Rick Neuheisel on the Dan Patrick Show

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel had some interesting things to say to Dan Patrick – their interviews are always good, great chemistry between the two – particularly about the expectations at UCLA and what needs to be changed to meet them: Check it out

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  • BruinBrent

    Yeah, he might not be the best coach, but what a great guy. Truly classy, all the way.

  • Ley

    At least Coach stays honest and positive. Getting fired is not easy and with his passion (bucket) for Bruin Athletics it would be a shame not to hire him within the Athletic Department. That boy can sell ice to an eskimo!!!

  • bcucla8691

    I’ll say it again…Neu for UCLA AD. Guerrero should resign and let Rick take over. Seriously.

  • USC – 714

    You gotta feel for ol’ Slick Rick. The guy means well and realy seems like a nice person with a great attitude. If I were a UCLA fan I actually might like him.
    One of you Bruins please answer me this: why isnt UCLA going after Herm Edwards?

  • Anonymous


    First of all, there are only wild rumors (as expected) as to who our administration is seriously going after or considering. Herm Edwards might be on the list, or he might not be. ESPN radio, self-described as the usc trojans radio network, was pimping him as a frontrunner, which ignighted a lot of the speculation.

    The more exact reason is that Herm Edwards would play right into the desires of USC and the rest of the conference to keep UCLA down and out of seriously contending. Edwards is a great motivator, but has proven very, very little when it comes to coaching college kids. He just doesn’t have the recruiting experience, meaning he is a wildcard in that respect. He has never been known as an innovative mind, and his best record in the NFL was only 10-6. That said, he does give amazing press-conferences, haha!

    Ask yourself, if usc were searching for a new head coach and in the midst of their worst athletics decade EVER, would you support going after Herm Edwards?

  • scidiot


    80% of people thought Pete Carroll was a bad hire. I think that Herm Edwards could do ok, great if he gets the right assit. coaches. He would actually be a great recruiter in my opinion. That being said a current head coach from a smaller program, like ISU’s Rhoades, would likely be the best way to go. I think that any new coach would get a lot of traction getting the bruins to 8 wins next year. UH, Rice, Colorado, WSU, OSU and UofA should be wins. Utah, Cal, Stanford and ASU should be a toss up.

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    bcucla8691: I can definitely support Neu for AD!! In fact I think he would be a much better spokesman for UCLA than Dan Guerrero.

    I’m sure Dan is a nice guy and he also bleeds Bruin blue, but judging from the news conference yesterday, he lacks a certain charisma. I found him to be evasive when answering questions, and overall he didn’t strike me as someone who can “sell” UCLA (which I am sure part of his job entails, such as when looking for a new football coach). He may, however, be very good with other aspects of the job, I don’t know.

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    bcucla8691: I can definitely support Neu for AD!! In fact I think he would be a much better spokesman for UCLA than Dan Guerrero.

    I’m sure Dan is a nice guy and he also bleeds Bruin blue, but judging from the news conference yesterday, he lacks a certain charisma. I found him to be evasive when answering questions, and overall he didn’t strike me as someone who can “sell” UCLA (which I am sure part of his job entails, such as when looking for a new football coach). He may, however, be very good with other aspects of the job, I don’t know.

    As for suggestions (such as on Herman Edwards) from Trojan supporters, I think the saying “beware of Greeks bearing gifts” is fitting in more ways than one.

  • James Katt

    If UCLA is not ready to pay a big-time head coach $5 Million a year, then UCLA is bound to have losing seasons forever. You can’t be cheap when it comes to winning football.

    They were only paying Rick Neuheisel $250,000 a year. What TF. That doesn’t buy a big time head coach. That is disrespectful pay.

    When it comes to a winning program, you get what you pay for.


  • Matty

    Well, for those of us who think Neu would be a great AD (not that he’d want the job necessarily), let the Chancellor know now! I’ve sent my emails already.

