UCLA vs. USC Report Card


Kevin Prince’s first pass of the game was woefully overthrown, and he didn’t get much better.

Derrick Coleman’s Inability to plug it in from yard out started USC’s landslide.

Nelson Rosario was impressive while going over the 1,000-yard mark, but little from elsewhere.

Not altogether awful, but needed to have a tremendous performance and it didn’t.

If Matt Barkley had any more time in the pocket, he could’ve watched the entire first season of Law and Order: SVU.

Just completely lost in pass defense and not nearly impactful enough in the run.

Marqise Lee, Robert Woods ran circles, triangles, squares and parallelograms around them.

Unsurprisingly, punter Jeff Locke was the lone bright spot for UCLA. Thank God punting is winning, then.

The 50-0 margin of defeat was the largest in 81 years. Enough said.

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  • KarlMorgan82

    He could have watched Law and Order: SVU, but would he want to?

  • Island Bruin

    This was the worst loss in the school’s history. We need to turn this around and hire aim Tressel.

  • Anonymous

    Imagine what the score would have been if we hadn’t closed the gap.

  • Bruin Nor

    I was so disappointed that UCLA’s players’ attitude. They get an F for football. They did not show up. They stunk. They had no heart, no determination, no will to win. This was the worse beating UCLA has ever received in the 81 years of UCLA vs USC football.

    The white costumes they wore during the game essentially showed they were pansies, ready to lose the game even before it started.

    We have to recruit bright AND AGGRESSIVE football players.

    Unfortunately, Rick, you’re out. You gave it your all. But you couldn’t get to these pansy boys. Maybe you should have recruited more aggressive players.

    Guerrero, someone has to look at your job performance. Those uniforms were disgusting. They probably stole a lot of the heart from your players. Stupid move.

    Nestor, you’re the biggest reason UCLA lost this year. You have bad attitude and karma. I had to bang with your mom hard several times to get the thought of you off my mind.

    The UCLA Players and Nestor get an F.

    Hopefully, after the seniors leave, the remaining players have a better attitude. They have to play the new guys. They have better heart than the older guys.

  • Jeff Michaels

    Look,I am as embarassed and disappointed as everyone else. Overall, it was an F. No doubt. But Prince was not an F. He missed receivers and threw a bad pick. His stats are not horrible and he drove them to the red zone 5 times. We did not score and that is on him partially but play calling continues to hamper this team. Receivers are lazy and do not fight for balls or position. Prince is one of the few that cares. He is always fighting.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Three “F” grades in one season=FIRED.
    I stuck by CRN for long enough, and now this is so freaking overdue. Was concerned for awhile about who would actually lead once CRN let go, because our OC and DC are so pathetic, too.
    But does it matter anymore?
    Tyler Trapani coaches and we still lose to USC by 50.
    Make the move, let’s take our licks in Eugene and completely clean house. The culture of our football reminds of just before UOP quit football back in the mid 1990s. This will not be easy, and if we wait too long, there will be no one left to turn this titanic around.
    That’s the truth. The top-tier national football scene has changed a lot since 1998. And the gap, unless you continue drinking CRN’s punch, is very wide.

  • Bruin Gold

    Simple solution:

    1. PAY $5+ MILLION a year for a great coach. The Football program will be earning north of $60 million a year with the new TV contract. The money is there.

    2. RECRUIT smart, talented and MORE aggressive players. A great coach makes this a lot easier.

    3. PUNISH the players who make mistakes and do not show up to win. Attitude problems have to be punished.

    UCLA has to stop twiddling its thumbs and being so cheap. If a great coach is necessary to get UCLA ranked nationally, UCLA will simply have to PAY for a great coach. Stop being so cheap. You have no one to blame but yourself if you are cheap and lose.

    We need better players. The players we have – except for the few like Locke – are crap. They don’t belong in a big-time football program. They need to be thrown out or PUNISHED. Out with the pansies.

  • Weasel of Westwood

    Faithless Bruin fans. Were you at the game cheering for us? I looked up in the bleachers and saw all too blue and gold colors. How many will get on the 10 hour bus ride to Eugene? All this negative energy when we are competing Friday for a Pac 12 championship? And who is this Nestor person? What has he ever accomplished? We have a chance to go to the Rose Bowl.

  • Surrender Monkey

    Weasel, stick a sock in it. You are a bonehead.

  • Women’s Studies ’78

    I promised my boyfriend I’d shave legs and armpits if we won. Oh well, another year au natural.

  • Anonymous

    Neuheisel will go down as the worse head football coach at UCLA. As bad as Dorrell was he won more with less talent. On top of that Guerrero is getting raise even though he presided over the absolute worse decade of UCLA football and his two football hires are the two worse football head coaches UCLA has ever had.

