Guerrero confirms uniform rumors

In Dan Guerrero’s latest edition of Word from Westwood, the UCLA athletic director included this tidbit about new jerseys for the USC game:

“There have been rampant rumors out there recently that our football team might be sporting a special look when they take the field for the USC game on Saturday evening. I can confirm that those rumors are indeed true. We will be unveiling a uniform that we have been working on with the adidas design team for several months. These new uniforms will provide us with an alternative to our existing road uniforms but will not replace them in perpetuity. That said, I’m not going to tell you everything in this blog – but look for hints the remainder of the week by liking UCLA Athletics on Facebook or following @UCLAAthletics on Twitter.”

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  • Mando Montebello

    I don’t like the idea for the rivalry game. Why not do it for the bowl game or a road game next year instead!

  • DoubleBruin

    I don’t like the idea either. We tried the throwbacks two years ago and what did that do? BTW, is Prince going to sport a faux-hawk again?

  • Jeff

    Dumb move…it’s even more motivation for USC to embarrass UCLA with no mercy. Ask Notre Dame how well their Green Jersey gimmick works against USC.

  • Anonymous

    What the hell is wrong with you Dan! Wear the classic blue unis. Home jerseys on both sides.

  • Anonymous

    Why are we trying to be gimmicky and cute? Wear the home uniforms. And while you’re at it change the damn logo with the teddy bear in it. Who the heck would take a team with that logo seriously?

  • gilligan

    Will the new uniforms come with superpowers?

  • Anonymous

    Last time I checked we were Blue and Gold…

  • Sandy Underpants

    After fighting and waiting for the right to both wear home jersey’s for this game, I thought it was totally idiotic for UCLA to come out and wear their away jerseys. However, I get it now. They can wear a special uniform so none of the casual observers will even know it’s UCLA. Smart marketing, but I’ll tell you right now, all white ain’t a good idea.

  • PV Bruin

    If the new jersey can help us win the game, I don’t mind if it has pink stripes besides the gold and blue.

  • sureshot

    Idiot. They finally get it right with each team wearing their home uni’s and Guerrero goes and screws it up. Why not rock those uni’s in any other game?

    Way to screw up a good thing, bozo!

  • Realist

    “Why not do it for the bowl game?” Ha! That’s too precious. He thinks we’re going to a bowl game!

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan


    I don’t care how good the new unis look–UCLA-USC should ALWAYS be played in the traditional home unis.

  • We are going to go ALL WHITE just like a surrender flag for USC? Whose lame idea was this? Of course, clueless Morgan Center. As my good friend Achilles Balsak so eloquently stated, we need a Wholesale REGIME change in Morgan Center. We are destined to repeat history’s worst errors again and again.

  • Anonymous

    You people are unbelievable. For months there’s been nothing but moaning about those “same old uniforms” but now “its all about tradition”. Yes is no, up is down. You should all run for congress.

    I just want to BEAT SC!

  • Bruin678

    Are these uniforms going to seriously be all white? Can you say Saturday Night Fever? Nothing says tough like John Travolta dancing disco — fear the disco ball!

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Gilligan makes a good point. A cool new uniform can seem like a good idea, but what if these new uniforms are secretly alien life forms that take over and cause the Bruins to rampage across the city, supervillain-style (after still losing to USC by 10 to 14 points)?

  • bruin91

    Some of these comments are funny. Thanks for the laughs, I’m sure not everyone will like them but I’m sure the players like them and that’s all that matters.

    The funniest comment: To give SUC motivation to embarrass us? Yeah, that’s it! It’s the uni’s that will add motivation. Athlete’s play regardless and this is a rivalry game there’s already enough motivation!

  • Sal

    Just a hunch, but I think that it may have something to do with showcasing them live to recruits.

  • Bruin678

    BTW Jon, if UCLA does indeed show up in disco uniforms, and Neuheisel some how pulls out a victory, your headline absolutely must be: “Staying Alive”

  • Weasel of Westwood

    Wonderful idea by the best AD in the Country. We show our new look, beat the pathetic trojans, then march onto the conference championship. You negative fans need to get with the program. Another brilliant choice by the boss. Sure glad I am going to get to work for another 5 years for this most progressive program.

  • bguyla

    Hate this idea. The uniforms should be all black, if anything, but we should have stuck with the home colors for both teams.

    Way to ruin what little was still right with this program, Dan. So much for tradition.

  • Anonymous

    This is complete bullshit.Typical Guerrero cluelessness. Someone please fire this a-hole.

