Weekly Answers, Pt. 5

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1) I have some questions about the football helmets. On the back of the helmets to the right of the player’s number are three splotches of blue. What are those splotches? Is there a story behind them? When did they first appear? Thank you. – UCLA ’64
They are small hard hat decals that were introduced a couple weeks ago in Dan Guerrero’s blog: “When gathering with your fellow Bruin fans this Thursday evening to watch the football team as it travels to Tucson, you may notice something slightly different on your television. Some of the players’ helmets will be adorned with inch tall hard hat decals (in navy blue) on the lower back portion. This is intended as a reward for, in coach Neuheisel’s own words: “Toughness, dependability and a commitment to hard work and finishing the job.” Helmet decals may be a new concept to the Bruin faithful, but these will be tastefully done and will not compromise the script UCLA on either side of the helmet in any way.”

2) On a scale of hummingbird to ostrich, how big of an egg will the Bruins lay against ASU? – Anonymous

3) Any word on how Muhammad’s official visit to USC went? – BruinFan818
All visits always go fantastic and everybody loves everyone. My thoughts haven’t changed.

4) Can you help me understand why Malcolm Jones, the #1 RB prospect in his class and a true sophomore, isn’t seeing any playing time? Also, if they’re not going to play him, why not reshirt him? The minimal action he has seen seems absurd. – A-Rock
One of many strange playing time situations.

5) How much of the game was UCLA playing really well as opposed to Cal playing really badly? – Kevin
Good question. I think that’s usually tied into together when a team wins by 17 points or more. A three-plus score differential usually means one team is taking advantage of the other team’s mistakes.

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  • anonymous

    Going out on a limb, I might say a rating service/personal opinion, if there is one, placing Malcolm Jones ahead of Marcus Lattimore in a recruting class probably isn’t an extremely reliable rating service/personal opinion.