UCLA coaching update

Multiple sources close to the program are indicating that UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel will be relieved of his duties following the team’s appearance in the Pac-12 championship game on Friday.

Dan Guerrero said on Saturday night that Neuheisel would coach against the Ducks but would not elaborate further after calling the loss “devastating.”

“He’s carried this program all year long; I indicated we’d evaluate this program at the end of the season,” Guerrero said. “We have one game left and we’ll do that.”

If UCLA loses at Oregon, the Bruins would technically be ineligible for a bowl game at 6-7, but the conference is able to apply for a waiver with the NCAA to get the team into the postseason.

“We’re talking to the conference office this week to see what options are in that regard,” Guerrero said.

Sources have said Neuheisel was on perilously thin ice after the Bruins’ 48-12 loss at Arizona on Oct. 20, but that back-to-back wins over Cal and Arizona State prolonged his tenure and eventually changed the opinion of decision-makers.

After the team’s 31-6 loss at Utah, though, the ice went back to being just as thin – if not thinner – and sources said that even if the team defeated USC on Saturday, or at the very least put up a good fight, Neuheisel would still be a candidate for termination.

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  • Amillennialist

    I love Neu, and I wanted him to succeed, but the team’s not improving. Highly-recruited players don’t develop, good players regress, and — apart from a few, like Coleman and Prince — the team often appears apathetic and undisciplined. That’s not fair to the kids who’ve entrusted their athletic careers to him.

    How can a team enter its rivalry game — the one game that means more than any other — and show no fight, no desire?

    I’m sure Neu cares, but it’s not translating to (enough of) his team.

    God bless him and his players.

  • Anonymous

    Well written Ammillennialist. I have a different approach.

    Fuck Neuheisal, and even more so, fuck Guerrero.


    I don’t think Rick should be fired. He’s an oustanding coach. It’s clear to me he’s saving the really good plays and tough effort for next week against oregon. One of the u$c guys I sat next to tonight at the game thinks oregon will be favored by about 39 points over UCLA. Me prediction: UCLA 21, Oregon 10 and we’re in the ROSE BOWL! Go Bruins! Fight Fight Fight!

  • DLWalker

    I was one of those that was happy when Neu was named head coach. Now, I am glad he will soon be gone. This program needs a COMPLETE house cleaning and a totally new direction. UCLA cannot settle when naming a new coach. They need to go out and make a statement that football is a priority. Gruden or soemone of that caliber should at least be approached about the job. If we get some “up and coming assistant” or just another head coach re-tread then UCLA football will continue to be mired in mediocrity, at best.

  • Dec 2nd

    Looks like December 2nd is the end. Finally DG is being proactive – he’s contacting the conference office to see what UCLA’s options are if we lose to Oregon. You might as well file the petition today, for that matter see if they will implement a mercy rule. No team should be subjected to another physical beating like they took this evening.

    I think everyone wants Petersen? Now that Moore is graduating and looks like Boise is off to the Big East – the time is right for Petersen.

  • While Rick deserves to be on thin ice, the real person who should be on thinner ice is Dan Guerrerror. He’s responsible for hiring the two worst football coaches in the history of UCLA football and needs to be held accountable for that and a whole host of other issues.

    If you haven’t read the online petition to fire Dan Guerrero, please visit http://www.occupyuclaathletics.com and click “Sign the Petition” and read the actual petition. It’s alarming to hear about some of the things that have gone on during the Guerrerror administration.

    Demand accountability. Demand that Gene Block fire Dan Guerrero.


    All you guys are funny. You are talking about which coaches we should get. Don’t you understand the coaches need to WANT to coach at ucla? why would ANYONE risk their reputation on a job like this?


    CRN should be given another chance he’s on the verge of something special. Oregon will be surprised by us Friday and everything will be roses

  • sonicboom926

    If Peterson wasn’t interestged in taking the USC coaching job and the boatloads of cash they could spend, why would you ever think he would go to UCLA? His assistants would have to take a paycut and live in the Valley to coach at UCLA.