  • DS

    All you negative Nancy’s out there are ridiculous!! The new uniforms look great and the players love them and recruits will love them! All you people do is sit on your couch, eat bon bons, and complain ALL DAY LONG NO MATTER WHAT.. We could beat USC by 50 and most of you would still say “Yeah we won.. But we looked like Sailor Moon”..
    Name these “fans”: “I hate kevin prince he sucks” .. after next game.. “I love kevin prince he’s amazing..”.. “we need new uniforms.. we need change..” .. Next Day.. “New uniforms??!! What happened to tradition??!! New uniforms suck..” .. “I’m a die hard bruins fan..”.. Next day.. “We suck.. We suck.. fire everyone.. Jon we love you.. Jon we hate you.. blah blah blah wine wine wine”.. -so called ucla “fans”..

    Point: Jon rocks.. Neu rocks.. Dan G rocks.. New uniforms will rock.. and no matter what.. true bruin fans support UCLA!!!

  • Semi-Pro

    Come now…this is just a way for UCLA to create another apparel revenue stream so that everyone can make even more money!! …except the players, of course.

  • Anonymous

    Should’ve worn the all whites against Utah – they would’ve been invisible!!!

  • Anonymous

    The apogee of UCLA Bruin uniforms was the 1960’s uniforms: Gold leaf helmet with no logo; powder keg blue jersey with simple, white-only, non-outlined numerals and – all important – the full, dual, white-only iconic “UCLA stripes”; khaki pants, white ankle-length sox, black boots = pure Bruin class!


    Like I needed another reason to hate DG! WHAT A FREAKEN ……….


    How do we stop this IDIOT?

  • Bruineternal

    Horrible, grotesque, stupid. And two other words for you: Penn State. THEY are the ones so proud of their plain white helmets and unis. The LAST thing UCLA wants is to be associated, however obliquely, with Penn State.

    As a long time donor and volunteer, I find this humiliating, insulting, and yet another example of big money (Adidas) flexing its muscles just to show it can, and our mouse=like administrators bowing down as usual before the golden calf. I think I will pass on this game, and I never have on a rivalry game before. Even were we to win, the stench will remain.

    And no, I do not care if the “team” likes the unis. They are BRUINS, and our colors are blue and gold. End of story. If they like white, they can play for Penn State.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Dan, you’re not supposed to wear “road uniforms” in the USC/UCLA game! You fracken idiot, it took decades to get this back. It’s one of the things that used to set this game apart from other rivalries. Wear your new road uniforms when you play on the road in another game. It actually wouldn’t be a bad idea, since your colors are “True Blue”, and you wear navy blue on the road.

  • Bruin Zealot

    Unreal, nice move DG, add more fuel to the fire. It is true that it took so long to get back the home/home unis only to see our athletic dept. botch it again.

  • Maze

    Hate to agree with a trOJan, but Trogan Con has it right. The home jerseys deal was a great, newly-revived (albeit short-lived) tradition.

    What is going on over at Morgan Center, btw? I certainly don’t harbor the same vitriol or ire as BN does (angrily brow-beating/pounding keyboards over 19 year-olds b/c they don’t like their “hedging”, ha), but there is a legitimate gripe there, about the “Admin”.

  • Tennessee Bruin

    I am surprised you all haven’t figured it out yet. We need all the help we can get, so instead of our Home Jerseys DG must have convinced SC to wear their Away Jerseys also. Now if it will just snow…..

  • Iowa Bruin

    FAIL. A monster fail for Guerrero! What is he thinking!? He has to GO!

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Becuase DG is so freaking unpredictable, I’ll wait to see what they actually look like. Because I truly can’t believe he would sport us in ANYTHING OTHER than our home blues, old-school, current or something of new “combat” sytle, I don’t care …
    But we better be in home blue.
    Or, we learn just how out of touch this idiotic administration truly is. If they’ve truly put us out there in whites, you can just hear the reaction already …
    “We won because Adidas sparked us by shaking up the uniform scene!”
    “We got our asses kicked, but hey, we showed them potential recruits a cool new look and … we made another hundred grand from Adidas for our staff Christmas trip to Vegas!”

  • Trojan Conquest

    Contact Dan Guerrero at:


  • Mike in SJ

    We are sons of Westwood
    And we hail the blue and gold
    Except when Adidas tells us
    To wear only white.

    White! White! White!

    We don’t care about tradition
    Or our school’s identity
    I’ll tell you, what the heck,
    If Nike wrote a check,
    We would play in pink and green.

  • JohnG

    I agree, bad timing for all white unis.


