UCLA v. Cal Report Card

RESULT: UCLA 31, Cal 14

Kevin Prince was near-perfect in his execution of the Pistol offense

Derrick Coleman making his case for more time with three scores

While passing game was muted with four suspensions, those who played did so admirably

Patchwork crew with a fantastic effort against a very good defensive line

Could Datone Jones have found a home in the interior?

Much-improved effort, and use of Aramide Olaniyan in pass rush was impressive

Simply a great job against Cal’s star wideouts, with Tevin McDonald coming up huge (three picks)

Between Jeff Locke and Tyler Gonzalez, UCLA is feeling pretty good about kicking game now

A week after things appeared to be falling apart, Bruins rebound with tremendous performance

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  • Bob

    Wow, They did not show the game out this way but it sounds like a great effort by all. Glad to hear the coaching staff is encouraging the team to play with some sort of controlled chaos.

  • mindshed

    I didn’t get to see the game, but wow, an A-? Maybe I should find a place to download it if it was so good šŸ˜›

  • Anonymous

    Wonder what Bryce Treggs thought of this performance.

  • True Bruin

    The only issue I had with the coaching was Neuheisel’s lack of a killer instinct. After intercepting Maynard why not take a shot downfield and send a message even if you didn’t have your primary receivers. Also, what was with the conservative play calling at the end of the half? You have a chance to increase your lead while possibly delivering a knockout blow to Cal. This team just came off an embarassing defeat last week so why not put it all out there and go for broke? Neuheisel had no idea what he was doing or what he wanted to do on that final drive of the first half as shown by his time mismanagement. If we are to seriously make a run at .500 season we can’t afford to be conservative.

  • The game will be replayed on Monday evening at 7:30 on FSN Prime ticket.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Jon: I’ve agreed with virtually every grade you’ve given this whole season. But coaching would still be a ways off from an “A” even in a landslide win like against Cal. As said by many already before, the handling of what could have been a CRUCIAL series before the half was deplorable. And just now inserting certain players that have been there all along (and even players that you have pointed out on numerous occasions as players ready to emerge … why wait until the season is friggin two-thirds over before CRN gives them a shot. Does it take the mother-of-all suspensions to finally tweak the lineup a little?)
    Sorry, CRN was a “C” coach at best on Saturday, if not for his still-late homework trickling in from what the Big Dog ate in Arizona. Far better than the “F” from the week before, yes, but I’d say a victory over ASU would be needed in his final mid-term before an “A” could be thrown his way.

  • Anonymous


    Your life is deplorable. To sulk in our best win of the season is pathetic. Take your garbage to bruins nation and fester with Nestor and the rest of those losers over there.

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    UOTR: I generally think you make some great observations, however I think you are perhaps being a little tough on CRN. I agree that the play calling before the end of the first half could have been more aggressive. But let’s not forget that the team made significant strides in many areas yesterday including not shooting itself in the foot with momentum-changing penalties and other poor plays. Our focus was clearly improved and it showed particularly in some great 3rd down stops. Could we have played better? Certainly. But I have to credit the coaching for bringing the team prepared to play after a terrible drubbing the week before. And of course kudos to the kids for an inspired effort!

    Burn the boats indeed!

  • Anonymous

    agree with anonymous and his comments about King Nestor who would have already fired Howland about a dozen times