  • Ley

    What’s really sad (and you see this on numerous plays throughout the game) is they called a time out with fourth and goal and down 7-0. Prince turns the wrong way and completely blows up the play by himself. He then has to turn around and he decides to hand off to Coleman and he did not have time to make the correct read. The corner stayed in and he had Anthony Barr, who was in motion all by himself on the flat or even could have ran it in by himself!!! He blew it about 6 different times like that all day. There were many, many reasons they lost but that would have tied the game and given them some confidence instead of giving USC the ball and putting major doubt in our minds. Way to go Senior leader????

  • Hot Bruin

    Hey Weasel dick “competing Friday for a Pac 12 championship?” Are you serious? The only competing the players will be doing is seeing who will get to the showers first to wash off the stink of this nightmare of a season.
    How humiliating it must have been for the poor UCLA fans brave enough, or dumb enough, to put down their hard earned dollars to watch this disgrace. Both Neuheisel and Guerro should be taken out, made to grab their ankels, and publically flogged when they show up to pick up their paychecks. Guerro needs to grow at least one ball and be more agressive in recruiting a new coach. How much money in ticket sales and TV revenue has ULCA lost because of his incompetence? He needs to be thrown out with the lot. They are all waaay over paid!

  • gilligan

    As a USC fan, I must admit that Prince was the best Bruin in the game. He missed a couple of throws but USC pressured him throughout the entire game. He had some nice runs but I blame the coaching staff more for the play calling considering that they didn’t provide an additional TE or RB to pass protect. Everybody else on the team deserves a big “F”. UCLA can’t put this loss on Prince’s shoulders b/c he did perform Ok, it was the rest of the team that failed to show up.
    As stated in an earlier date, the Pistol is not the best offense for this UCLA squad especially playing from behind.

  • ProbationU

    Gilligan you are doing pretty well here except for the last 2 decades comment. It has been the last 13 years. Before that, UCLA won 8 straight, so the last 20 are fairly even, except that SC has just blown us our and most of our wins our close. It was embarrasing to be a Bruin fan…like a Cubs fan…wait till next year. Prince was a stand up guy…he missed some passes but he always puts forth full effort, unlike some of his teammates..particularly the receivers. Time to blow it up and rebuild. The talent is there, we need some coaching.

  • Johnny Bruin

    If Barkley makes it to New York, he can thank the Bruins for letting him carve them up like turkeys on Thanksgiving. Those white uni’s just made them look like white meat ready to be devoured.

    Like many of you, I’ve tried hard to support CRN but clearly, he’s not getting these guys to compete. “Closing the Gap” he says. Hardly in my opinion. Time to go out and get a coach that doesn’t coddle his players, disciplines them when they screw up and doesn’t accept mediocrity.

    It’s time for a change. 50-0 is reason enough. Joe Tresey should be fired now for not making adjustments. I don’t think I can watch Friday’s debacle.

  • gilligan

    @ProbationU, I was referring to both schools winning streaks regarding the 2 decades comment. During the past 20 years I think (please correct me if I am wrong) the Rose Bowl was only at stake once, UCLA won and USC went to the Cotton Bowl. This rivalry hasn’t produced the great moments and/or players we are used to seeing. I remember in the 80’s and early 90’s with Aikman vs. Peete, Todd M v. Maddox, etc. these games went to the end and in the past 20 years (with the exception of the UCLA major comeback) the games have been a laughter for both sides. Before the USC streak, USC fans hated McNown because he destroyed our team each time (4-0).
    It would be nice if UCLA made a strong effort to get a good coach (again my recommendation K. Sumlin) because it will require each team in the league to improve their schemes and players. It is not a coincidence that back in the 80s and 90s the Pac 10 was known for developing great NFL players (e.g. Ogden, Boselli, Aikman, Seau) whereas nowadays we are an afterthought after the SEC in this dept. In the past decade, the Pac 12 has not had a great number of great coaches to develop the college talent that translates into NFL success.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Ron Zook, fired today at Illini, should be a perfect example of what to do with CRN. After four years, both coaches had near identical records and could only boast one winning season.

    Illini almost flushed Zook after four seasons, instead keeping him for a horrid 3-9 campaign. When things roll this way for this long, usually only worse happens. Ask anyone around Illini and they’d tell they wished they woulda cut bait on Zook three years ago.

    Do it. And then do the same with DG for the national disgrace.

  • Anonymous

    1993, RB on the line, UCLA won. 2003, RB on line for USC, USC won. 2004 RB on line for USC, USC won. 2005, RB on line for both, USC won. 2007, RB on line for both (UCLA also needed ASU to lose), USC won.

  • Excellent grading system, Jon. You were actually a little generous in some some areas.