Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • Anon

    How much of the win over Cal can be attributed to the fact that we played younger less experienced but more talented guys? Do you see the players who made an impact (AO, Kendricks, Rice, James, Graham, McDonald) getting more playing time in the coming weeks?

  • Anonymous

    Who do you think ucla football actually has a legit chance to get a commit from? What positions would you say are of most need? Thanks.

  • bruinbiochem06

    What are the chances Neuheisel is retained for next season? Is his job still safe with only 6 wins? Please say NO!

  • DFarmer87

    If the Bruins were 6-2 so far this season, would it be easier for you to cover the team? After the Arizona loss, most UCLA fans were out for CRN’s blood and you had to deal with several hypotheticals from your readers (who is the next coach?, what does Rick have to do to keep his job?, etc) If the Bruins were more successful, I would assume that there would be less distraction off the field and you could cover the team without having to deal with all the frustration.

  • The Blur

    When Artis decommitted, who was the first to find out? If it wasn’t Howland, how did coach find out? Is there a typical protocol to go about this?

  • Anonymous

    Do you think a ball-controlled offense based out of the pistol formation is a handicap against a balanced offense? The ESPN announcers commented during the Arizona game that a school like UCLA should be able to field a fully-loaded pro-style offense instead of employing the spread, the pistol, wishbone, etc. that are utilized by coaches at schools that needed to shore up weeknesses and deficiencies in talent.

  • tim warren

    Post-Arizona debacle, Tracy Pierson had a story on bruinreportonline.com that said, among other things, big monied donors are threatening to pull their donations for Pauley because UCLA is not taking football seriously, UCLA is realizing that (duh)they need to pay salaries for head and assistant coaches at the level that the elite programs pay out, and (double duh) they realize they need to lower the academic requirements to what the conference requires. Have you heard any such scuttle?

  • Amillennialist

    One game is probably too little data from which to generalize — after all, Cal could have just had an off night — but the Bruins looked good yesterday.

    It seems that Neu’s been keeping more deserving players off the field. Do you agree, and if so, does Neu realize that? Will he admit it? Is there any hope that he’ll make a fundamental change in his way of thinking?

    When Coach Howland was making the same error a few years ago — it cost them a championship — he had the clarity and integrity to admit that he erred. Can Neu do the same thing?

  • 1987Bruin

    With all the available football coaches out there now, who would you think would make a good fit here?

  • Rob M

    How do you explain the sudden ability for our DLine to get QB pressure? Datone going inside? Bad night for Cal OLine? Less cushion by DBs? (Tresey started coaching?)

    It’s been reported that CRN told Prince to “run hard” and not worry about getting injured. Given Prince’s history of injury, WHY would he say that? Is this because A) the Pistol isn’t effective without the QB being a running threat, B) sheer desperation to win, C) an indication that Hundley is willing and ready enough to play if Prince gets hurt?

    I know it is partially because of our horrible 3rd down Defense%, but I can’t remember the last time we had a decent punt return. Do we even have a Special Teams coach anymore? Did that position turn into Mastro (running coordinator)?

    So, are we a good team now? (*sarcasm*)

    So, are we a good team now? (*no sarcasm*)

  • Bobby

    What are your thoughts on how we will respond when teams inevitably pack in a zone and double our bigs. I think our team is deficient in both passing and long range shooting. Also worried about transition defense with so many bigs. you?

    I am also excited about our recruits for next year. Do you think our chances with Shabazz are getting better or worse as we get closer to his announcement? Thanks Jon, always appreciate your blog

  • Anonymous

    Are there any uniform updates (ie alternates or throwbacks)? also how long till we see you in one of those tight addias unis 😉

  • Bobby

    Which of these comments are true?

    Zeke Jones has improved the most from last season
    Reeves Nelson will be asked to be more perimeter oriented and will succeed at it
    Josh Smith will be conditioned and will be better at staying out of foul trouble
    Tyler Lamb will show a consistent offensive game
    The Wear twins will be above average at both rebounding and 3pt shooting
    De’end Parker will be a leader on this team
    Jerime Anderson will be a consistent scorer
    Norman Powell will show polished offensive skills
    Anthony Stover will be more than a shot blocker
    Brendan Lane will show improvement in staying in front of his man

  • Bruinfan818

    I’m starting to get the feeling that Anthony Barr is going to transfer. I know he has been hurt for the past couple games but even when healthy he just doesn’t seem to be a big part of the game plan. Why is that? He is a mismatch waiting to happen yet the coaches seem to not get him the ball. You mention in the fall and spring that the coaches were trying to get him the ball but he stats don’t show it. Do you think he is going to transfer?

  • Anonymous

    Best case realistic scenario : we finish the season at 6-6. Does CRN keep his job?

  • anonymous

    Donovan Carter starts and the D line goes from an F to an A.
    Or is there something else?

  • Anonymous

    Will either or both of the two fat guys talkin’ football lose weight and become skinny?

  • Jungleland

    What is the status with Kip Smith and do you see him kicking again for UCLA this year?

  • Jungleland

    Any grumblings from Malcolm Jones re lack of playing time?

  • Ley

    Based on the few Basketball recruits that still have not committed , have you heard anything from your list of contacts regarding Shabbazz, Shaq, or Parker leaning towards any particular school? Thanks Jon.
    P.S. The young football players make the defense much more faster and active. (too little too late?)

