Weekly Answers, Pt. 6

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1) Can the emergence of Nelson Rosario be based solely on the hiring of Mike Johnson? – Ameer
Rosario has played a huge role this year in the offense, yet I still think he can do more. He’s fifth in the conference in receiving yards, but he’s only caught 40 passes. Granted, that 19.1 yards-per-reception average is phenomenal. But if the offense were more centered around him, I think his numbers would be scary.

2) The defense has improved since Marsh has been out, are the two items directly correlated? Do you think Marsh comes back in a limited role? – Huitzilopochtli
The only correlation is his absence necessitated Datone Jones’ move inside, which has been a huge move. Marsh is not starting on Saturday, but I expect him to play big minutes.

3) Why do we constantly call momentum killing timeouts on offense? Is it always a bad playcall against the defense or wrong personell? We waste more TO than any other team I’ve ever watched.. – MaddoxtoLaChappelle
Yeah. Don’t really have an answer for that. Pretty sloppy.

4) Why do they put Cory Harkey out at split end for some of our running plays? He can’t block corners, they’re too quick, it’s just wasting a player and showing that were gonna run or screen or am I missing something? – MaddoxtoLaChapelle
Yeah. Don’t really have an answer for that. Pretty weird.

5) While the football team moved into first place Friday, the Water Polo team beat Pacific in an equally emotional contest, winning in OT 13-12. Water Polo is number one in the country, Women’s Volleyball is number one in the country, Women’s soccer is number two in the country, the Football team is in first place, Men’s Soccer is number eight in the country, Men’s Basketball is ranked twentieth nationally. Both the Basketball and Football programs landed significant recruits recently. I have to agree with heady and discerning critics Dan Guerrero should be replaced the next time the Football team loses. And since there are many Athletic Directors out there with the same credentials, with Athletic programs finding similar success I’d like to know which one should replace him? – Anonymous
A fine bit of sarcasm.

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