    Email: chancellor@ucla.edu

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    James Katt: I agree we need to pay competitively to land a big-time coach, however CRN’s annual base pay was $250k but he earned an additional $1M for services rendered each season, so a total of $1.25M per year. I think the contract was structured this way in the event that his contract was terminated early so UCLA would not be on the hook for the entire amount.

    Matty: Great idea, thank you!

  • USC – 714

    @ anonymous

    Despite your speculation, I for one do not have any desire to keep UCLA down, and for this reason: I’m a fan of the inner city rivalry and beating the shit out of weak UCLA squads year in and year out do does not do this once great rivalry any justice.
    I actually think Herm Edwards would be a good college coach.

  • Bleeding Blue

    What about Jack Del Rio? I know he’s an SC guy…. but doesn’t he seem like someone that might actually get through to college kids? I bet he’d be a monster recruiter too.

  • Anonymous

    Jack Del Rio would be DISASTROUS!!! Read up on his HORRENDOUS QB handling this season will ya? We don’t need the minidrama of Brehaut/Prince dragging like this year.

    “This season, Del Rio released veteran quarterback David Garrard five days before the season opener, then benched journeyman Luke McCown after two games. He turned things over to rookie Blaine Gabbert, who has panicked under pressure, misfired on short throws and shown little progress in nine starts.

    Del Rio also botched quarterback decisions involving Mark Brunell and Byron Leftwich in 2003, and Leftwich and Garrard in 2007.”

  • BruinFaithful


    You still want to talk about how classy Rick is and how he didn’t throw anybody under the bus? He can’t shut up about how he wasn’t given what he needed to succeed and how he gave Dan G a list at the begining of the year and how he wasn’t given any of the things he asked for and how UCLA either needs to spend more or lower their standards. Ever the Media whore, he can’t shut up. Throwing the whole Program and School under the bus. How do you think this will help us get a new Coach?



  • BruinFaithful

    It’s comical how many people come on here and know almost nothing about FB and spew out every possible candidate without having any knowledge of their lack of credentials and what type of fit they are.

    Once and for all, most NFL Head Coaches who have no major College FB experience at a high level, i.e., Head Coach, rarely work out in college. You have to understand, the College Game is completely different to the Pro Game. There are a bunch of rules to follow, different officiating rules, recruiting rules, and recruiting itself to be done. In the NFL, mostly everything that is frowned upon in the NCAA, is encouraged. If you need a player, you go after him no matter what. The player goes to the highest bidder, and it’s a quick close. In the College Game, it’s a very long and drawn out Courtship, where there is no commitment required on the side of the athlete and you can only sign players once a year. In the NFL, if something or someone isn’t working you can fire and release somebody at any time and sign or trade for another player. I also think that this mentality affects most Coaches. Look at Chetey Petey, he had absolutley no regard for the rulebook and had a HUGE problem disciplining players. Think about it? How many NFL guys with little or no College HC experience have been able to transition?

    Now that’s just the playing side of it, in College you also have the image aspect. How you carry yourself on the sidelines, how you treat the players, the fans, and the administration. In the NFL, you can almost do or say anything. You just pay a fine. You want to berate your players. No problem. You want to practice them all day and night. No problem. You want to haze them. No problem. No studying or player grades to worry about. It’s endless.

    Now, Asst. coaches aren’t such a big deal, but the Head Coach, must have previous NCAA HC experience if they are currently in the NFL.

    Think about it. Name an NFL Coach, with no major or HC NCAA experience, who was able to come in to a University and buld a successful program. It rarely happens.

    I think that was one of major obstacles that affected Rick. He had been away from the College Game for way too long. Heck, he hadn’t had any major experience back in the game at all, before he came to us. I mean, what did he do? He was a QB coach for 2 years for the Ravens and then OC for 1. He didn’t exactly kill it either. When he came to us he looked like he was still learning on the job.