  • mw

    Hey Jon, can you make sure to call Neiheisel out about how the “gap is closed” and for him to clarify what gap closed during his Sunday press conference? Also ask him about “some people may not see it because they don’t sit where I sit. They don’t see what I see” and ask him what he sees that we don’t see? In other words, can you please humiliate him for us? Thanks, Most UCLA Fans (cause you know there are going to be those random fans who actually think Neuheisel should be our coach)

  • BruinFaithful

    F’n PATHETIC!!!! Dan Guerrero is an incompetent representative of this University. He does NOT speak for any of us and is on his OWN!!!! If he had any clue, he would have fired Rick right after the AZ game. If he has any hope of saving his job, he will FIRE Rick IMMEDIATELY and hire a Coach with the ability to bring prominance back to this school.

    “He’s carried this program”? Are you HIGH you fat ignorant moron? He dropped this program to lows NEVER seen before.

    Dan, you are an incompetent embarrassment to BRUINS everywhere.

    The fact that he is fighting to get a potential LOSING 6-7 program to go to a BOWL says it all.

    FIRE RICK!!!! FIRE DAN!!!! Or you will be next Gene Block. BELIEVE IT!!!!

  • bruinharry

    i just don’t want to be embarrassed anymore 🙁

  • blackstone

    I’m sorry it didn’t work out with Neu. Our teams just didn’t get better. Time for a change. I hope the TV money will let us go for a top tier coach.

  • Weasel of Westwood

    Have no fear Bruin faithful. I will lead the team to victory in Eugene. This little road bump against USC is a mere blip in the long string of championships to come. After all, we are playing for a Pac 12 title.

    Fortunately, my boss, the excellente himself, Dan G, indicates the new white uniforms have wash and wear polyester super fabric. This allows the grass stains to wash away in time for Friday night’s destruction of the Ducks.

  • Marc

    I’m just amazed that after a 50-0 thrashing at the hands of your most bitter rival there are people defending this coach.

    @ WESTWOOD RULES – what kind of defeatist attitude is that? Would you take that approach in life? That is one of the worst defenses in the world. UCLA is a top rate institution and deserves a top rate program. It can and will succeed with the right leadership.

    Attendance at the Rosebowl has been declining every year since 2007. If a competent person is running this athletic department, they would understand that a solid team will put more butts in the seats at the Rosebowl, increasing revenue. They would also understand that you need to show marketed improvement while trying to see high priced luxury boxes, et al. Parking was $20 this year, $5 more than last year. Ticket prices are sure to 15-20% higher next year with Nebraska and sc on the schedule. It will be a tougher sell with the product on the field not changing drastically.

    @Amillennialist – you state very correct analysis of a glaring issue at UCLA right now. Players are not developing. This is sad, really, and that points to none other than the head coach of a program. I too wanted Rick to succeed; it just isn’t happening. Ricky’s post game comments are quite telling. Review his vs, the head coach at Ohio state after their loss to Michigan. It’s almost as if they are two different professions.

    As a season ticket holder, I want better results. As a fan, I want better results. As a businessman, I know there needs to be better results. In business, and this is a business, you show quarterly and yearly improvement or your gone. Shareholders and business partners do not accept excuses, and they demand results.

  • tim warren

    Over a period of decades, great athletic coaches and leaders like John Wooden, Red Sanders, Tommy Prothro and J D Morgan, as well as classy world-best athletes like Jackie Robinson, Lew Alcindor and Arthur Ashe worked hard to make UCLA one of the premiere athletic programs in the country.

    The current regime is trashing this legacy. People blame the players or RN or DG, but the blame for this has to go higher. Since the state of UCLA athletics is not one of the key issues of the world, we never get a lengthy or insightful expose from anyone as to why this is. Within the campus administration, who is responsible for trying to maintain a storied legacy on the cheap while expending only 1% of the effort to maintain a legacy they did not create, when compared to the noble efforts expended by their predecessors?

    When money is saved by trying to hold down coaching staff salaries, where does the money go? Nicer retreats for the campus administrators?

    When talented athletes go elsewhere in the conference because we’ve chosen to have higher academic standards, do we have administrators who proudly boast at campus cocktail parties that they have not surrendered to big-money football?

  • Surrender Monkey

    Can we just stay in Westwood? Can we forfeit now and spare the em-Bear-ass ment of the coming Duck beat down? Are we going to be seen on National TV getting another donut on the scoreboard?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Imagine how bad it would have been if we hadn’t closed the gap.
    No chance at Peterson. Not then, not now.
    But the longer we wait (read: RichRod, Urban) the lower we slide down the pole toward re-treads.
    If the decision has been made, DG, then put a muzzle on CRN or threaten his buyout money, because his comments are embarrassing us all the way out to the national scene almost every time he opens his mouth.
    I’ll say it here again, CRN’s only shot was to resign in the hours leading up to kickoff … now, DG should be let go, too, for prolonging this further.
    And allowing such a home/home tradition to be raped by those hideous uniforms.

