Care to help Lane Kiffin?

Hope you’re feeling the holiday spirit and want to help Kiffin for a good cause…. this is a great time for USC and UCLA to come together to help children. Forget the rivalry for just a minute and help provide some Christmas cheer to kids who are less fortunate!

from USC… Kiffin is hosting the Kiff’s Kids toy drive to benefit children from the local community on Saturday at the USC-UCLA football game. Fans are encouraged to bring a toy or unwrapped gift to collection boxes set up around the Coliseum.

More on items that can be donated:
Items need for children –
Toys & games Sporting goods Bikes, scooters & skateboards
Children’s books School supplies Clothing for teens
Personal care product Gift cards to Art supplies & kits
Wal-mart, Target & Toys R Us

To donate online, go to All gifts are tax-deductible.
For more information call Mark Chow, CEO of A Foundation for Kids, at 909-519-1148 or email

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  • Anonymous

    Jill, I’m sure I’m going to come across as a monster who hates children. But this is the wrong week to urge Bruin fans to support Lane Kiffin. Last week would have been better. Next week would have been better. The middle of the offseason would have been best.

  • Anonymous

    Come on Bruins!!! Put a baby-blue ribbon on each toy you donate. That way, the bins will be filled with bruin-blue and the U$C punks will be revealed for who they are. HAHA. This way, competition and charity can work in tandem.

    Joking aside, my local alumni club watches the game every year with the USC club at a bar. Every year, we compete against them bringing food for a food drive. We ALWAYS WIN!! Great way to harness competition and good will in the same act.

  • Alex

    No, you’re not a monster who hates children. You’re just someone who cares about football way too much. Hey, I love UCLA and I can barely bring myself to be cordial with people from that other school but it’s just a game, it’s just two schools, and there are more important things go on. Good on Kiff.

  • Anonymous

    This is fairly simple. By leaving a toy for a kid in need you are possibly making that kid’s holiday a little brighter. This is not about helping Lane Kiffin or USC. A cross town rivalry is a cool thing but let’s not lose our perspective.

  • Sigh. I just got the release. The collection happens to be this Saturday. Hopefully, there will be some other folks who realize this is about helping children enjoy the holiday.

  • well said, anonymous!

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Jill: What about O.J. Simpson action figure toys?

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be bringing my donation to an LAFD station.

  • PV Bruin

    Yeah… let’s fill the box with UCLA toys just to piss them off plus helping a good cause!

    a win-win situation…just hope USC people won’t toss the toys away…

  • BruinRogue

    I agree. UCLA toys help a good cause. And it’ll help the kids too….

    Actually, who knows, maybe some future football star remembers his childhood UCLA bear when deciding on colleges.

  • MichaelRyerson

    I have a friend bringing six plush Joe and Josephine Bruins from the UCLA spirit store for Lane’s baldfaced play for positive PR. Can’t punish the kids after all. By the way, as per usual we will be real active in the Marine Corps Reserve’s Toys for Tots program. Get on it you guys. Last year we pushed 5,000 new, unwrapped toys into their bins and this year we’re gonna top that. And if you really want to do something cool, give some little stuffed toys to LAPD patrol officers to carry in their cars for chilren in stressful situations. Doesn’t have to be Christmas to do something cool.


    Seriously people! Lighten up! It’s not about helping Kiffin, it’s about helping kids! It makes sense- do a toy drive during one of the most populated games of the year= more toys! unless Bruin fans are going to be jerks about it. We are better than they are, remember? You can do it! Bring some Bruin bears or footballs! šŸ™‚

  • Lifetime Bruin Fan

    Insanity is right, I urge my fellow Bruin fans to bring toys lots of toys, so many that we
    brings more toys than the SC fans do, We win the battle of gift giving and then
    We win the battle on the field of play, it’s a win, win situation. GO BRUINS.