On facilities upgrades…

Here’s what Dan Guerrero told me about specific facility upgrades:

“Spaulding were looking to improve. We’ve already met with campus architect about facility that can be utilized for a training table, possibly academics for football, really to augment what we have existing in the football program. We’re not sure whether the footprint of Spaulding enables to do that. The constraint that we have in a lot of respects is we’re on a postage stamp, and there’s a master plan for every square inch of this place. But we’re working on what we can garner on campus for additional facilities.”

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  • Question:Fact:

    Jon: ca you please let mr. Guerrero know that we are fed up with marginal mprovements to our facilities. We need vision, substance, we have two I’m fields and drake stadium. That could be an ON CAMPUS stadium that also, get this, could serve as a practice field during the week! I mean seriously, there are so many spaces to use. Why not give the students our crappy practice field for their I’m games, and give our Athletes what they deserve! Imagine the focus and dedication our players could have.

  • Mayor McCheese

    Same Issues Diffeent Day. Big Talkers Betty Crockers, Nothing has really changed. Petersen HA

  • Marc

    McCheese, grow up!

    Spaulding field, in my opinion, is terrible. It is short, which is only part of the problem. I feel that it has led to a few injuries due to it’s surface. I also believe it has caused the coaches and players to tone down practices out of fear due to it’s surface and size. If I’m not mistaken, it’s not as wide as a regulation field as well. Can you comment on this, Jon?

  • samo hopar

    did it really take a 50-0 group rape to set all this in motion?

  • INawe

    Nah… It was probably set in motion or under discussion a long time ago. Guerrero was probably saving it until now so he could save his own job since he knew a sh*t storm was brewing.

  • anon

    If the master plan doesn’t allow for a regulation sized practice field(s), then the master plan needs to be changed!

  • cv

    Ha more excuses! Guess what the time line for improved facilities is now?

  • Bill Goodale

    Blah, Blah, Blah. DG’s job is not to solve the issues facing the Athletic Department. It is clear he understands the hurdles. However, that is the easy part. Get in their Dan and solve the puzzle to the benefit of the Athletic Department, or take that NCAA job you have been gunning for and let’s get the AD from UA (a man with cojones) who appears to be a man of action, rather than merely understanding!!!

  • Trojan Conquest

    When UCLA moved to the Rose Bowl in the early 80s, there was talk about an on-campus stadium. I think the move to the Rose Bowl was good since the Coliseum always seemed like a home game for USC, with it being right next door to the campus. However, I wonder if an on-campus stadium would have been better? It would be for the students, so they could walk from their dorms. I don’t think this will happen with California being in debt. Also, practicing on the same field isn’t a good idea, since you want the field to be pristine for the game. Can you imagine practicing in the rain and tearing up the field before a game.

  • IXFE

    Spaulding field is only 80 yards long (100 including the end zones). However, it is regulation width… 160 feet, or 53.3 yards. Google Earth is your friend!

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    While UCLA fans have long enjoyed contrasting the neighborhood around UCLA with USC’s crappy environs, there is a trade-off: you will never get an on-campus stadium at UCLA due to the wishes of your wealthy neighbors. Hell, the wealthy residents around your school won’t be happy until every last bar in Westwood has been shut down.

  • Reformed Droog

    Dupree nailed it on the head – Bel Air, Brentwood, and Westwood. None of these neighborhoods will allow the traffic, noise and rowdiness that comes with an on-campus stadium. These housing associations shut down even the mere discussion of a stadium. Never going to happen.

  • IXFE

    Dupree and Droog…

    You represent the “old style” thinking that needs to stop. With that mentality, UCLA Football cannot move forward.

    Will it be easy…? Hell no. But mankind has overcome bigger hurdles than getting an on-campus stadium in Westwood. Sheesh… the school owns the land, don’t they? Was I absent the day the Bel Air HOA took ownership of our campus??

  • Marc


    Thank you for the clarification on Spaulding field’s dimensions.

    I can’t wait to check our spring scrimmage and see how things start to look under new management.

  • UCLA student

    Gene Block doesn’t think we are on a postage stamp. He wants to tear down parking lot 6 and build a hotel right next to spaulding field. Its also been said this hotel won’t make a profit. Hmmm what could be built instead that would bring in top recruits therefore improving our team, and potentially send UCLA to BCS bowls that payout millions of dollars….

    oh, its state of the art facilities for our athletes.

    if fans want dan guerrero gone, you should look at who hired him. Fire Gene Block. We need an attitude adjustment in Westwood.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Droog: And what about the crack-infested, two-headed lizard turtle?