Weekly Answers, Pt. 5

Check out the latest batch of weekly answers…

1) Why didnt Brandon lane play the exhibition game – he was suited up? – JW
Ben Howland said he is simply the last in the big man rotation right now. I expect him to see some minutes, though.

2) How much longer until Stover is back? – JW
At least a couple more weeks, it sounds.

3) UCLA did not look impressive against San Bernadino, should we be worried? – JW
A little, but not too much. I think the team will be a little slow out of the gate, but Anderson’s return will help, as will Stover’s.

4) Do you think the offense could be more punishing on defenses with Coleman starting? – TK Bruin
I think if you gave the players the exact same amount of carries, only had Coleman’s carries at the beginning and the end, and Franklin in the middle, they’d both benefit.

5) Does Prince get more yards when Coleman is at RB? – TK Bruin
Not noticeably, but something worth exploring. Thanks for the idea.

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