Post-Practice Update

* UCLA knows going into this game that they can’t be in awe of the Thursday night crowd as they have been the last few years. The Bruins lost three times last year in weekday games after going 1-1 in Rick Neuheisel’s first year.

“Being dazzled by a crowd, geting ourselves behind early – if we can come out and get off to a good start and let the game settle in to being a good game and feel good about ourselves with the way we begin the game, we’ll have enough to stay in for 60 minutes,” Rick Neuheisel said.

* Stan McKay has looked good the last couple days, picking off passes both days.

* Tyler Gonzalez really seems to be gaining more and more confidence in himself and his role. He had a couple big field goals and the mystique of the whole “manager-turned-kicker” storyline has seemed to wear off.

* Albert Cid and Chris Ward continued to rotate at guard, and Neuheisel wouldn’t name a starter going into Thursday.

* Kevin Prince had a solid two weeks of practice and seems to have gained some confidence going into the crucial matchup.

* Not too much to report on the injury front: The Bruins expect to get Sheldon Price back, and Tony Dye and Alex Mascarenas were officially ruled out.