Even MORE from press conference

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel:

On the practice schedule:
“It’s a little different, but most times the kids have Mondays off. Today’s the day off. Gives coaches ample time to give ourselves a plan to put together because you have to play fast against a team like Oregon. We’ll try to polish it up tomorrow afternoon until we practice tomorrow night.”

On offensive issues:
“We didn’t score. There were plenty of opportunities to score lots of points. Poor execution.”

On preparing for Oregon’s tempo:
It has to be a portion of it, no question. They play at a speed that’s unlike any other and we have to understand that and not be worn out by it.

On Richard Brehaut’s health:
“I dunno that Richard is healthy enough. Kevin is our guy. When he plays well, we’re pretty good. So he has to play.”

On Prince’s nerves against USC
“Probably a little amped up. There were a couple throws that got away from him last night. Might’ve been big plays.”

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  • Marc

    Rick sounds resigned. I bet he’s a great guy to play a round of golf with or just have a great conversation with. He knows his history and he is an intelligent fellow. I just think he cannot coach at this point in his career. Commitment and loss aversion have taken over his will. He has gotten so wedded to ideas that it appears to me he cannot recover without removal from his current situation.

    From the insistence that Prince is “his” guy to the stubbornness to stick with the pistol at all costs. His inability to recognize that he is part to blame. I think that Rick is better than he’s shown us, but he cannot get there through here. Once removed and away from the game he will begin to see where things may have gone wrong and where he, perhaps, should have changed course.

    I don’t want to sound like a guy who hates the man, I just find it incredulous that he is so stupefied as to what ails his program. It’s time for him to go, and I believe even Rick knows that to some degree. He will never admit it publicly, I’m sure; partly because he can’t see the Forrest through the trees.

  • Women’s Studies ’78

    So much male aggression. Seriously some of you guys need to relax. Rick is doing his best for this University.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Marc: Fair post.
    WoStudies: This isn’t Cal. Do YOUR best for this university and shave.

  • Gutty Lil Bruin

    Marc, think this through. Rick is doing his best for UCLA. We need to support him and our team. A few breaks here and there and we were right in that game with U$C. He made all the right calls, just some bad bounces and a few missed coverages on their receivers. Us football people could see the gap has closed. Rick has us pointed in the right direction. Let him complete the job. One more year. If Rick can pull off a winning conference record and above 500 next year, then we can sign him to an extension. Rick will bring UCLA back.

  • INawe

    Why are there so many delusional people that still believe in Neu? I was a firm believer that he was going to be the coach to turn it around but he hasn’t done anything noteworthy in 4 years as the head coach. Quite the opposite has happened. He has proven to be the worst UCLA coach that the school has ever seen. The most blown out games. Losing to USC with a score that hasn’t been seen in 81 years. Are you kidding me? It is time for change. Settling for winning half of the games of a season is just sad. I want a winning team… not a meh or completely mediocre team. If you are happy settling for that then I feel sad for you as a sports fan. He has had ample time to prove that he deserves to still be UCLA’s coach. In my eyes it is his time. Coaches have been fired for less at other schools. Why not UCLA?

  • My fellow Bruins. In a matter of days Rick Neuheisel will be fired; and we will be told better things are to come. Do not be deceived, the problem is systemic. The entire Athletic Department needs to be cleaned out, starting with the Director himself.

    Please sign my petition.


  • Anon

    I didn’t think it’d be possible to hire a worse coach than Dorrell. But we’ve managed to do that in Neu. Neu, through it all, is following his convictions and sticking with his players. Either sink or swim with your players and his players have definitely sunk him. Prince, Embree, Westgate, et al have doomed Neu.