Last of press conference tidbits

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel on:

On making his rounds across the locker room and offering words of encouragement:
“If you’re not careful, you can leave a locker room feeling like the coaches feel it’s all the players’ fault. I think it’s important to realize we’re in this together and that we’re a team and that we share in victory just as we share in defeat. The key going forward was to continue was to believe in one another and get the focus on the task at hand. Which meant taking today as a player and getting rid of the sting of last night.”

On why he tunes out negativity:
“It’s more than a belief, its knowledge. It happens all the time. You have to be relentlessly positive, and you’ll get back to where you need to. Hope is not a strategy. This is a conviction of optimism, and we are going to rise again.”

On the postseason:
“We have a right to go to a bowl game, we finished season at 6-6 and that qualifies you for a bowl game. If we’re unsuccessful, then we have right to play in postseason like everybody else with 6-6 record.”

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  • Weak Sauce

    You’ve certainly shared in a lot of defeats, Coach. I guess practice does make perfect.

    Thanks for a great effort last night.

  • Sacstrodamus the Benevolent

    Take your meds and your 1.3M … And, please, please DO THE BEST THiNG for your/my beloved alma mater …RESIGN. Don’t keep feeding us spin, own up to your nearly complete failure and move on to the next stage of your career (TV, could work)

  • Anonymous

    I thought Black Friday was last Friday.

  • Bruin Gold

    Weak Sauce:

    The players were the ones to quit in the game. You can’t blame the coach for having weak pansy players.

    The players should be ashamed of themselves. Shame. Shame. Shame.

    Several need to be cut from the team.

  • post move

    Neuheisel can no longer competitively recruit Southern California. Therefore, a new coach is needed.

  • My fellow Bruins. In a matter of days Rick Neuheisel will be fired; and we will be told better things are to come. Do not be deceived, the problem is systemic. The entire Athletic Department needs to be cleaned out, starting with the Director himself.

    Please sign my petition.

  • MexiBruin

    Bruin Gold; if the players quit that is also the coaches fault. It’s his job to motivate them and inspire them. If that was you out there getting beat up every weekend and repeatedly let down by poor playcalling, poor strategy, even watching lesser players ahead of you get more playing time; how long before you quit on the coach.

    The Rick has dug his own grave. If as you say the players are weak pansies, Who brought them to Westwood. I’d like to see you go 5 minutes with any one of those ‘pansies’ in a ring.

  • anon

    “Bruin Gold”, Neu picked these players and stuck by them through and through and they failed him. He chose to stick by guys like Prince and they failed him. He refused to play the best guys out there. Guys who were highly ranked and recruited just sat on the bench while guys like Embree kept going out there and producing nothing.

    it’s not the players fault that Neu kept putting them out there. He has to put the best players out there. Not the ones that he said he’d be proud of his children dating.