  • cerritosbruin

    The next UCLA football coach will have his work cut out for him, but it’s not impossible to make UCLA competitive in conference and ranked on a yearly basis. At the risk of sounding contrary, I will submit that it’s because of the academics, the location, and current status that he will be successful.

    Academics – Stanford’s approach to football proves that anyone can become a bigtime program overnight. Many cry our high academic standards as the largest obstacle since many elite football athletes cannot pass our admissions, but Stanford uses their diploma to actually attract. Granted, we aren’t considered the Yale of the West, but UCLA is an extremely reputable school and that will mean something in theses athlete’s lives after football. I feel that if the next coach were to embrace our academics, it can actually help our recruiting. Besides Standford, look at how Georgia Tech, Purdue, Texas, Michigan, Virgina, Northwestern, Norte Dame, and North Carolina field competitive teams that challenge their rivals and have winning records in AQ conferences.

    Location – Being in LA means the next coach will be able to recruit the nation’s top-rated talent and pluck some gems out of state. The beauty and glamor of Westwood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and the Hollywood nightlife are literally down Sunset Blvd, and not to mention the UCLA campus itself are huge selling points. Heck, UCLA is 5 miles from the beach. But if the next coach does not back down from going head-to-head with suc in the local recruiting war means, it means UCLA can easily improve each recruiting class. Being committed to keeping local kids home is how an irrelevant team like South Carolina become contenders in arguably the toughest conference in the nation, and how perennials like Georgia win their divisions on a consistent basis.

    Current Status – What I mean by this is the next coach will inherit a young, talented team that will be hungry. If Coach Neuheisel played the most talented players, rather than the experienced ones, UCLA could have some freshman All-Americans like our cross-town rivals at key positions. Devin Lucien, Malcolm Jones, Anthony Barr, and Brett Hundley had game-breaking talent at the high school level and could have made more contributions if they were given more playing time. Since most of our playmakers on offense will be graduating, these young athletes should compete for starting positions and can give our next coach confidence installing a wide-open attack. On defense, he’ll have emerging stars like Eric Kendricks, TJ McDonald, Dietrich Riley, and Cassius Marsh to replace graduating seniors who underperformed. The cupboards are not bare; analysts before this season commented how good the Bruins looked on paper and how they would be in contention for the Pac12 South’s crown. I think the next coach will be pleasantly surprised how athletic and explosive his youngsters are if he places them in a different, aggressive system on both sides of the ball. Consider our schedule: Washington State, Arizona, and Arizona State will have new coaches, Stanford and suc will lose their quarterbacks to the NFL, CU will be rebuilding next year, our non-conference schedule will include games against Rice and Houston (without Case Keenum), and we avoid Washington and Oregon. All this means is the next coach will have a legitimate shot at notching 8 victories with this winnable schedule.

  • timmah

    Great comments on here from everyone. I view Rick’s failure more in sorrow than in anger, although I’ve been furious every time my beloved UCLA Bruins have been publicly humiliated. I know everyone wanted him to succeed, but it is apparent (and has been for a long time) that there is something very wrong in Westwood. The school administration is ultimately responsible for the misguided notion that success in Athletics is unimportant or somehow undignified to prioritize. That notion is simply wrong. Football and Basketball are the public face of the great Universities, and whether or not that is right, it is the reality. Competitiveness in these sports affects student morale, pride, fundraising, alumni donations, and school reputation. Stanford proved that academic excellence and athletic success are not mutually exclusive, UCLA administrators have no excuses for the current situation.

  • DFarmer87

    Petersen is a pipe dream. $2.5 million or whatever the next coach will get goes a lot further in Boise than it does in LA. UCLA’s next coach- Dewayne Walker. Proven recruiter in LA.

  • PowderBlue

    The problem with Neu is how unreal the Bruins roller-coaster is this year.

    I know there were some close games. But, it feels like most of UCLA’s games are blowouts. They’ve blown some teams out as well.

    It’s like having roller-coaster par round in golf.

    Are they improving or taking a step back? Unfortunately, it feels more like taking a step back. Unless they can beat Oregon.

