Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

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1) No one knows what neuheisel’s coaching philosophy is. Teams that are physical? No. Teams that are disciplined? Certainly no. Teams that are creative? No. Pressure defense? No. Teams that use the element of surprise? No. Do you have any idea what a Neuheisel team stands for? – bruin76
Midway through my third season covering the team, I’d say no.

2) How many animals must be sacrificed in order for us to get a new head coach? – Anonbruin
Two goats, a camel, a bull and nine elephants. *note to readers, please do not harm two goats, a camel, a bull and nine elephants.

3) Do you think there is anything to the notion of past USC staffs knowing that they know a “USC Player” or “UCLA Player” within minutes of talking to them. It’s starting to seem that they are right, USC comes out fired up and passionate and UCLA does not for some reason. There is no heart and fire from a majority of the players. Do you think recruits who come to UCLA feel accomplished by their star rating out of high school and want to play football comfortably at UCLA with the hollywood lifestyle as opposed to pushing for playing time and competing at other schools? – Big Dumz
Wow, what a heavy question. I think the bigger issue is what happens when they get to UCLA, not what they’re made of when they get there.

4) Any wrestling background for Cid? Nice fireman’s carry into a body slam takedown. – ucla of the rockies
You should see his Scorpion Death Lock. I mean, it doesn’t compare to Kai Maiava’s People’s Elbow, but it’s pretty solid.

5) What, exactly, will it take for Nelson Rosario to get benched? For that matter, how bad does a any “starter” need to play to get benched? I see the same guys failing time and again and yet never paying a price in terms of playing time. It’s mystifying. – Anonymous
Coaches love his experience.

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  • Blitzed

    If I could, I’d hug you for that Sting reference. Screw calling it whatever Brett Hart called it. Scorpion Death Lock sounds much cooler.

  • FG

    “I think the bigger issue is what happens when they get to UCLA, not what they’re made of when they get there.”

    Good answer. Seems “dead on” to me.

  • John A. Burnett

    Re-examine numbers 1 and 3, if you recruit to fill the needs of your scheme which includes a lack of physicality, creativity, discipline, eschewing a pressure defense and the element of surprise then you get players that fit those parameters. The players are what they are in High School, it is up to the recruiters to identify what they are that fits into the University’s needs. Remember Einstein’s Theory of Insanity is to continually repeat the same experiment and to expect different results. Well we seem doomed to be doing just that.

  • Coach Rick Neuheisal

    Chillax my Bruin brothers…. need I remind you how good I made you feel just three short years ago. I get goosepimples just reading all of it again.


  • Bruin Zealot

    Experience?! F*#k me! Whatever happened to consistency, accountability, and focus? It seems like if its not going to be a circus catch, Brian Poli-Dixon err., I mean Nelson is not going to catch it. Give another receiver a shot, we don’t need highlight reel catches, we need consistent ones.