UCLA burns Cal, 31-14

After a 36-point loss at Arizona on Oct. 20, embittered and emboldened UCLA fans started an Occupy UCLA Athletics campaign, a derivation of the Occupy Wall Street movement protesting big business across the country.

Turns out, the Bruins are still into capitalism.

UCLA scored 24 points off five Cal turnovers, including three deep in Bear territory, and the Bruins rolled 31-14 in front of 55,604 at the Rose Bowl on Saturday night.

An aggressive defensive line harried Cal quarterback Zach Maynard into four interceptions – three by redshirt freshman safety Tevin McDonald – and a week after allowing 573 yards to the Wildcats, UCLA gave up just 333 to the Bears.

Junior defensive lineman Datone Jones, playing extensively in the interior because of the suspension of sophomore defensive tackle Cassius Marsh – one of six Bruins suspended for their roles in a brawl with Arizona with four seconds left in the first half of the loss – had a season-high six tackles and two sacks as part of a defensive effort that forced interceptions on three of Cal’s last four drives.

“We burned the boats, man,” said Jones, referring to the ‘BTB’ shirts that players wore on the sidelines, a motto that signifies no retreat. “It was a suicide mission we had.”

Playing the role of kamikaze, junior quarterback Kevin Prince.

With a directive from Neuheisel to play with abandon despite a history of injury, Prince did indeed embrace contact, shying away from no one while rushing for a career-high 163 yards on 19 carries.

“If it’s one-on-one, I’ll lower the shoulder,” said Prince, who has already suffered two shoulder sprains this season. “If it’s a couple more guys, I try to get down and slide. But Coach Neuheisel talked to me about that on Tuesday; running against Arizona last week, I was a little more cautious. Coach Neuheisel told me not to worry about that and just to run as hard as I can.”

Prince did, and so did the rest of the Bruins.

UCLA gained 294 rushing yards, its most since a 42-28 Week 5 win over Washington State last season, with senior running back Derrick Coleman adding 80 yards and three touchdowns and junior Johnathan Franklin picking up 45 yards and a score.
It was a surprising reversal for the Bruins, who were limited to just 37 rushing yards against Arizona, while Cal held Utah to just 178 total yards – and 13 rushing yards – in a 34-10 win last Saturday.

“I trust my linemen; they know what they were up against but they had no concern,” Coleman said. “They knew they had to come out and be physical. They knew that their defensive line was going to come out and attack them, but that’s why we tried to come out and have a bigger heart.”

Nine days after showing little gumption against the Wildcats, UCLA showed much against the Bears, even after they gave the Bruins a taste of their own medicine early in the third quarter.

After holding Cal to 12 yards on its first drive of the second half, UCLA forced a Bryan Anger punt. With starting punt returner Taylor Embree suspended along with three other receivers, backup Jordon James fielded the ball, but it bounced off his chest and into the hands of D.J Campbell.

Two plays later the Bears scored on a 1-yard C.J. Anderson touchdown run, closing the gap to three.

That was as close as Cal would get, however, as the Bruins intercepted Maynard on each of Cal’s ensuing three possessions, McDonald coming up with two picks and junior cornerback Aaron Hester adding a third, sealing the win, a crucial win.

“Getting blown out, that’s not who we are,” Jones said. “A lot of people lost confidence, but the season is not over. We weren’t worried about playing for anybody else but the guys in this room, the guys who walked off that bus.”

The Bruins indeed got some new life in their quest toward bowl eligibility, evening their record at 4-4 with contests against Arizona State, Utah, Colorado and USC looming.

That fact was not lost on a UCLA team that needed an infusion of confidence, perhaps no one moreso than embattled defensive coordinator Joe Tresey.

After his defense played perhaps its best in his short tenure – holding Cal to just 2-of-12 third downs after allowing 56 percent conversion entering the game – Tresey was all smiles in the locker room.

“When you have idle time, idle time can kill you,” Tresey said. “When you’re with kids, you forget about it, you coach ‘em up. They wanted to get better this week. When I was with the kids and we were doing football, it was OK. When I was sitting in a chair late at night … oh my God. I was like, ‘We gotta find a way.’”

And they did.

There were no more boats to be burned.

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  • Anonymous

    After being embarrassed about UCLA last week, I felt REALLY embarrassed for Cal this week.

