Post-presser update

* Richard Brehaut is listed at 50-50 this week on the injury report.
Asked what the plan is for the quarterbacks if Brehaut can play, Rick Neuheisel said: “ “Well, we’ll determine that plan when and if he’s ready to play, and that will be an ongoing thing. It’s a nice thing to have two quarterbacks that are capable of helping us win.”

* Dietrich Riley (neck) is out.

* UCLA coach Neuheisel said Norm Chow called him earlier this year to thank him for a concept he used at #Utah in BYU game. Friends or foes?

“I don’t know exactly what’s been said about Norm and I,” Neuheisel said. “We both feel we know the quarterback position. We’ve had lots of great conversations. I’ve enjoyed that banter. I learned from him. Whether he learned from me, you’d have to ask him.”

More to come.

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Jill Painter is a sports columnist for the Los Angeles News Group, covering everything from the Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, USC, UCLA, Kings, golf and all human interest stories in sports.
  • bskb

    “Well, we’ll determine that plan when and if he’s ready to play, and that will be an ongoing thing. It’s a nice thing to have two quarterbacks that are capable of helping us win.”

    Awww come on. Really? It’s like he’s trying to piss everybody off. Just say “Prince is the quarterback for the foreseeable future. We have three games left in the season and I expect that Richard Brehaut will improve to heal and contribute should the need arise.” Then no more story, no drama. Some people can’t get out of their own damn way.

  • Anonymous

    Good job Jill! Ur better than Nestor!

  • I couldn’t agree more with bskb.

  • KolbAte10Eggs

    Respectfully disagree with bskb. The media loves generating QB controversies, but what good is served by publicly identifying a starting QB? Is it simply a matter of stroking some fragile ego? I say have the flexibility of playing either style, and make the other team prepare for both.

    I suppose equivocation — IF that’s what’s happening (and I’m not saying it is) — could result in one or both of the competing QBs having fewer reps and therefore being less prepared. But that’s a different argument.


  • BSKB


    So here’s the thing, saying “it could be either one” doesn’t change any team’s game plan. You think that Utah isn’t expecting Prince to start no matter what is said? It just makes the coaches look feckless. If the coaches want to keep their options open at QB you can do it without saying something to the media.

  • DS

    How did Dietrich situation go from “precautionary” to out two weeks in a row.

  • Rick said he would be seeing a doctor this week. This is one that you just can’t be too careful with. He’s got a big career ahead of him. Not sure if he’s had additional setbacks. Injured players aren’t allowed to talk to the media. I assume Jon will have more information after Riley’s doctor visit.

  • Anonymous

    KolbAte10Eggs, it’s Prince or Brehaut. They are both great kids but Brehaut isn’tAndrew Luck and Prince isn’t Darron Thomas. None of UCLA’s opponent is going to care which is starting. They are not going to change their defensive game plan regardless which will start.


    Examining the odds of ucla making the Pac-12 Tournament Game:

    ASU favored by 12 1/2 over Wash St on the road
    will be favored to beat Ariz at home
    will be favored to beat Cal at home

    ucla 7 point underdog at Utah
    will beat Colorado at Rose Bowl
    probably will be 12 point underdog to SC

    ASU will probably win out, which means ucla has to win out to qualify (its “reward” would be to play Oregon or Stanford)

  • Anonymous

    I hope Hundley has breakaway speed. Same goes for future running backs. The pistol will look great when those 20-30yd runs turn into td’s, when we don’t get caught from behind.

  • sandiegobruinfan

    The pistol looks it is finally starting to click with Prince at the helm…with 3 games left, you ride him to the finish especially after his performance after the last 2 games. If he gets injured or has another Texas debacle, Brehaut has shown himself to be more than capable to jump right in.

    @Be Real: We were also 4 point dogs to Cal and 9 point dogs to ASU. If we’re 7 point dogs to Utah, that is fine by me. Oh and I would not qualify any of ASU’s remaining games as a free spot on the bingo card.

    Go Bruins!

  • BringbackDorrell

    Oh…the pistols starting to click… What a moron. You guys suck… One big win over 3 years and now Slick Rick is a genius. Stick to basketball. Oh…wait…you stink at that now too! Ahhaaaa…

  • Mayor McCheese

    Norm is playing checkers
    Apparently Nestor is playing with himself in mama’s basement.

  • bskb


    Stupid Troll is stupid.

  • BruinFaithful

    NO WAY!!!! Chow is a Bitter old man. He came to UCLA to beat SUC. Now he wants nothing more than to stick it to Neu. That was just Chow Speak for, “Hey Rick, thanks for showing me how to scheme against you, have fun on Saturday.”