WBTC Breakfast

Breakfast with the Bruins

Coach Angus McClure
Greg Capella, #64 Off Line
Datone Jones, #56 Def Line
Tevin McDonald, #7 Free Safety
Kevin Prince, #4 Quarterback
UCLA Spirit Squad

Friday Nov 4th–7 am

Olympic Collection at Olympic and Sawtelle

Price: $25 includes breakfast buffet, speakers, and free parking

For more information contact Claudia Hart @ 310-348-UCLA or claudia4ucla@yahoo.com

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  • MichaelRyerson

    Went to one of these things back in the day. Buncha talk and yayain’. Girls danced around to some canned music and then everybody got a plate of food. Coupla the coeds were up there eating with their mouths open, really chowin’ down, my friend Benny spots em and points it out to some of us and we’re back there making bets as to which one was going to go for seconds. Course the bet got called off when three of em got up together and headed for the buffet a second time. lol. This was back in the days when the ‘spirit squad’ wore pleated skirts and white leather oxfords. Oh man, those were the days! Benny was a fourth year sophomore and I was six months away from the Marine Corps. Ah, good times!

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    MRyer: Amazing how well those 3 (Hillary, Oprah & Rosie) did for themselves, huh?

  • MichaelRyerson

    lol. You don’t know how close you are. We’re all droolin’ over the girls, all of us except Benny who says he can nail one of em in under a month. Wants to bet a twenty on it but…no takers. So a coupla months later this friend of ours has a party at a place his parents own way the hell out in the country, out toward Thousand Oaks, south of the highway (no freeway in those days) up in the hills behind Cornell Corners (Yeah, there was such a place) Little bitty house way out in the middle of nowhere. I remember the big hit at the time was ‘Sugar Shack’ so that puts this around ’63 or ’64. Anyway, the place is jammed with people and who shows up with two of the girls from the ‘spirit squad’? hahaha. Benny wearing his signature plaid flannel shirt and hush puppies. I’m tellin ya, a legend!