Weekly Answers, Pt. 7

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1) Whose performance did you find more surprising, Prince/Bruins vs ASU, or Tebow/Broncos vs the Raiders? Do you think Prince and Tebow are being utilized to their maximum potential and shortcomings?
/happy Bruins and bitter Raiders fan – Tien
I was much more surprised by Tebow’s performance. But you know what, I’m over it. I don’t even blame Tebow for Tebowing any more. When Tebow Tebow’s and the Tebow Tebow, we all just Tebow. I blame McDaniels.

2) If they choose to retain Coach Neuhesial, do they pretty much have to give him an extension? I mean, will he be able to recruit at all next season if he’s in the final year of his contract? – BruinBall
I think if they choose to retain him, he’ll have pulled off some stunning wins the rest of the year, and would have made a big case for it.

3) What happened to two fat guys talkin football?? come now… – Alxandr
Come join the fudgebus…

4) Kiffin got burned $10K for making public comments about officiating just a couple weeks ago. Are there any concerns that Aaron Hester’s comments about the referees might get him in some trouble, or are players not governed by these rules? – Reformed Droog
Yeah, Hester was reprimanded by the conference and then suspended privately for the first half by Neuheisel.

5) a). Tebow leads Denver into playoffs
b). Prince leads UCLA into Pac-12 title game
c). Tyler Lamb’s next tattoo says “I love Jon Gold!” – ucla-of-the-rockies

I’ll go out on a lamb and say C, B, A.

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