• Jay Jeffries

    Consistency is everything here. As a longtime Bruin football fan who attended UCLA during the Donohue years, one of the primary features of his teams was consistency. That’s what we’ve been lacking; if we attain it, the sky’s the limit…

  • Bruin Gold

    Consistency requires these characteristics of its players:
    1. Dedication
    2. Determination
    3. Guts
    4. Passion
    5. Heart
    6. Always bringing your ‘A’ game.
    7. Giving it 100%

    So many of UCLA’s players have not previously had the character to be consistent. It was like they needed a Starbucks coffee to keep them awake during the game.

    The Arizona State game was rock bottom. The shame they brought to the team, the program, and the university finally woke up UCLA’s players – after all these years.

    The last good UCLA team was in 2006, when UCLA last beat USC when its players as a whole had these characteristics.

    I certainly hope that UCLA’s players have finally turned their attitude around. The younger guys certainly have helped.

  • txbruin

    Jon, surely you aware that the McRib is back, right?

  • 1BruinFan

    BG, I agree with most of your thoughts but in 2006 we went 7-6. I can not consider that a good team, even though they beat $uc. Our defense was good when rested, but our offense was anemic with little running game and 3-and-outs were a regular occurance. I for one definitely didn’t go to the sc game feeling like we had a chance to win and it was a complete shock when we did. Our D was definitely possessed in that game.

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    You should re-name this segment “Just two big-boned guys talkin’ football.”
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  • mindshed

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    Take off that Redddddd shirt!

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