UCLA v. Utah POW

Readers: Post your final score prediction and vote in the poll. Closest to actual score with correct winning team gets to give me 10 questions to ask a player of their choosing, within reason, for an upcoming video.

Barney Rubble won for UCLA v. Cal (didn’t have one for ASU), so please email me at jon.gold@dailynews.com.

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  • bruwin5931

    UCLA 28
    Utah 21

  • bcucla8691

    Ucla 28
    Utah 27

  • Anonymous

    Please, please, PLEASE let this recent ‘turnaround’ be a true reflection of the team. Please win, Bruins. Looking at our recent history under Neuheisel though (and really this entire decade), this upcoming game in Salt Lake City has massacre/massive-egg-laying written all over it. God I hope I’m wrong, but:

    Utah 42
    UCLA 23

  • I think the past two games are a true reflection of where the bruins are at now as a team. They will be fired up to play norm chow this week as well. Im going with andrew abbott here and think ucla wins by 2 touchdowns or more. We ran the ball well against a good Asu defense and that wont change this week against Utah.
    Ucla 31
    Utah 10

    Lets win out!!!

  • Mayor McCheese

    Greatest Bruin Failure to Launch:
    CRN Era
    Just asking?

  • Reformed Droog

    UCLA 24
    UTAH 20

  • CuriousBruin

    UCLA 28
    Utah 17

  • Maloman

    UCLA Bruins 28
    Utah 24

  • Trevor

    Listen, I love my Bruins and was pleased as punch at the 2 past victories — but if history is any guide (and 3 missed FGs that helped ASU “not win” last week), I think we, unfortunately, lose to Utah. Hope I’m wrong.

    But, on the upside, I see us beating Colorado at home. USC, because of the intense emotional rivalry, is a toss-up because, hopefully, anything can happen.

  • Bruintx

    Ditto Trevor… I (unfortunately) agree with you 100%. I hope we’re wrong, but we’re not 7 point dogs because of our excellent road record…

    Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. Since I don’t want to pick the Bruins to lose, I will pass on submitting a score prediction.

  • UCLA ’64

    UCLA 31, Utes 13

  • Lifetime Bruin Fan

    UCLA 31
    UTAH 28


  • Barney Rubble

    UCLA 34 Utah 21

  • BruinBrock

    UCLA: 27
    Utah: 25
    I’ll be in the Utah student section cheering on my BRUINS!

  • Weasel of Westwood

    UCLA 30
    Utah 21
    We win all three left. Big contract extension baby.

  • Gutty Lil Bruin

    Utah 31
    UCLA 20

    Despite the efforts of CRN, our talent is still not where it needs to be. Sign Rick long term and he will turn it around in another 4 to 5 years.


    Utah 24
    ucla 17

    This will be a difficult game for Chow to manage because he has a quarterback who is not much of a thrower. However, the difference is that Utah does not believe ucla can stop its running attack.

    We shall see

  • NoCampus

    UCLA 38
    UTAH 24

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    UCLA 24
    Wasatch West Slope 21

  • Isand Bruin

    Thinking we now have an identity:

    UCLA – 38
    UTAH – 17

    one of the TDs will be special teams or defensive.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    uh-oh, snowing right before gametime. no beer for sale anywhere. even the mormons are taunting us in the parking lot from their bikes.

    better change my score to, like, 30-7, Utes.