    Ultimately, there will be a new coach next year. And, you have to hope that the new coach can win more consistently and not have these blowout losses.

    A friend said that UCLA is a “Jekyll and Hyde” team. Very true description for them this year.

  • Rich

    DeWayne would have been a great choice 4 years ago instead of Neuheisel. He’d never fly now. Alumni and fans will likely not accept anything other than a big name at this point.

    UCLA’s gonna need to pony up some of that TV money.

    Only question at this point is whether or not there’s a big name coach to be had at this point. Petersen would be great, I just wonder if he’s willing to up and leave Boise yet.

    If there’s no one else available or willing to come coach at UCLA, or they still aren’t willing to pay what’s needed, then I think they need to go after Jim Fassel. They could get him for a song and I think he may actually have what it takes to turn around the culture and return UCLA to relevancy.

  • gilligan

    As a USC fan I am not here to bash the UCLA fan base. I think college football misses out when the USC/UCLA rivalry loses its luster. The rivalry has been meaningless for almost 2 decades (USC’s current dominance and UCLA’s previous dominance). I think it is great for college football and the Southern California region when both teams are top tier teams ala the 1980’s that showcases the local talent for the entire nation.
    I really hope that UCLA takes a serious look at Kevin Sumlin b/c he might be the right fit for UCLA. An upgraded UCLA will require each Pac 12 team (including USC) to improve their teams and/or keep their teams at a high level.

  • Anonymous

    Urban Meyers…Please. You hve a better chance of winning the lottery. Meyers wouldn’t come to UCLA if you put a gun to his head. UCLA football hasn’t been relevant nationally for more than a decade. The Urban Meyers of the college coaching wouldn’t touch UCLA with a 20 foot pole. If you think UCLA can get Urban Meyers then you should go over to Bruinsnation and drink their coolaid.

  • Trojan Conquest

    cerritosbruin……agreed about academics. Unfortunately for you, USC is now a top rated school. US News rates it just ahead of UCLA at 23 compared to 25. But both schools are excellent.
    gilligan……agreed. I would much rather have both schools relevant in the National discussion. I miss the days of this game being special.
    And Neuheisel deserves to be fired, along with your AD, for allowing UCLA to wear those idiotic uniforms. This game should be special, and that includes both teams wearing their home uniforms. And I thought UCLA had declared “true blue” as their color? Why the navy blue? Maybe you should do what the Chargers have done, and incorporate both colors together with the gold. But this game needs to go back to a day game on ABC.

  • BringbackDorrell

    At least you still have basketball… Oops… Ahaaaa…. Nice gay uniforms too!

  • Nestor

    Don’t underestimate my awesome writing ability. Bruinsnation is very powerful and can get anyone hired. If Urban Meyer won’t come here, we’ll get Bill Belichick. You better not comment such garbage on my website or you will be banned and not be missed.

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    Some great comments here.

    Amillenialist, Cerritosbruin, and timmah–well stated.

    I also agree with gilligan, who is one of the few thoughtful Trojan posters on this blog. When USC was in the dumps in the late 90s and early 2000s, I felt sorry for their program and our rivalry with them, because in my opinion it takes two competitive teams to make the rivalry great. Of course I would prefer UCLA to have the upper hand, but when one school no longer becomes competitive, the rivalry loses national significance and college football fans everywhere miss out. This ultimately is a loss for both schools.

    Although I wanted very much for CRN to succeed, it is obvious that a sweeping change is needed at UCLA. Despite his lack of overall success, I do respect CRN for his effort as I have been able to observe first-hand his passion for UCLA (and believe me, I’m sure he wants to win more than anybody on this blog). It’s just unfortunate and disappointing that this has not translated to success on the field. Like timmah, I view this more with sorrow than anger.

    Although I feel like I’ve been punched in the gut after that travesty of a game last night (and I sat in a sea of maroon soaking up every last lousy drop of it), I see (or at least am trying to see) this as a moment of great opportunity at UCLA to move in a new, positive direction. I am comforted knowing it will only take the right hire before UCLA explodes back onto the scene again and this sad chapter of UCLA football becomes a distant memory.

  • Anonymous

    Read the Book “Swing your Sword” by Mike Leach before passing judgement on him, its a great book & after reading it I think he’s a great candidate for the job.

