• BruinFaithful

    “Why can’t we practice harder?” Gee….WOW…..what a novel concept. We have been wondering the same thing Andrew. Why don’t you guys practice harder? Why do many guys walk around grab assing during practice?

    Why don’t you look in the mirror and start asking yourself that question? Or better yet, why don’t you lead by example and practice harder yourself and then you can get on guys for dogging it during practice. Where is the LEADERSHIP on this team? Practice HARD EVERY snap, so then when one of your teammates starts doggin it, you can get on them. SOMEBODY needs to. It’s obvious you guys have the talent to win. The question is, do you have the discipline and heart to do so? Look in the mirror and expect more of yourself and then expect more of your teammates Andrew. And when you think you don’t have anything left in the tank, say a prayer, look within yourself, and will yourself to that other level.

    You have a TOUGH game coming up in a tough location. That altitude will get to you. If you guys are huffin and puffin and doggin it right now, wait until game time. Utah is NOT going to lay down. Regardless of their record, they will come to play. You guys need to practice and prepare for it, or this will be a blowout.

    Believe in yourself, as a player and as a leader. NOBODY can stop you. Only you can stop yourself. Get guys to buy in and you will DELIVER!!!! GO BRUINS!!!!

  • Brock

    i think abbott is our best corner… that guy blew up quite a few lateral plays on sat

  • BruinFaithful

    Sorry, wrong link. Here is the correct link. But feel free to look at other videos and look at other practices of ours. See if you find a common theme. Then go look at practices of other Top Programs. Let me know if you see a difference. Not hard to figure out which is the winning Program.