Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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) If Kish & CRN throw down, we got the reach advantage but AZ has that military buzz-cut look … you think CRN could’ve gone, like, all spider monkey on him? – ucla-of-the-rockies

2) What do you think about puting Herman Edwards on the shortlist? He’d be a great mentor to young kids, he knows x’s and o’s as well as anyone else out there, could implement a grassroots recruiting campaign a la Pete Carroll. I just think if all these kids dream of getting to the NFL, doesn’t it make sense to bring in a guy who knows how to get them there? – dmbartender
I believe the exact opposite to be true, to be honest. The college game is very, very different than the pro game.

3) Westlake is now ranked #1 in the state and #5 in the country. Are they really that good? – Anonymous
I’ll begrudgingly say, yes, they really are. Really hurts to admit it though.

4) Given the general apathy towards UCLA athletics by the administration, Do you feel that Chancellor Block would just as soon have UCLA participate in an Ivy League style league, no athletic scholarships, always play in the afternoon. About the only thing they may not encourage would be extensive tailgating and cocktails starting at 9:00 am. – Anonymous
I’ll know it’s really over when UCLA gets a squash team.

5) Is CRN the Anti-Harbaugh? – tim warren
I’ve covered both, so I have a unique perspective. I think they both talk good games, but much of Neuheisel’s bravado is negated because of his conservative approach. There was nothing conservative about Harbaugh. He was brash and cocky and win-at-all-costs at U. of San Diego, where I covered him, and he’s carried that from Stanford to San Francisco.

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  • Blitzed

    Herm Edwards would be an interesting one though. I don’t know what kind of results he’d bring but damn if he wouldn’t be fun to watch. He’s got passion(Course Neu has plenty of that).


    Da da da. Da da da.

  • Coach Thom

    Did you say we’re getting a squash team? When??!! That would be so awesome! I’m a former professional squash player and would be happy to add my inside knowledge of the game. It’s much more demanding than racquet ball or hand ball. Gee. Squash at UCLA. That’s terrific! Thanks for the info, Jon.

  • Tennessee Bruin

    Not so fast Coach Thom if you think we’d fare any better against the mighty Bantams of Trinity College than against that cross town football team you are horribly mistaken. Squash is not a game for the squeemish or faint of heart plus what about the expense of recruiting on 5 continents other than our own? No we should stay the course in football at least we seem to be able to win every decade or so. For reference see: http://sports.espn.go.com/ncaa/news/story?id=3927303

  • BruinRogue

    So, what’s the answer? Spider-monkey or not?

  • Anonymous

    yea i’m also interested in the neuheisel vs. kish Celebrity Death Match. I think Neuheisel would try to compliment him to death though…