Howland on Signing Day

Ben Howland on signing day:
“I’m really excited about both these kids. Jordan Adams is a really good shooter. He’s a team captain for Oak Hill, a very good team, one of the best in the country. We’re really excited about him. Watched him play a lot this summer. He can play the wing, play the two, play the three. He’s used to winning.
Obviously Kyle Anderson is a very good player when you consider that his team won the national championship last year. He’s got unbelievable skills for a guy his size with the ball. He’s really improved his shot in the last year. He’s really smart. he’s way ahead of the game in terms of understanding the game.”

On Anderson playing point guard:
“He’s going to have the ball a lot. Next year it will be Larry Drew and him playing the point. He can play with, without the ball. He’s so good with the ball. He sees the floor so well. They’ll definitely be playing together at times.”

On Anderson defending the point:
“I hope he can eventually defend the two, the four, the one. Defensively, (the three) is where he’ll be most comfortable. He has to get that better at that end. Offensively, hes as good as there is out there.”

On Anderson’s playmaking ability:
“Kids love to play with him. Kids are excited to play with them. He can go through a whole game and take two shots and be happy as long as his team wins. That’s whats fun to have – a guy who totally gets it. He understands you get recognition.”

On the Anderson mismatch:
“It goes both ways – he has to be better at the other end. But he’s a very difficult matchup against anybody. He’s a great passer, anywhere he gets the ball. Out on the post, in the perimeter, pushing it in the break. He sees the floor so well.”

On opening inroads at Oak Hill:
“It’s more by the individual. Those kids come all from the country to Oak Hill. When you go in his office and see the players he’s coached in his tenure – most NBA coaches would be proud. It really is incredible what he’s accomplished there.”

On Korey McCray’s impact on getting Adams:
“It was big. He’s known the kid for a long time, has a great relationship with him. There’s no question. We don’t get Jordan Adams if Korey’s not on the staff.”

On what he expects for the rest of recruiting:
“We may still sign another here early. … I expect to sign four.”