• Anonymous

    Unless the rules have changed recently, a redshirt year can be used anytime during a college career. What’s all this ignorant talk that if they play as a freshman they’ve burned their redshirt year?

    Crazy talk. Get a life, folks.

  • Tim

    Good to see he’s fired up. That’s the spirit our team needs. We just need him to be playing…

  • Coach Thom

    If Brett and Devin are chomping at the bit, it would be in Coach Rick’s best interests to play them against Cal. It’s time for Coach Rick to REALLY analyze his situation and start making the moves that will ensure his own longevity as HC. Plus, it might also lift the program out of the mire in which it’s currently sinking. Play your best players, Coach.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Hey 4 and 5 star studs: Sign w/us and then you can maybe play in two years!

  • Semi-Pro

    Even Andrew Luck redshirted. It’s pretty common, even for highly recruited players to redshirt.

  • Bruintx

    At this point in time, these two guys need to smell the Starbucks. They will be thanking their lucky stars they didnt blow their redshirt year to play a limited time for less than half a season.

    I understand their desire to play, but lets be real, its too late to make a difference. Lucien especially needs to be real… CRN wouldnt play him much because Rick has a man-crush on Rosario and will play him almost every down no matter how many balls he drops.

    You dont earn you way on to the starting lineup with CRN, you make one great play every 10th play and you are in! Dont worry about those other nine mediocre or lousy plays!!!

  • Island Brui

    The issue here is everyone knows both Brett and Devin are better than the guys ahead of them.