    All white would be good if the UCLA helmet logo was replaced with Vistors.
    Bruin Blue jersey with white numbers, white helmet and pants would be good.

    Also remember, sc will have recruits at the game and UCLA wants to show the kids the different uni look. Research says kids like the alternate unis.

  • You say timeout, I say touchdown!

    Nice to see ucla finding a way to wave the WHITE flag from the start of the game.
    These uni’s will start off All-White, but after the beating SC is about to unleash Saturday, they will be white… and green… and a little bit of cardinal & gold too.

    After the beating you can commence the talking about how good your basketball program is(WAS) and how you’ve won the most National Championships(WOMEN’S).

  • timmah

    The first football game I ever watched was a UCLA-USC game and I fell in love with the spectacle and beauty of blue and gold, cardinal and yellow, and green grass with white stripes…So much color! I was mesmerized, and I think that was the day I fell in love with UCLA football. Dan can break out these ridiculous new unis any time he wants, but not for this game, not for the Crosstown Rivalry. This is a profanity and another indication of how arrogant and out-of-touch this AD and administration are.

  • Anonymous

    You are all wrong. These uni’s are just like the high tech swim suits that Micahel Phelps wore that will make our backs slip through defense “like butta”. It will also camouflage our players and blend in with the environment causing confusion to SUC players. Cour corners will pick off Barkley at will. Lastly, they are also bullet-proof so driving to and leaving the game in South Central would be safe. Can argue with DG on that.

  • Ted Elink-Schuurman

    Very disappointed in this decision. Great to have an alternative away uniform but NOT for this game. Both home uniforms was a brilliant step back into a great tradition but now this!! Can’t believe you did this, Dan. Your counterpart across town had the same option to bring out black unis and he declined. Smart move. In any event, go get those Trojans on Saturday!! We’ll all be behind the Bruins once they come through the tunnel!!

  • Power

    KEEP the great classic powder blue home uniforms for this game. Both teams wearing home uniforms for this game enhances the rivalry.

    Don’t have any thing like Maryland or Oregon. Nothing gimmicky or silly looking.

    It seems like DG is concerned too much with shallow things like new uniforms. Just keep the uniforms the way they are. DG should focus on other things.

    This is almost like a stupid distraction he is creating.

  • Anonymous

    From a long time season ticket holder: Is DG a Trojan in disguise? Is is truly trying to alienate all the Bruin fans? DON’T MESS WITH THE RIVALRY! This game should always be home jerseys on both sides. It is immediately recognizable as UCLA-USC. What better branding than that? I’m already annoyed that my BB team won’t play a home game all season and I have to drive all over LA to see them. Maybe we need to dump our AD instead of our coaches.

  • Gutty Lil Bruin

    It was such a struggle to finally bring the home jerseys back for both schools, why screw it up now. When CRN has us back in proper form soon, the competitive games are so much better with the home jerseys being worn by both teams. It is part of what makes this the only city wide rivalry in the country. Save these new ones for other home games.

  • NeuWeasel

    Outstanding idea from Dan G! I’ve seen the gear. Some argue this new look resembles the Saturday Night Live all white leisure suits of my 70’s generation. Others say more like an Elvis polyester jumpsuit. Either way, its a great new tradition all should embrace. Oh yah, who’s that Weasel of Westwood blogger? WOW is trying to take my place on Jon Gold’s thread!


    The alternate uniform decision for this game – indeed carefully considered – was primarily in response to the wishes of the coaching staff and players. The new look does not abandon the traditional elements of our uniform, it maintains them in a slightly different design. When it comes to colors, blue and white will be on full display.

    You and others that may share your opinion can always be confident that UCLA will never be capricious when making adjustments such as this. I would speculate that you likely consider the script on the side of our helmet to be one of our signature uniform features. When those were first placed on the helmets in the early 1970s, there were objections raised by a few fans that it was an inappropriate response to usc putting the trojan profile on their headgear. The overwhelming reaction, however, was positive, as it was to adding a contrasting color to the shoulder loops.

    If there’s one thing that every athletic department knows, it’s that there will always be a divergence of opinion on any uniform tweak. We received both enthusiastic and skeptical responses to the stripes that were added to the football pants for the Bluebonnet Bowl in 1981, to the number-font change on the football jerseys in the 1990s, to the changing of the facemask colors, and especially regarding the switch to the new home blue. Indeed, there were some traditionalists that were aghast at the demise of powder (Columbia) blue, but we are confident that it was the correct, appropriate move to make, and history now bears this out.

    As you can see, this was far from a rash decision our end.

    Nick Ammazzalorso