  • Semi-Pro

    The Pac-12 South is basically now a race between UCLA and ASU. Theoretically, UCLA can win the Pac-12 South with 7 wins, if they beat ASU, Utah and Colorado (and ASU loses one more game). Heck, UCLA can even win the South at 6-6, if ASU tanks majorly. What are the odds of either of those happening? I have to believe both would save Neuheisel’s job as well if it were come to pass. Stranger things have happened.

  • Anonymous

    Follow up question: If either or both of the two fat guys decide not to lose weight, will either or both object to supporting his excess weight in a Man-Bra?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Brawl breaks out vs. Cal this time, and now it’s CRN and Tedford throwing down. And this time, Ricky is all jacked up on Mt. Dew … does he go Spider Monkey on him?

  • gilligan

    Greetings and salutations, congrats to UCLA for their big win and I have to be honest I was extremely shocked at the result. I did not see the game and from my understanding Mr. Riley was injured and I wish him a speedy recovery.
    Onto, my inquiry, as a USC fan I was worried that UCLA was going to greatly benefit from USC’s sanctions but as of today I don’t think that will be the case. I live in Austin, TX in the heart of UT country and I am shocked that a lot of them are praising USC for a great game against Stanford. Wouldn’t a recruit prefer to attend USC (even with sanctions) that is getting a lot of publicity from national outlets (including Game Day) while UCLA is not getting any type of positive publicity outside of Los Angeles? Thank you in advance.

  • BruinBall

    Do you think its likely that Kyle Anderson will play PG at UCLA?

  • Anonymous

    Do you think Prince and CRN will still be gung-ho Vontaze Burfict on the prowl?

  • UCLA ’64

    I have some questions about the football helmets. On the back of the helmets to the right of the player’s number are three splotches of blue. What are those splotches? Is there a story behind them? When did they first appear? Thank you.

  • dave

    when will the schedule for next years pac 12 league games be available. in previous years they would have been posted by now.

  • Anonymous

    On a scale of hummingbird to ostrich, how big of an egg will the Bruins lay against ASU?

  • BriunFan818

    Any word on how Muhammad’s official visit to USC went?

  • A-Rock

    Can you help me understand why Malcolm Jones, the #1 RB prospect in his class and a true sophomore, isn’t seeing any playing time? Also, if they’re not going to play him, why not reshirt him? The minimal action he has seen seems absurd.

  • kevin

    How much of the game was UCLA playing really well as opposed to Cal playing really badly?

    If no suspensions, would the outcome be different?

    It looks like the replacements should have been playing all year. Are the coaches this deficient at assessing talent for purposes of the starting lineup? Or, have these players finally developed into game ready talents and had a great game to boot?

  • spedjones

    a twofer… first, why do you ask for questions and then fail to answer them, leaving your readers to then repost the same questions again? Second, if ASU pounds UCLA, will you be asking Rick if he plans to step down?


    Why doesnt UCLA or any of the PAC schools have “midnight madness” or something like it?

  • tomas

    I was interested in your CRN quote last week about Kip Smith’s injury being worse than thought. I heard that the UCLA docs said he had a pull and then when he had an MRI done outside UCLA , they diagnosed it as a tear. This is the upteenth time I have heard about players going outside UCLA only to find that our medical /taining staff has not diagnosed something correctly or mis-treated an injury. Can you ask CRN if he has now learned numerous times that there is a problem with our staff? Do it off the record for all I care but this is absurd.

  • Semi-Pro

    Denver Broncos question I gotta ask: If Denver somehow manages to stink badly enough and somehow get the Overall #1 pick in the NFL Draft…do they take Andrew Luck and cut Tebow loose?

  • UCLA ’64

    I read in another source that Devin Lucien’s parents don’t want him to give up his redshirt. Can you confirm this?

  • Anonymous

    With the ongoing NBA lock out why can’t we play some games at the staples center? Any chance it happens?

  • Anonymous

    Any chance kendricks and mcdonald starts from here on out? Also with marsh still suspended and another week of jones at DT if plays another good game there coaches gotta keep him there, correct? I’d like to see holmes and graham at ends and jones and marsh in the interrior. Seems like we would get more pressure that way.

  • Huitzilopochtli

    Have the coaches given any indication whether Brehaut goes back to being the starter if he comes back by the Utah or Colorado game? If not, what is your gut feeling on this matter?

  • Spencer

    How many big men is UCLA looking to take for the 2012 basketball recruiting class? Are they interested in both Goodwin and Parker? (Or just hope for one or the other?)

  • Anonymous

    Is Howland looking at any PGs to offer?


    JON, WHERE IS JOSEPH FAURIA in the gameplan? Using him for blocking 97% of the time and as a target 3% of the time is a waste of his talent. A second, related question, now that TEVIN MCDONALD has had a THREE-interception game, will he be sitting on the bench and not doing much now, per CRN’s “if you’re good in one game, I’ll sit you for 3 more” policy?

  • B.Bruin

    Any chance Tevin McDonald = new Rahim Moore?

  • rob

    Do you have to build a relationship with coaches to optimize their responsiveness to your questions? (Please don’t limit consideration of your response to just the UCLA coaching staff for football and basketball.) Does a coach’s interaction with you evolve as your familiarity with that coach and their program increase?

  • Anonymous

    If rick gets fired at the end of the season, is ucla still the favorites to land sua filo when he finishes his mission?


    JON, do you think FAURIA is out after this year, into the league? With his lack of being used to the best of his abilities, does he stay another year and get utilized as a starting TE, or try to get out?