• Anonymous

    I think giving the circumstances he did a Admirable job. UCLA will never find a Coach more Loyal or Optimistic. I believe Guerrero took the easy way out.

    I would some day like to see Rick as the AD at UCLA. I think Guerrero buckled to save his Job and could have made things easier for Rick while he was coach.

    I also Know this may set UCLA back even further in terms of next year. I think Guerrero changing uniforms for the SC game was a distraction and a sign of how out of touch he is with whats important.

    I hope he gets fired sooner then later bring in Donahue as AD and then Hopefully Rick can find his way back in the next few years somewhere in the program. There must be a place for Rick within the Football program somewhere you would be remiss to think anything else.

  • The Blur

    These videos are heartbreaking. I’m glad people realize what a great Bruin he is. And I hope people who have been trashing his character get what’s coming to them.

    I like the idea of Neu coming back someday as AD, per the anonymous comment above.

  • bcucla8691

    Neu for UCLA AD…he’s got my vote.