Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) I’m starting to get the feeling that Anthony Barr is going to transfer. I know he has been hurt for the past couple games but even when healthy he just doesn’t seem to be a big part of the game plan. Why is that? He is a mismatch waiting to happen yet the coaches seem to not get him the ball. You mention in the fall and spring that the coaches were trying to get him the ball but he stats don’t show it. Do you think he is going to transfer? – Anonymous
He has been injured or banged up for much of the year, and with Joseph Fauria playing a lot at the F-back spot, Barr just hasn’t been focused on. I don’t really get the vibe from him that he’s feeling a transfer, though.

2) Donovan Carter starts and the D line goes from an F to an A. Or is there something else? Discuss. – Anonymous
Well, he didn’t start but he did play much of the game. But while Carter was good and he deserves more snaps even, he’s no the sole reason for the success of the unit.

3) Will either or both of the two fat guys talkin’ football lose weight and become skinny? – Anonymous
Judging by the simple formula of waking hours X churros X dipped in milk chocolate to the exponent of slow metabolism, I’m going to guess no.

4) What is the status with Kip Smith and do you see him kicking again for UCLA this year? – Jungleland
His leg has not gotten much better and no, I don’t think he plays again this year.

5) Any grumblings from Malcolm Jones re lack of playing time? – Jungleland
No, he’s patient and knows his role will increase next year.

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