Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • ck

    You wrote that the D matched the O’s effort. Call me a Debbie Downer, but watching the defense against CU, I find it difficult to give them that much credit. True, they played well, but it seems that CU imploded most of the time. Does the blowout of the Buffs really tell us anything?

  • rob

    I assume all college coaches (head coach and assistants) are media savvy. What percentage of coaches try to use the media to spin a particular point of view? What percentage of those who try are good at it?

  • Bruinfan818

    According to scout. It says that UCLA will be unveiling new alternate road uniforms this week, any inside information that you have about that?

  • uclabruin11

    As always, thanks all the awesome work Jon! Ok, so I know you (and most of us) hate hypotheticals, but now that we have most of the season in the rearview mirror, how differently would have our season been (or, not at all) if we had won the opener against Houston?

  • UCLA Med

    Realistically, what do the Bruins have to do on their side in order to beat ‘SC? Are those things that can be reinforced in 1 week of practice? What are the chances that UCLA does those things?

  • Al Bruin

    OK Jon,

    Ben Howland has asked you to name the starting lineup. What would it be?

    Al Bruin

  • 40ounzezipper

    It seems like J Franklin just can’t shake his fumble problems. Is the coaching staff losing confidence in using him especially late in a close game?

  • Thanks for all you do Jon. I should have asked this last week, but I’m still curious. It seemed to me that the Bruins were underdressed for the Utah game. I think the cold, wet conditions really wore on the team. Was there a reason why so many of these So-Cal boys were playing at night, in the snow, with no sleeves?

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Dear Mr. Gold,

    I’m not crazy, but I had an idea, and I figured you would be the man to talk to. What do you think are the chances that UCLA would agree to select its next football coach via an “open casting call”/reality show approach?

    Now hear me out: I am talking an American Idol-style competition open to know-it-all fans, high school coaches, assistants, unemployed Penn State staff members, WHOEVER, put through various challenges and evaluated by a panel of celebrity judges like Troy Aikman, Dan Patrick, and/or Richard Simmons.

    Too crazy? Maybe so, but keep in mind that the alternative is to let UCLA’s athletic director make the decision.

  • Anonymous

    Having redshirted and played only 3 years, can Kai Maiva apply to get an extra year? If so, would he? I just think that he would be a huge plus for our team going into 2012 with all the other returning players.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    In terms of the Pac-12’s natl luster, how much did U$C’s upset of Oregon hurt (assuming that the Ducks had a legit shot at BCS title game) revenue sharing for a school like us?


    How many hours will it take after the game before will Ricky be fired? What’s the overs and unders?

  • Carlos

    Is there any chance that Ken Norton Jr. would ever be considered a candidate for the Head coaching position – if CRN get fired????

  • Sean Miller

    So Jon.. I see on your next year predictions, you’re predicting Prince to be the starter next season? So you think a few decent games earns him that spot?

  • San Diego Therapist

    A couple of years ago the offensive line was just terrible. But this UCLA can at least run the ball. How do you rank with O-Line with respect to the rest of the conference?

  • raybru

    Jon, I really think Neuheisel will not be here next year. Who will become the next head football coach?

  • Anonymous

    Even writing this question seems ridiculous. If somehow ucla pulls off back to back miracles, would they represent the pac 12 in the rose bowl automatically? Just trying to understand all the options the new league format provides.

  • Beat SC

    SC 14 point favorites which I think is optomistic. I think the Bruins would have to play mistake free game to have a chance. No turnovers, fewer penalties, control time of possession, tackle their WR in open space, aggressive play calling and defense, and TDs instead of FGs. I think SC establishes run game and short passing game and will pick their spots to throw down the field. I think we’re in big trouble.

    How do you see the game?

  • Anonymous

    Since you are a Broncos fan, how is Rahim Moore doing?

  • Progress?

    RN is being quoted “To be able to knock off your crosstown rival is great evidence of progress.” Also, he is quoted saying to recruits “I point to signs that this thing is changing. Games like this, it’s important to show that on the field.”

    Sounds like he knows he must beat SC to save his job. What do you think?

  • Warren

    I won the Stanford guess the score competition. What does a brother have to do to get his questions asked? Were they THAT inappropriate???

  • Anonymous

    What is CRN’s approach to this weeks rivalry game? Do you get the feeling CRN is coaching with an all-or-nothing attitude? What is he telling the players to get them fired up? I hope they all watched Iowa St., Baylor, even ‘SC win as underdogs!

  • anon

    What was up with Rick and Taylor Embree during the game? Has Rick lost control of the players or was that just a tiff between Taylor and Uncle Rick?

  • Anon

    Jon — saw Dan Guerrero, Bob Fields and at least one other administrator (probably Harlan) making their way down from the press box to the locker room at the end of Saturday’s game at the Rose Bowl. The group had a 6 person security detail (including two uniformed Pasadena police officers) surrounding them in “diamond” formation as they walked through the crowd in the exterior concourse of the stadium. Can you ask Dan why they think that security detail usually reserved for the president and other heads of state is necessary for athletic department administrators? How much of my tax dollars and athletic department contributions go to paying for this protection? Just seems absurd, and further proof that these guys have egos that are way out of whack. (Same sense of entitlement and power that underlied some of the misdeeds in the City of Bell fiasco.)

  • theuclan

    being a long time Bruin i really miss the glory days of the bruin toe jam rivalry. Do you think they would ever consider splitting the stadium down the middle like they did in the old days? One side Bruin and the other SC.

    the game was so colorful back then…

  • Anonymous

    Jone, is it me or has UCLA not run a single screen play all year? Doesn’t it make sense to get someone like Franklin in open space? Just wondering….

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    What’s are your early thoughts on RichRod at AZ?

  • Lu Valle pizza

    Hi Jon,

    What is your opinion of TJ Simers’ weekly harangues of Rick Neuheisel?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Have you seen the “2 Fat Guys” version of what they do on “Inside U$C?” … Any chance you can at least get Sam Strong in coconuts and a wig?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    6-million a year for Urban?
    How in the hell are we supposed to compete at $1.25 mil?
    And what’s left for after-Christmas shopping, Sandusky?