Franklin focuses forward

Former UCLA special teams coach Frank Gansz Jr. taught junior running back Johnathan Franklin one important message.

“Big front (window), small rear mirror,” Franklin said. “You have to look ahead.”

Franklin’s nickname, Jetski, is a direct reference to his ability to leave things in his wake.
That includes the bad things too, such as his three fumbles in the Bruins’ past five games, including a gaffe in the team’s 45-6 win over Colorado last Saturday at the Rose Bowl.

Because so often, the bad is followed by the good, as in Franklin’s season-high 162 yards and a score against the Buffaloes.

“I don’t want it to become something mental for him,” Neuheisel said. “But there’s no question in games like this, turnovers are huge. In both games (against USC the last two years), we gave up turnovers that resulted in touchdowns for them.”

In 2010, a year after USC linebacker Malcolm Smith returned a Kevin Prince interception 62 yards for a touchdown, Smith gobbled up a Franklin fumble and took it back 66 yards for a touchdown.

After the fumble, Franklin got one carry the rest of the game.

Running backs coach Wayne Moses implied that last year’s results would not trickle into the game plan – and the rotation – this year.

“That’s last year,” Moses said. “This is this year. I’m not going to go retro to a whole different year. I’m not going back on it.”

Forget last year, though.

Franklin does a good job of forgetting one play.

“I think Jetski more than anyone does a good job of one snap and clear,” senior wide receiver Taylor Embree said. “It’s easy for a player when you fumble, and it’s been a recurring thing, to get down on yourself. He never gets down himself. He’ll come back the next play and hit a 40-yard run.”

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  • Apocalypse bruin

    When I want to look in front of me, I don’t use a mirror, I use the windshield.

  • Coach Rick Neuheisal

    Guys, I have been working with Jetski for weeks now on this big front mirror style of running, basically it means he can’t see where he’s going.

    So, I’ve been secretly repeating the mantra “just make it to basketball season, just make it to basketball season” and if I didn’t get fired after that game in the dessert, I knew i’d probably make it to my final contract year. But, HOO BOY, do I owe Coach Ben Howlend a big thank you. With that meltdown going on, I’m pretty sure I could lose Saturday’s game by 40 wearing pink polkadots and no one would really notice. I’m going to send Ben an Edible Arrangement for Thanksgiving!

  • Anonymous

    “I’m planning to be here the next 20 years,” Neuheisel said

  • ucla ex-dormie

    Big front mirror? Frank Ganz Jr. said that? Or did J. Franklin get it wrong? That’s shamefully stupid. No wonder the program is in such a state. Do the football players and coaches have to pass Bonehead English? Bonehead Physics? This is UCLA for chrissakes… that’s the worst example of babbling coach-speak ever.


    Time out, no nastiness for me today

    Wishing everybody a thankful day because everybody deserves it, even your enemies

  • Ley

    Get a life you friging idiots!!! You will be the same @#$% bone heads who jump on Franklins Band Wagon when he scores on Saturday Night! Keep the talk directed at football.

  • BruinFaithful

    STAY UP KID!!!! And remember TWO PAWS on the football!!!!

  • @Apocalypse, and Anon, You retards posting drank too much vino with your turkey, before making asses of yourselves…Franklin said “Big front (window), small rear mirror,” Franklin said. “You have to look ahead.”

    Let me break it down for you.
    “Big front windo” means you must have a great view/vision and can see what is going on in front of you – “small rear view” means you should be aware who or what is behind you/defenders sneaking up behind you…retards.