What up Bruins fans, this is Vinny Bonsignore. I’m filling in for Jon today and we just got finished with Coach Neuheisel, who made it very, very clear the Bruins can no longer accept anything less than the type of effort they delivered against Cal Saturday. Here is a short recap:

One of the stats that rankles UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel more than others is the Bruins 0-3 record this year following wins.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out in order for the Bruins to get on roll, they have to string wins together, but that will never happen if they can’t take the effort, resolve and focus from a winning performance into the following week.

That is the objective this week when UCLA hosts Arizona State at the Rose Bowl Saturday after beating Cal 31-14 Saturday.

“It’s going to take a week of focus and resolve,” Neuheisel said at his weekly media conference Monday. “That’s what it took last week.”

The trick, of course, is maintaining that same mindset.

“We can’t go back,” Neuheisel said.

He’s counting on the Bruins now understanding the level they can elevate their game to and classifying anything less as unacceptable.

Granted, UCLA beat Cal after a bitter, embarrassing loss the previous week at Arizona in front of a national television audience. There was no shortage of anger and motivation to rebound against Cal, and the Bruins played as such.

But to deviate from that would be extremely upsetting, according to Neuheisel.

“It’s exactly what I said to the team, there’s good news and better news,” Neuheisel said. “The good news is we responded. The better news is we now know what we are capable of. And to accept anything less than that would be absolutely ridiculous on every one of our parts. Coach and player alike have to bring it like we did last week.”

(by the way, Nelson Rosario and Dietrich Riley both expect to be goes for Saturday’s game.

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  • Mayor McCheese

    CRN & Dream Team have things rolling now and enthusiasm is at an all time high for BruinNation. Time to talk Contract Extension with DG. Lock him up long term before someone else steals him. Time is of the essence. Gitter done Dan.


  • Anonymous

    Murshed Zaheed sure sounds like he’s played college football or for that matter any kind of sports in high school…I mean his analysis is so mind boggling. He makes it seem like the entire UCLA nation is in agreement with his every word. In fact, I hear the athletic department is going to take his every recommendation.

  • haha

    Hahaha that was amazing. Funny ‘cuz it’s true…

  • Anonymous

    Nestor: you are hereby banned from the gene pool. Please collect your belongings and take it in the rear.

  • Mayor McCheese

    I was talking about the greater Bruin Nation – the collective student body, alumni & fans not a website I have never even visited. Sorry for the confusion but the time is ripe for all bruins to rejoice. CRN is bringing back the Donahue era!!!!!

  • Bruin Nation

    Why does every hate me! I’m the guy that knows everything UCLA

  • Bruin Gold

    Nestor is poison to BruinsNation. His harassment to true blue Bruins who express an intelligent opinion is shameful.

    It is great that the Bruins may be finally learning a lesson in attitude. I think the young guys that Rick recruited have a lot to do with the better attitude. And I think suspending the guys who showed a losing and shameful attitude also helped the team.

    We have to weed out the bad, poor attitude, poisonous attitude from Bruin Football in order to have a winning program. Nestor included.

  • Anonymous

    One of the comments above said that BruinsNation has been up for 8 years. That almost coincides with the drought we have seen with UCLA football. Connection or coincidence?

  • Bob Toledo’s Mud Hen

    It is scary to think these people live among you … convinced that UCLA football has turned the corner and is prepared to contend for the Pac-12 football championship. Please go on feeling that way, sign New Weasel to a long-long-long term contract, and please enjoy continuing to live in CFB obscurity. What a bunch of losers, including spudjones!

  • Ryan


  • Anonymous

    Hey Richie and Tresie,
    how about playing the same players on defense and same position even the other players come back from suspensions. Don’t play favoritism and don’t play them because they are seniors. U saw what u called your “kids” did saturday meaning the freshmen and sophmores.
    Hopefully, Richie and Tresie learned something Saturday.

  • Marc

    Ha ha! Love the Nester impersonation. Good job!

    Go Bruins! Can’t wait for Saturday.

  • Anonymous

    According to Nester, Larry Scott was wrong to expand the conference to 12 teams because expansion is bad and the Conference Championnship Game is bad. What Scott should done is kick out the two AZ schools and go back to the old PAC 8 instead where all the teams are in states that actually touches the Pacific Ocean. We would have gotten the same TV money with the PAC 10/8. It was blasphemy for Scott to reach for the sky in trying to get Texas to join the conference because he had no chance of getting Texas to join. However, it’s perfectly OK for UCLA to reach for the sky by trying to get Urban Meyer to be the next head coach despite the fact that UCLA has absolutely zero chance of getting him because it’s perfectly OK to reach for the sky when you’re trying to be the best. And besides, UCLA football tradition is second to none. While most of you will laugh at this crazy/fuzzy logic, to Nestor and his followers everything Nestor says makes perfect sense.

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