Westwood Bruin Touchdown Club

Breakfast with the Bruins
Coach Wayne Moses, running backs
Coach Tim Hundley, defensive backs
Cory Harkey, TE
Jeff Locke, Punter
Tyler Gonzalez, PK
UCLA Spirit Squad
Friday Oct 28th–7 am
Olympic Collection at Olympic and Sawtelle
Price: $25 includes breakfast buffet, speakers, and free parking
For more information contact Claudia Hart @ 310-348-UCLA or claudia4ucla@yahoo.com

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  • Anonymous

    This should be rename Westwood Bruin ZERO Touchdown club. I would go if Richie is going to give his resignation speech. I will have tears flowing but at least, it’s tears of joy. I would pay any amount for that speech.

  • Anonymous

    you forgot Jordon James, Jon

  • UCLASteve

    Westwood Bruin Touchdown Club – $25 tickets!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……….. That’s a good one.

  • Coach Thom

    Jon, slightly off the subject but….Woody Paige has a great article in the Denver Post on how HE would change the Denver Broncos offensive scheme to accommodate the special abilities Tebow brings to the equation. It’s brilliant. You must read it. Paige should be the damn Broncos offensive coordinator. It really makes sense.