Pac-12 South deal

OK, so here’s the deal:

UCLA beats USC: UCLA in at 6-3 in conference play, 7-5 overall.
UCLA loses (5-4), ASU beats Cal at home (5-4), Utah beats Colorado at home (5-4): ASU in.
UCLA loses (5-4), ASU wins (5-4), Utah loses (4-5): UCLA in.
UCLA loses (5-4), ASU loses (4-5), Utah wins (5-4): Utah in.
UCLA loses (5-4), ASU loses (4-5), Utah loses (4-5): UCLA in.

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  • JerzeyBruin

    In other words, either a UCLA win or Utah loss would put UCLA in the title game.

  • Weasel of Westwood

    Jon, why so little faith? anything less than victory is nonsense.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to know there’s no longer a possibility of UCLA getting forced into the conference title game where it could lose its bowl eligibility.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    anon1120: jon just said that if each lose, ucla still goes as pac-12 south rep. if we then lose that, we lose bowl eligibility. wake the fuck up.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    same goes for if ASU wins and we and utah lose.

  • Semi-Pro

    As far as I know…UCLA wouldn’t LOSE it’s eligibility altogether. It would simply lose it’s automatic berth and would just need to petition in order to go to a bowl game. Is that correct?

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Good to see that ucla-of-the-rockies is keeping it classy on Mr. Gold’s blog as well. Here’s his contribution tonight over at Inside USC, equally tasteful:

    ucla-of-the-rockies said:

    dixie: you squirt all over yourself like a whore. why don’t you wait until after next week’s loss (your third in Pac-12 play) and then size up the conference.
    And don’t forget that Stanford and ASU bitch-slapped you too, and both made Barkley look like the JV quarterback on that particular night.
    But our stomp on your face will hurt most, because it will be the first of many in a row once again.
    The tide is turning, and you will feel it soon after kickoff next week.
    November 19, 2011 10:35 PM


    Why so much anger, after your win over Colorado?

    In any event, our face will keep a wary eye out for your stomp!

  • Anonymous

    Since both the ASU and Utah game are on Friday, we will go into the SC game knowing what the game means for us.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    After today’s outcomes no way we effin lose to the SCumGans! We hammered Colorado from beginning to end and those dummies barely hung on after having most of the scores handed to them by Oregon miscues. Did SUC even geberate one real drive not given to them by turnover? Not likely.

    UCLA rolls next week by 17!

    It’s the 5th anniversary of 13-9, look for my tailgate, I’ll be showing the game all day Saturday (unless bums try to steal my tv in the ghetto of south sentral)

  • Anonymous

    If Utah looses then we are in period. Everything else is irrelevant.

  • MichaelRyerson

    We’ve won big games before. We’ve won improbable games before. Do I think we’ll win? Of course not, I’m not an idiot but I’ve seen enough big rivalry games go the illogical way to know we’ve got a shot. This is why they play em.

  • Maloman

    Hey UCLA Dynasty were you going too tail gate for the usc game? Bruins lets support! Go Bruins!

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    MRyer: Did Benny kick that Trojan chick to the curb yet or is he REALLY playing with her mind this week?

    LMAO: “Do I think we’ll win? Of course not …”

    Gotta love it over at Inside USC. What a true crack-whore of a site. Incredible how cocky they are, as if they’ve had nothing at all to do with, say … PROBATION! What a bunch of whack cheaters.

    They are so ripe for the upset this week. Oregon did us a huge favor by folding up the tent for 3 quarters last night. Moreover, it’s the only way to claim supremacy over U$C this year. A victory gives us the tie-breaker over them into the Pac-12 Championship even IF THEY WEREN’T under sanctions.

    Ah, this is gonna be a GREAT week.

  • gilligan

    No way will USC lose against UCLA especially considering that this might be Barkley’s last game. No offense to UCLA fans but they have been unable to defeat a team on the road with a decent QB. The UCLA secondary will be exposed and USC is going to stop UCLA’s running game. I have no faith that Prince can throw the ball to the receivers or the receivers catching passes. I haven’t even mentioned that UCLA will be unable to stop USC’s running game.
    If I were a UCLA fan, I would request a new coach b/c even with a soft schedule that included Wazzu, OSU and Colorado, UCLA is a .500 team. UCLA was lucky to have missed Oregon and UW, not sure if they would be bowl eligible with a tougher schedule. Like I said, a coaching change is needed at UCLA. It wasn’t a coindence that after Coach Walker left the defense has been soft.

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    As UOTR mentioned I think the angle here is that UCLA wins the South Division outright, including over USC, if they win next week. This has got to be the message driven home to the players.

    Sure UCLA will be the underdog, but as any of us know, football is a game of momentum and emotion. If UCLA can start strong and build confidence, it will be anybody’s ballgame. UCLA has the talent to win; it will be the mental game that decides the outcome.

    GO BRUINS!!!

  • MPP Bruin

    I really hope that UCLA doesn’t get to the title game through the backdoor. If they can’t beat USC, then they simply don’t deserve it. I want to feel good about the team going into a possible title game because they won the previous game against a tough opponent. If they lose to USC and get to the championship then I’ll probably wind up watching the game through my fingers. That being said, I think that they can bring a good effort against the Trojans, then they have a chance of winning. The team has talent, but they need to put it together consistently.

  • NYCBruin

    There’s almost no chance that Utah will lose to Colorado at home. It’s not a rivalry game, Utah is getting better, and Colorado is a bad football team. There is a much better chance that UCLA beats USC, even if that is also unlikely.


    That’s right, there is no way Utah loses to Colorado in Salt Lake City. So ucla has to beat SC. How can they do it?

    1. Must win the turnover battle; hope SC fumbles once and Barkley is intercepted once, and no ucla fumbles or interceptions. This alone could keep the bruins in the game.

    2. Contain the All-American wideouts. Woods and Lee are going to get theirs, but don’t allow any “home-runs.”

    3. Mix it up on offense. SC is vulnerable to a running QB, so have a few set Prince runs. And if a first down run is unsuccessful then go to the pass on 2nd and 3rd downs, not leaving a conversion attemmpt to solely a 3rd down play.

    4. Have a gimmick play i.e. halfback pass.

    P.S. it is nice, even as a Trojan fan, to have the
    SC-ucla game have some meaning and drama. It has been a long wait

  • MichaelRyerson

    Rockie, no, Benny and the ‘SC prof are still an item. She is still sleeping under a powder blue comforter. I think they were at the Rose Bowl yesterday. One thing about Benny is for all the brash, know-it-all bravura he still, underneath it all, has a kind heart. I think he really likes this one and is willing to overlook her unfortunate trojan conditioning. And she’s coming around. I think she is loosening up. She’s smiling and laughing more now than when we first met her anyway. As far as ‘SC is concerned, we’ve got the pieces to beat them, with a couple of breaks, if the horses up front do their job and the defensive backs step up we can be in it right to the end and then it’s anybody’s ballgame. It would be a big, big win, no question, but I’ve seen bigger ones go our way.