going into Thursday.

* Kevin Prince had a solid two weeks of practice and seems to have gained some confidence going into the crucial matchup.

* Not too much to report on the injury front: The Bruins expect to get Sheldon Price back, and Tony Dye and Alex Mascarenas were officially ruled out.

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  • Anonymous

    You called Princess throwing multiple int’s in practice to a defense that can’t intercept balls in real game, a “good two weeks of practice”. Stop sugarcoating it. You and the rest of the Alumni knows he sucks. He’s terrible. He should be wearing headset like Crissman on the sideline. I hope your “good two weeks of practice” does not lead to 3 int’s in the 1st half. Mark my words, Neuloser will lose this game. And he will continue to start Princess and give the excuse that Princess was bad because he was on his period.

  • Semi-Pro

    Get a life. You are not much of a fan.

  • Bruin JD

    Seriously, how much does you own life have to suck to spend your time coming here to anonymously rip on a 20-year old college kid?

  • Anon

    I am so tired of hearing about Prince “The Practice Hero”

  • Dean

    Words of football fans, not alumni. Sounds like how most USC fans view their school.

  • BruinFaithful


    I understand your frustration and that the kid is obviously not our best QB, but why rip him when he is our ONLY option right now? Or do you want us to burn Hundley’s RS? We need to hold on for the ride and hope he makes marter decisions. It actually seems that he does MUCH better when throwing down the middle, as opposed to across the middle or to the sidelines. I hope are coaches are smart enough to have figured this out.


    Not that this justifies Anon’s comments, but Kevin Prince is a RS Junior who will turn 22 next month. If that is not a man, then at what age do they start being men and can we start treating them as such? Just because they make childish and juvenile decisions at times, does not make them kids. By all accounts they are men who are expected to pay taxes, care for themselves, are old enough to drink, go to jail, and die in war. Maybe if we stopped calling them and treating them like kids, they would stop acting like them.

    I guess Weeden the 27 yr. old QB at Okie St, is also a kid? Because he’s still in college?

  • 1BruinFan

    Anonymous is a trogan. Real fans don’t predict misfortune for their team, no matter how much they might disagree with how the team is being coached.

  • Coach Thom

    I agree with the reference to calling our football players ‘kids’. Coach Rick has done this since his arrival in 2008, and to me, it creates a kindergarten atmosphere around our program that’s inexcusable. Call your players ‘men’, and they will begin behaving and playing like men. Referring to a college offensive lineman as a ‘kid’ demeans the player, the team, and the whole program. Let’s hope some real MEN show up to take on the Wildcats. This is NOT a game for ‘kids’.

  • mindshed

    ohhh, now I know why the fans haven’t been filling the stadium: They’re trying not to dazzle our team.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Faithful: I heard a weekend game announcer actually say that Weeden just turned 28 and is older than 8 starting QBs in the NFL.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Bruinsnation? Bruinsnation?? Geesh, this place is sucking a little bit of wind right now. You’re all kids to me.

  • Blue Critter

    According to Obama your a kid until your 27 years old. Still a kid at 26. Whether you pay taxes, care for yourself, old enough to drink, go to jail, die in war, or practice making babies. Still a kid.

  • MichaelRyerson

    you’re. and I somehow doubt you’re the authority on Obama you think you are.

  • INawe

    What the hell is wrong with all of you?

  • J

    Blue Critter – are you sure you didn’t go to the “other” school????

  • Amillennialist

    It’s true that Blue injected an unsolicited (but not gratuitous) political swipe at Obama, but he wasn’t wrong, as ObamaCare stipulates:

    “Title I, Part A, Subpart II, Sec. 2714 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act extends health care coverage for young adult children under their parent’s health plan up to the age of 26.”

  • MichaelRyerson’s conscience and J’s travel agent

    Perhaps MichaelRyerson isn’t the expert on Obama that he thinks he is.

    That must explain why he attacked Blue’s grammar and not his argument.

    And J, if you’re going to pile on, make sure it’s the right pile.