Assorted press conference quotes

UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero:
Opening statement:
“Decisions like this are never easy, in particular with one of your own. There will always be pain and heartache involved. But there was no doubt in the fact I thought that this move was necessary at this time.”

On money for a new coaching staff:
“We will have obviously more resources at our disposal to be more competitve in the marketplace. The new Pac-12 contract will provide some resources in that regard. Have had wonderful support from external community that theyre willing to help in that regard.”

On what led to Neuheisel’s dismissal:
“Most notably, incconsistency that plagued the team this year. The mark of a good program is one that is consistent game in game out. One you can be assured of effort you’d get on game to game basis. We just weren’t there. We certainly had some losses of epic proportions.”

On the timing of the decision:
“In making this decision, I make no assumptions about outcome of the game. By making the decision today it gives us the opportunity to begin the search immediately.”

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  • Bruin Gold

    What the F:

    UCLA only paid Rick Neuheisel $250,000 a year?

    If UCLA is THAT CHEAP, they should expect a losing program.

    UCLA should pay $5+ MILLION GUARANTEED a year if they want a winning coach.

    If you are cheap, then it will show.

    Now is the time for UCLA not to be cheap

  • Relax dude, that’s his contract “buy out” amount.

  • Are You Really Going There?