    I’m not saying a Pro guy can’t work out, but it’s certainly a higher risk hire and one that might take time to acclimate. We can’t afford to do either.

    We need a College FB guy with Current College HC experience. It’s fine if he coached in the NFL at one point, but not currently there. We need a guy who is currently successful College HC.

  • BruinFaithful

    Unknown DB:

    Who asked him to go on ALL these shows and make honest assessments? WHO? Who’s purpose is he serving besides his own? Another example of the Media Whore he is.

    I’m not stupid enough to not understand that there are major shortcomings and truth to what he is saying. The point is, a True Bruin wouldn’t be out there parading our shortcomings and making us look less attractive a destination, especially to potential candidates. He is tainting the pool and making it that much harder to sell the school. Meanwhile making excuses for not being successful. He’s not blatant about it, but any intelligent person can read between the lines. Who would do this, especially while he is still working for the school? WHO? DG, should have just canned his ass effective immediately. He should not have been allowed to coach the OU game, for many reasons.

    First the The Herd, then the Dan Patrick show. F’n pathetic. What’s next? Is he going to take his show on the road like Charlie Sheen? I have NO problem with him saying what he has to after his duties are over and we have hired a new coach. NO PROBLEM!!!! But bad mouthing your boss, employer, and school on national media while you are still working there? Who does that? I know you are TOO dumb to understand, but that is called insubordination and DG should can him immediately and not let him coach OU game. DG tried to do the nice thing by letting CRN coach OU and let him stay on WAY after he should have, and this is how he repays him?

    Rule #1, you don’t bad mouth your ex employer, much less while you are still working there. I think that is the true definition of DB and yourself are also one for defending it.

    You think Ben Howland would carry on like this?

    John Wooden? Whether it was true or not?

  • BruinFaithful

    Is the guy who said chillax really giving me grammar and writing tips? hahahahaha

    Capitalization is not grammar. The Caps are for emphasis and this is a blog not a thesis.

    It doesn’t matter who the message was directed at. You don’t do it. It also doesn’t matter that the potential candidates already know this. He is reminding them on a large scale and creating a negative POV on the largest medium. I clearly understand who he is talking to. He is talking to his future potential employers. Saying hey, this is why I didn’t win. Give me the resources and support and I can win again. He sounds like a bitter apologist who is campaigning for another job. Why bring it up now? Why? Because he knows in 1-2 months he will be an afterthought, nobody will care, and he won’t have a meaningful forum. He’s beig selfish and doing this at the expense of UCLA. This is not needed at a time when UCLA is trying to change it’s image. Perception is reality and this doesn’t help it any. Tell me what Company would allow this to happen while you are still an employee? DG is an idiot for not issuing a gag order, if he was going to keep him. I would tell him to shut up and threaten his buyout and remaining time. You think Microsoft or Apple would allow this? Please. When you get your severance it comes with a crap load of conditions.

  • Anonymous

    It’s tempting to think that BruinFaithful is actually Nestor in disguise, but he’s got too many prepositions and articles intact (capitalization and content issues notwithstanding). Nestor can’t imitate a literate person, but BF’s doing a pretty good job of imitating a bitter, little tyrant.

    (Though to be fair to BF, it must be frustrating knowing that you’re smarter than everyone else on the board.)

    As for Neu’s comments? Since he’s receiving all the blame (Neu’s the only one actually out of a job right now), he’d be justified in criticizing the program. But he’s not. In answering one of Dan Patrick’s questions thoughtfully and respectfully, he admitted that he made errors. When Patrick pressed him about his suggestions for improving the program, Neu wouldn’t give anymore detail than to mention the facilities. He avoided degrading UCLA and its football program.

    Neu’s been a class act. BF’s just being a trojan.

  • BruinFaithful

    WOW!!!! Neu is a smart guy. The rest of you unfortunately aren’t very. He should run for office. The guy is obviously being VERY diplomatic, making it seem like he is trying to be helpful, while promoting his agenda and washing himself of failure and giving himself a chance to deflect blame. It’s a masterful PR job, which you are all falling for. Isn’t that grand?

