• Anonymous

    You guys need to have a better background. May be you should have a TFGTF banner behind you. Better yet see if you can get some sponsorship (McDonald’s) and put it on the background banner.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Maybe you guys can make it a 3-way w/Josh Smith next week. You both would actually look ripped next to him.

    Can’t believe Jay Bilas basically calling Smith out with fat jokes as we get bitch-slapped by Michigan.

  • Blitzed

    What!! No credit for coming up with that idea to call each week helpings? Getting Saul Goodman on the line.

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    UOTR: I’m glad Bilas and Raftery were calling out UCLA for its dysfunction. Smith is an embarrassment in a uniform.

    Jon: It would be great if you could post something on the bball game prior to your game summary (like a pre-game outlook or halftime update, etc.) so we could sing the praises of the team (or vent frustration, whichever seems more appropriate and I’m going with the latter) in the meantime.

    In any case, goodness gracious sakes alive!!

  • composure

    i understand that this is a blog but it is still associated with the daily news, and rolling your eyes about the possible outcome of the game is a bit immature.

  • Anonymous

    I that I’m witness to this getting off the ground; I see you going bigtime with a Pac-12 Network Show broadcasting live from Fat Sals!

  • Anonymous

    …..my typo, I love that I’m witness to this, great show guys!