• spedjones

    Rick’s a class act. Crappy coach, but a good man.

  • Iowa Bruin

    No one can say CRN in not a true Bruin. It was time for him to go and I wish him well. He will always be a Bruin and no one can take that way.

  • Thank you Coach Neuheisel. You are a great Bruin.

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    As echoed above, CRN is a stand-up guy and although his record may not have been as good as we would have hoped, we should acknowledge the passion and efforts he displayed on behalf of UCLA.

    Thank you Coach, your enthusiasm and optimism will be missed.

  • bcucla8691

    Rick for UCLA AD…I have no doubt he could do it.

  • doug4ucla

    I could get mad at RN but he always gave his all, but not enough, a true BRUIN inside and out.

  • Amillennialist

    God bless you, Neu!

  • Anonymous

    Of special note to me is the answer that it would be self-serving to answer the question about whether the program is in better shape now than before his hire. Obviously he feels it is in better shape, whether or not it is in better shape is irrelevant, but he feels that it is, yet he had the presence of mind to consider the repercussions of answering, despite the reality that he had just been s-canned. Thanks Coach Rick Neuheisel, you remain a great Bruin, though one with a dismal head coaching record.