    Listen to the interview he did on the Herd. Listen carefully and tell me what you hear. Here’s the link:


    Dan Patrick BTW, is a VERY good friend of CRN’s and lobbed those questions in his favor. Listen to the Herd interview.

    Herd: “How committed financially, in your opinion, is UCLA FB to being in the Elite?”

    CRN: “Well, uh, you know, in these conversations now, it sounds like you’re making excuses. And I’d rather not do that. But, I think every program across the nation has to make a determination as to what their expectation level is and then finance that expectation level. And uh, some places (i.e. UCLA), those numbers don’t jive.”

    Herd: “UCLA under my understanding, USC is private, doesn’t have to get things ok’d. UCLA is not private. Does every contract at UCLA in FB have to be ok’d?”

    CRN: “Yeah, there’s a process for that. But that, that process isn’t the problem. The process, or the issues at hand are, you know, you don’t want to bring a knife to a gun fight(i.e. the AD)hahahaaha. You want to make sure you’re, you’re, gettin the same things that uh, who those teams (i.e. SUC, OU, TX)that are where the expectation lies are getting. And uh, so that you can, can compete at that level.”

    Seems to me Rick had plenty of guns he didn’t know how to use. But yeah, he’s not blaming anybody.

    Herd: “Ok, that’s my question then, is UCLA?”

    CRN: “Well, I would tell you that the needle needs to be moved, for the next guy. Uh, he’s going to ask for some things that certainly Karl Dorrell asked for and that I asked for and that certainly the next guy will need, to get where you want to go. Now that doesn’t excuse some of our poor performance (masterful backpedal PR job), and so I’m not to point fingers (not at all). I’m just accepting the situation. You know when you get in this business, that’s exactly what can happen, when things don’t go as well as you hope they do. But uh, I believe I’m a good FB Coach and I hope for another opportunity to prove as such.” (Not trying to be opportunistic and self promoting at all)

    Again, lot’s of truth to what he said. I agree. But he knew what he was getting into. Why complain now? His timing sucks and it’s self serving. He has a game coming up in 3 days for god sakes. But what would you expect from CRN? CU and UDub fans tried to warn us and we ignored them. We got our just desserts.

    CRN: “Eskimos, your ice is served. Anybody want to play poker?”

  • dodgerfan

    BF you mentioned about discipline in the NFL.

    I think it’s actually harder for NFL coaches to be a “dictator” disciplinarian type. You see that more often in college sports. Like for example the Bob Knight type would never work in the NBA.

    And, you don’t see many Lombardi or Halas type coaches in the NFL anymore. You see how many times people say players don’t like Coughlin in NY or when he coached in Jacksonville.

    Plus, there’s the whole union thing and also more involvement with GM in decisions. Like with draft and free agents.

    I agree it’s hard for NFL coaches to have great success in college. But it’s also very difficult for college coaches to have great success in the NFl. They have more control in college and then have to transition to the NFL. Where either an over-disciplinarian type or “rah rah” type doesn’t last very long anymore.

    Plus, in the NFL players are often making more money that the coach and often believe they know more. Especially, if it’s a college coach coming into the NFL.

    Otherwises, I do agree. Rarely do NFL coaches have big success in college. Sorry for going off tangent.

  • Anonymous

    BF needs to learn the First Rule of Holes: When you’re in one, stop digging.

    First, no one knows anything, except him.

    Then, Neu’s scapegoating, but “I agree.”

    Neu’s being eviscerated by internet know-nothings like BF and Nestor, but Neu can’t defend himself at all? What’s he supposed to say? “I single-handedly destroyed Bruins football, a BCS powerhouse”? That’s neither fair nor honest.

    BF must be Nestor’s life partner Tydides.