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UCLA QB Kevin Prince…

On the topsy-turvy season:
“We know how the pattern of this season has gone by – we know that when we’ve had losses, bad losses, we’ve been able to bounce back pretty strong. We’re also aware were playing a very good opponent and it won’t be easy.”

On stopping criticism:
“Win it. If we win, then people can say too much. They can still say we back d into it but it doesn’t take a legitimate win, which that would be.”

On the bowl scenario:
“Yeah, it’s a unique situation considering its kind of Rose Bowl or no bowl almost. I know we can petition for one. But obviously our goal all season has been to win the Pac-12 championship and we have the opportunity to do so. We still have lots to play for; it’s still a somber time because of what happened last night. It’s good we have a day off. After the Arizona game, we had a couple days off to sit back and reflect on what we did better, how we can improve individually kind of taking same approach this week.”

On the outside criticism:
“Don’t read it that’s my only answer. I don’t read that stuff. I don’t read newspapers, go on message boards or blogs or listen to the radio or watch TV too much. That how you ignore that kind of stuff.”

On national media criticism:
“It’s going to be more difficult this week because it’s more on national stage. The game we’re about to play will be a bigger headline for sure. We have no chance to ignore because things like that can tear you apart.”

On faith:
“We believe that we can do it. We all have faith we can get this done. We’ve seen it in ourselves.”

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