  • Marc

    Wow! Before the game, not many people appeared to be too thrilled to ge going into the game. Tailgates lasted a little longer than usual, people opting to get in one more drink before enduring what was sure to be a lOSS. The only questions seemed to be how bad a loss was it going to be.

    Early in the game the crowd was a little dull, still not expecting much. Then as the game progressed the fans got going, mostly. I had a lot of fun; it’s always fun in section 22. Section 21 seems to be half asleep at games. What is up with those people? Anyway, all, or most, at least, of the usuals were there, we joked about donning paper bags. We cheered, high-fived and laughed.

    A lot of booing before the half as the coaches went back into stupid mode. A minute to go with three time outs and they do nothing. That shows that the fans are still not giving Rick anything. He looses next week, and he’s back to the top of everyone’s most hated list.

    But today was a good day. Bruins win and trogans (sic) loose.


  • Bruintx

    Sounds like CRN was urging Prince to play reckless so he would be “forced” to burn Hundley’s redshirt year after he got hurt.

    Gonna have to wait til next week coach…

  • Coach Thom

    Coach Rick likes Kevin and wants him to play to the best of his ability. Today, Kevin proved he can be an offensive threat in the running game. Kevin’s not a sissy. He’s got nads and wants this team to be feared and respected in the remaining games. I think ASU is going into a ‘gotta get serious about the Bruins’ mode after today. Next weekend should show a lot of fireworks, especially if Coach Joe brings the A-team.

  • BruinFaithful

    Coach Thom:

    Sounds more like a coach desperate to save his career ar all costs.

  • CrouchingBruin

    One of the major tenets of the pistol is that the QB has to be a threat to run to the outside, so the defense has to devote a defender to him, which in turn opens up the middle for the running back. Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick ran for 1000 yards in 2009.

    How bad is Jeff Locke’s arm/shoulder? He was in obvious pain every time he had to kick following that cheap, blindsided shot by the Cal player.

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    Based on the fact that there are only 6 comments thus far on this game summary article, I find it kind of sad that people will come out of the woodworks in droves to make negative comments after a loss but not be supportive when UCLA wins.

    I was on the home sidelines and was impressed with the spirit of the kids before and during the game. It would have been easy to be down after such a drubbing in Tucson but they were able to put that behind them and take care of business against an uncharacteristically weak Cal team (at least in recent years). No it wasn’t the prettiest game, but I thought we played better in several key areas starting with our line play and especially the defensive line. And of course the secondary was stellar.

    Whatever your feelings about CRN, I would expect more fans (unfortunately I use that term loosely) to come here and express enthusiasm for the fact that a victory next week could put our team in position to compete for the Rose Bowl. A serious push in this direction will still require great team effort and better play at all positions, but the fact we still have this opportunity is IMHO reason enough for true fans to voice their support.

    I will be on the sidelines again next week and frankly cannot wait to see a great game and hopefully a UCLA victory. Go Bruins!!

  • Stan

    Well, we made our annual trip to the Rosebowl from New Orleans to see our Bruins play and so glad we chose this game. This team played with passion and heart. Awesome to see these kids so excited to be on the field and not just going through the motions. Hopefully, they can bring the same heart next week and play through the fourth quarter. If the crowd can bring it like they did saturday, I’m sure the Bruins can get another W! Loved it!!

  • bcucla8691

    I was impressed with how the team bounced back. I’m glad I was proven wrong. I was pleasantly surprised. If we bring this effort for the next 4 games, we might actually see something real special. WE NEED TO BRING THIS EVERY WEEK!

  • Sec21R14S110

    Hey Marc quit being a douche by calling out the fans…you are probably one of the db’s that booed Prince when he came in the game against Wazzu.

    I sit in Sec 21 and bleed blue and gold just like you, love the Bruins and am a proud alum cheering on our boys. See you at the next game!

  • Marc

    I certainly did not boo Prince when he came in the game against wazzu. I cheer like mad for the Bruins.

    I wasn’t acting like a douche by simply stating the reality. Section 22 is raucous during games and section 21 is the complete opposite. We all look over at you guys and wonset what is up. It looks like you guys are sitting on your hands. If you want to get crazy, get crazy on Saturday and actually stand up and cheer. We’ll be sure to notice you, as everyone else will probably be napping,

    SECTION 22 ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!