  • Gutty Lil Bruin

    I say give Rick another year. He has closed the gap and will continue to work on it. The game was closer than the score indicated. Look, we are the PAC 12 South champs. We might get to a bowl game and we won 6 games. Let’s not be too hasty with a quick hook on Rick. Give him another year or two to prove Dan G made the right selection.

  • ucla ex-dormie

    My passion bucket is empty.

  • R

    Trojan Conquest –
    Please don’t bring up the misleading US News Rankings report. We all know how it takes into account factors such as alumni donations and other non-academic criteria, which is why SC has barely jumped ahead of us. Look at the World Rankings where we are clearly ranked much further ahead of SC. If you didn’t know this, be sure to spread the word. The last thing we need now is for this untruth to become widespread.

  • Just FYI, I ran into Gruden in Philly a few weeks ago when he was doing the Monday night NFL game. I asked him what he thought about coming to coach UCLA. He said not a chance. He also said we looked good against ASU. So that settles that.

  • Trojan Conquest

    R……..you mean the U.S. New & “World” Report where USC is ahead of UCLA? Bottom line both are great academic schools.
    “Anonymous”…..I’d have Mike Leach on top of my list. You’re going to be competing with ASU for a new coach.

  • Sandy Underpants

    I disagree. UCLA should just quit athletics. They haven’t ever won anything in any sport. I laugh every time I see that “Champions made here” shirt that students wear around Westwood. I can’t think of UCLA ever winning a championship, granted I’m only in my 30’s… unless you goobers are proud of your Pac-12 south championship. Outside of that– nothing.

  • BruinPain

    @cerritosbruin, well said!

    well, yesterday as i watched the game my friend asked me why i wasn’t upset about the beat down. i told him that i had already separated myself from this years team. i could see the predictable lack of effort and poor coaching. i’ve mentioned earlier on this blog that even though i lobbied for crn to be hired, he had proved to be a failure and a change needed to be made. now that change will be made and i feel that the teams fortunes can be turned quickly. my candidate is mike leach. he may not be the smooth BSer that neu is but he has a truly brilliant and innovative football mind. he turned that texas tech team into a national scoring machine to be dealt with. all kinds of recruits came from all over wanting to play for him. i just hope that dan guerrero has the balls and dinero to hire him. once again, had you told me four years ago that rick would have been such a total disaster i wouldn’t have believed it but he’s made karl dorrell seem like knute rockne!

  • Marc

    Get real, Gutty Lil Bruin. 50-0. Repeat FIFTY to ZERO!

    On the season, UCLA has been outscored 370 – 278. That is pretty bad. I mean, your 6-6, and you’ve been outscored by 92 points.

    The new coach that comes in needs to take the whole team off on a trip. I would take them deep in the mountains and take away all technology. I would make them get all Rambo out in the wilderness. Do it for a week, minimum. See those boys come out of the wilderness as men. I would plaster 50-0 all over the locker room. I would never again practice on Spaulding field.

    I remember the team coming out for practices to CSUF several years ago. I’d do it again. Get them away from campus, L.A., everything. Practice on a real field and have them living amongst themselves and only themselves. Start practicing tackling!

    People need to realize, it isn’t a name coach that will necessarily get it done. It needs to be a head coach that understands fundamentals, preaches accountability and instils confidence all the while showing he is THE BOSS.

  • Huitzilopochtli

    @Trojan Conquest

    Are you trying to be hard headed in jest or (assuming you are an SC grad) do you substantiate that SC is not in UCLA’s academic class.

    You mention the national rankings:

    As others have mentioned it takes into account many “non-academic” factors.

    The world rankings (by the same source) which “R” mentions does not take those factors into account and guess what? UCLA is #34 and SC is #107.

    So “R”, was not talking about the name of the source but actually two distinct lists by the same source.

    Imagine that, using sources to substantiate a claim…

  • Huitzilopochtli

    Oh, and I am just clarifying the above comments, take nothing away from the whooping SC put on UCLA. This blog covers sports and should stick to such comments.

  • CrouchingBruin

    Things may be moving faster than expected. News camera-person friend of mine just posted on her FB that she’s heading over to the UCLA Hall of Fame press room for “Neuheisel press conference.”

  • Anonymous

    Over at BruinsNation, Nestor is insisting that everyone boycott all UCLA sports teams and events until Neuheisel is fired. Hysteria rules!

