UCLA will apply for bowl game

Another tidbit from the Dan Guerrero press conference was his revelation that the school would indeed seek a bowl game if the team does indeed lose to Oregon in the Pac-12 championship game. There was some doubt but Guerrero said it was for the players, fans and school.

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  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    DG wouldn’t know the wishes of players, fans and school from his own ass.

    For this, and his debacle of pushing the absurd “tighty-whitey” uniform that shit all over some of the country’s richest home/home traditions, he should be let go, too. As in tomorrow. THAT decision would spark the revival that will then be harnessed by new leadership, a new coach and a new attitude of Bruin football.

    If we lose Friday, this telling sub-.500 season should end in Eugene. Leave bowling for the others while wounds are licked and new direction is set. If we were to upset Oregon, then let CRN have one last game for all of the Bruin blood that has flowed through him now for decades. I mean, is Mike Johnson really a candidate for the job? Really?

    DG, may your days be numbered.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget he mentioned it’s for the band too! Yay Solid Gold Sound!

  • Anonymous

    I say the extra money we get from getting into a bowl game should go directly to Petersen’s salary.

    THEN I’ll be happy about going bowling

  • Surrender Monkey

    Oh no. Not another game with this team… What bowl would take us at 6-7? Sounds like another big mess. And please don’t use those awful jerseys again..

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    @anon741: Good idea. But sadly, a chunk of that money will go to stuff DG’s wallet. At $688k annually, he is NOW THE HIGHEST PAID A.D. in the Pac-12.
    What gives?
    Where is the outrage on THAT fact?
    After hiring and firing CKD & CRN how can he not only still be employed as A.D. but also be thriving financially above all others in the Pac-12?
    Our commitment to all things sports NOT INCOLUDING football and basketball has become way too skewered at UCLA.

  • Why NOT petition for a Bowl Game, the players worked their asses off for the opportunity to do just that – they did meet the criteria of winning 6 games during the regular season.

    Whomever is against this move, is obviously a troll pretending to be a Bruin fan, or a real Bruin fan that has not invested their hard earned money to support this program as a donor or as a season ticket holder, but rather is standing in the outside looking in and being judgmental of a coach who busted his ass for four years, with one goal in mind, to take his team to the Rose Bowl. Rick has the chance to do just that, and I hope the players play out of their minds for their coach’s last game, he deserves that at least. Go Bruins!!

  • Blitzed

    Wasn’t it Dan who said he thought the 13 extra practices or whatever it is would be huge for this team?

    ….Extra practice in a system that won’t be there next year. Makes perfect sense!

    @BruinRob: Or they are a fan who isn’t interested in seeing a semi lifeless team with an interim coach go to Vegas and get served up to TCU or a Boise team still pissed about not being in the BCS. What exactly about going to a low level bowl that we have to petition our way into should Bruin fans be thrilled about?

  • Malibu Grad Student

    OMG…no, please…put me, and this team out of its misery. I’m reminded of a line from Hotel California…”they stab it with their steely knives but they just can’t kill the beast” – only, these team never resembled a beast of any kind.

    DG, please stop the insanity…which school, players, and fans are you referencing? the opponents’?

  • Anonymous

    Mens’ water polo just won the Mountain West over number one ranked USC and enters this weekend’s NCAA tournament as the number two seed.
    Womens’ volleyball is ranked number two in the country and begins NCAA play this weekend.
    Mens’ Soccer has advanced to the NCAA quarterfinals and is still alive.
    Womens’ Soccer is out, but was ranked number two in the nation
    The Womens’ basketball team is in the top 25.
    The Mens’ team is picked to win the Pac-12, and probably will, once they get it together, which they appeared to have started to do last night.
    The football team is one win away from the Rose Bowl and Guerrero made the right move in firing Neuheisel early so he could start the job search now. Seems to me like, based on this year’s teams, UCLA has the best athletic program in the country. Fire Guerrero! He allowed the team to wear different uniforms against USC? The Ducks change their uniforms every week and that has been extremely positive form them and Nike. I’m not getting it.

  • Mike Jones

    Anon @ 6:52:
    Here is what you don’t get – there are only really two sports that drive revenue and interest at UCLA and most colleges: Football and Basketball. Manage those well and you will do well. He has done a poor job in his stewardship over those programs. The basketball team is simply terrible. Good win last night but if you watched it, there are more concerns than you could imagine. No chemistry, certain players (Smith, Nelson, Jones to name a few have digressed),and no heart except Jerime Anderson. The football team is completely irrelevant on the national, and sadly, on the local level. Three wins over the past 4 years over teams with winning records. We always like to talk about “signature wins”. What are Rick’s signature wins? Texas last year – yes, until it turned out that Texas had its worst year in recent history. Tennesse at Tenn? Yes, until it turned out that they were a low level team. ASU this year? Yes, until they went on to lose 4 in a row and fire their coach. Really? What’s not to get?

  • Anonymous


    You completely disregarded the fact UCLA currently has the strongest athletic program in the nation and that Guerrero is in charge of that program. Mens’ basketball will be fine this year and next year they’ll have six McDonald’s all-Americans on the team. Football will be fine. I’m proud that UCLA currently has the top athletic program in the country.

  • ender

    Did you watch the same game I watched at the Coliseum? I was there personally. The only ones who looked like they gave a damn were Prince, Locke, Franklin, Coleman, and Marvray. Coincidence that they were they only ones that did anything all season (minus Marvray)? Worked their asses off? Please.

    @Anon 8:54
    Isn’t the top athletic program in the country awarded with the CapitalOne Cup? Didn’t Stanford win last year, with Cal and a few of the Ivy League schools not far behind?

    Agree with all your points on football, but when it comes to basketball I agree with what Jay Bilas said: these players need to wake the f*** up. How do you not implement a system and listen to a guy who put Pitt’s program on the map in the Big East and took UCLA to three consecutive Final Fours? That’s on the players. They shouldn’t give a damn if their offense runs at the speed of smell. Do your job, take coaching and grow up. Or next year, you’ll find yourself warming the bench…oh wait, that’s Reeves (lack of self-control), Zeke (doing him) and Josh (failure to prepare in the offseason) this year.

  • post move

    Better UCLA in a bowl game than Penn State.

  • Anonymous

    My point is, based on the sports competed this year, so far, UCLA has the best sports program in the nation. So Dan Guerrero currently presides over the top athletic program in the country. I have listed UCLA’s athletic accomplishments so far this school year. Capital One has only accounted for two sports so far even though many more have been or are being competed. Upon further review, I am going to admit I am probably wrong here and say Stanford is looking pretty good for the best so far. But hypothetically, let’s say this year UCLA has the second best or even fifth best athletic program in the United States, this out of approximately 340 division one schools, is Guerrero good enough?….Of course you’ll say no because UCLA was bad at football and that’s all that matters. I’d bet UCLA’s other world and national level athletes would disagree with you. Further, you have to remember that Guerrero went with the overwhelming choice of UCLA alums when he selected Neuheisel; it didn’t work out against the competition of the cheaters across town and now the same people who wanted Neuheisel in the first place, want Guerrero fired. Basketball was kicking ass for several years and will be back in the national conversation at the end of this season because Howland can coach and he has good players and it will come together. You have to remember Guerrero made his big hires with his hands tied financially. If, unlike now, he had the money, I’m sure he would have gone out and hired some four million dollar coaches. The guy runs a clean program, is doing a good job, and should not be fired, if you don’t see this, I can’t help you.