  • Bruin775

    I believe Neuheisel was asked to do the impossible to keep up with USC Football under the current budget and academic restrictions. When Lou Holtz turned around ND Fortunes he had help with admissions and a budget. As well as housing and other perks for the Coaches. Everyone forgets in the old winning days there was booster/Donor help for Football and BB. Eveyone keeps mentioning that Stanford did it, but they didn’t do it paying $175k and no perks for a defensive coordinator. They have big bucks and are willing to spend it on Football. If you’re going to have Ivy League restrictions and budgets, you can’t expect to compete consistently in the PAC 12. Until the Chancellor and others start to see the Medical Donors and other Academic Donations dropping due to our poor Football image there will be no change. We will continue to have brief good years followed by a new Coach every 4-5 years. No matter what hough I will bleed Bruin Blue and Gold forever.

  • Hot Bruin

    Bottom line: Guerro needs to be thrown out along with that other overpaid loser. His firing of CRN is a least 2 years overdue. We need someone who is more responsive and decisive with the future of UCLA atletics and less worried about hurting his buddies’ feelings. CRN should have been fired years ago. We need an AD with a least one ball who has the guts to act quickly before things go as horribly wrong as they have. I refuse to go, or to take my childen, to any UCLA football games. I refuse to subject them or myself to any more humiliation at the hands of these incompetents. I’m signing the petition to fire Guerrero.

  • Trojan Conquest

    And I’m sure I could come up with another ranking. But it’s like trying to tell a Republican or Democrat that the other party has some good ideas. I’m a USC grad, but I believe both are great schools.

  • Amillennialist

    “People need to realize, it isn’t a name coach that will necessarily get it done. It needs to be a head coach that understands fundamentals, preaches accountability and instils confidence all the while showing he is THE BOSS.”

    Marc nailed it. I saw this first under Toledo. When he gave certain players preferential treatment — punishing some strictly but allowing others to play who should have been in rehab (or jail) — he lost the respect of his team and they lost their motivation.

    Howland has played guys religiously who didn’t deserve to be on the court. Now he’s got a team of obviously unmotivated players (Smith in mid-summer form, for example). And consider what Stanback and Moser are doing at UNLV:

    “Mike Moser scored 16 points, grabbed 18 rebounds and dished out six assists while Chace Stanback scored a game-high 28 to go along with ten caroms to help first-year head coach remain undefeated at his alma mater. As a team the Rebels out-reounded North Carolina 48-39, grabbing 14 offensive boards and outscoring the Tar Heels 20-6 in second-chance points.”

    “What killed us [UNC], they got 20 points on offensive rebounds to our six.”

    That’s effort.

    And Neu? Recently, he was calling Embree over to chastise/teach and, in front of everyone, Embree walked away from him. When Neu demanded he come back, not only did Embree ignore him, but Neu *followed him*. And Embree kept playing.

    Completely unacceptable. When your players respect you, they will play for you. A moderately-talented team with great effort beats a talented team with poor effort every time.

  • Huitzilopochtli

    @Trojan Conquest

    So true. Good luck next year and hopefully we put up a better game (and even beat you guys!)

  • Burbank Bruin

    The vast majority of academic rankings out there do not even have USC in the same league as UCLA academically. But you both are right…this is a sports forum, not a place to thump your chest regarding academics.

    CerritosBruin, that was an excellent post. I generally do not agree with anyone who tries to attribute the current state of our program to our so-called higher academic standards for our incoming athletes. UCLA has several natural advantages going for it that with just the right coach, there is no reason why we can’t compete at the same level as USC (without cheating, of course).

  • Fart 0330

    Since UCLA is such a prestigious institution “academically” I would expect that someone with a UCLA degree would not stoop so low as to say USC has “cheated” to compete at a high level in football.
    During the Carroll era, Reggie Bush accepted gifts/benefits from a street agent based out of San Diego who had no ties or affiliation with the University of Southern California or its football program.
    Now please Burkbank Bruin, please tell me how this accpeting of benefits by Reggie Bush in any way helped USC win games and “cheat”….I’d love to hear your explanation to this one. Please put that UCLA education to use and explain…

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    amill: nice take … and I was wondering if anyone else saw that childish argument between CRN and Embree (and this, during a blowout win !?!) …
    In the words of The Little River Band:
    “It’s time for a cool change …”

    And don’t forget about Drew Gordon tearing it up at New Mexico. That’s one heckuva former Bruin frontline out there dominating in all parts away from Westwood.